What Are the Top 5 Tips to Keep Kitchen and Bathroom Drain Clean?

Keep Kitchen and Bathroom Drain Clean

We often consider a clean floor, dust-free furniture units, and a wonderful fragrance flooding the air as the main signs of hygiene. But that’s not the truth because often, the drainage systems can impact the hygiene of your house and the health of everyone living inside the property. For example, when you allow the water to get clogged inside the drains for a long time, you will soon get a bad smell that will either churn your guts from inside or make you nauseated.

Therefore, you should always keep the kitchen and bathroom drain clean and free from any kind of residue or corrosion. This will not only maintain the water flow speed but also will improve the structural longevity of the pipes and other associated plumbing parts. 

Here in this article, we will share some of the ideas to help keep the drains clean and hire plumbers Huntingdon only when it is necessary. 

Do Not Let Grease and Oil Come in Contact with the Pipes

Even though it is not possible to stop grease and oil to come in contact with the pipes at all, you can still reduce the contact by ten folds. To do so, use nonstick cookware elements that won’t require too much grease for cooking. Similarly, wash the pipes in your bathroom after taking bath to prevent the soapy foam or body oil from damaging and blocking the drains. It’s highly important to do so for avoiding any kind of mishappening. 

Use a Pipe Guard to Catch-All Residues

Keep Kitchen and Bathroom Drain Clean

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One of the best ways to keep the drains clean and avoid the hassles of hiring the plumbers of Huntingdon for paltry matters is to use a guard or strainer. It is made from a net mesh that will cover the pipe’s mouth and trap all the physical blocking materials. You can either use the one-time-use strainers that need to be removed every day or the reusable ones. If you are budget conscious, go for the use-and-throw guards. On the contrary, if you do not want to replace the strainer very often, you can go for the reusable ones. That’s definitely a better option to consider. 

Clean the Pipes with Warm Water Every Two to Three Days

If your kitchen and bathroom pipes are made from stainless steel, alloy, or any other material having high heat retention feature, you can use warm water to clean them every two to three days. The warm water will melt the grease deposition and will also help in removing anything that’s blocking your pipes. Make sure to clean your household pipes from time to time for avoiding any kind of blockage in the near future. Keeping an eye on the maintenance is far better than getting clogged drains and hiring a plumber for resolving the issue. 

Use the Plungers at Least Once a Week

Keep Kitchen and Bathroom Drain Clean

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Using a plunger once a week will help you maintain the water flow speed through the bathroom as well as the kitchen pipes. For cleaning the kitchen pipes, fill the sink with normal water half the way and then close the faucet. Use the plunger and press it down repeatedly. As for the bathroom pipes, you don’t have to use water with the plunger. Simply set the device and start pushing air inside the pipes and create a vacuum. A plunger usually acts as an alternative to the vacuum that can unclog drain pipes effectively and remove small blocks from large clogs. 

Try Out the DIY Methods for Pipe Cleaning

Keep Kitchen and Bathroom Drain Clean

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There are some high DIY techniques that you can try twice to thrice a week like: 

  1. Using a solution of baking soda along with vinegar can be used to remove the grease, rust, and other types of corrosive deposits from the inner walls of the pipes. 
  2. You can also use boiling water to clean off any left-out residue from deep inside the pipes. 
  3. You can even try a solution made from soap and hot water for cleaning the pipes in the bathrooms. 

Final Thoughts 

Sometimes, there might be situations when these cleaning hacks won’t work due to structural damages or prolonged clogging of the drains. In such circumstances, you should book an appointment for the best plumbers Altoona. Make sure to choose the best professional who will live up to your expectations and can offer optimum work quality. This task may sound a bit daunting, but you definitely need to do a lot of research for finding the best service provider.