5 Kids Bathroom Décor Ideas To Make Your Little One Say “That’s My Dream Bathroom.”

Kids Bathroom Decor Ideas

The best way of encouraging your kids to take baths regularly is to decorate their bathrooms with vim and vigor. No matter how much you teach them to take care of their hygiene, there is no way you can expect them to follow your commands if they have to step inside a boring bathroom space. Today, we have brought the top 5 kids bathroom decor ideas that can be executed in your kids’ bathroom to make them say, “Oh My God, WOW.”

Shall we start? Let’s get off the ground: 

1. Make Everything Accessible 

Kids Bathroom Decor Ideas

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Make sure you design your kid’s bathroom in a way that everything becomes easily accessible for them. 

There is no way the kids will try to locate things, which is why having everything in their range can help them significantly. 

The brush holder should be there right next to the sink, so there are tenuous chances for the youngster to forget about it. 

In the same way, a snail dispenser to sanitize hands must be there as well so the little ones can wash and sanitize their hands every time they go inside. 

Try choosing delightful accessories for your kid’s bathroom because that’s how you can decorate their space along with teaching them plenty of things. Easy-peasy. 

2. Add Colors to the Kid’s Bathroom Vanity 

Kids Bathroom Decor Ideas

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The appearance of your little one’s bathroom should speak for itself rather than you have to say it verbally that, “this is my baby’s bathroom.” 

One of the most ingenious ways to spruce up the shower room is to add bright and popping colors

The reason why you should do it because such ideas can be executed easily, and the kids will love them for sure. 

However, use the colors keeping in mind whether you are decorating the space for your boy or a girl. 

The blue color can do the job for a boy, and for your little princess, dusty rose can be the best possible color to go with. In order to décor a unisex kids bathroom, we suggest you go with turquoise color. 

A colorful bathroom will add a character as well as a bit of whimsy to the bathroom. 

3. Get Creative with Colorful Reminders

Kids Bathroom Decor Ideas

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Gone are the days when you had to tell your little cheeky that the hands should be washed and a bath should be taken daily. 

Now, you can hang in some colorful reminders to notify your little one. Not only will these reminders get your kid on the right track, but they help you decorate your kid’s bathroom most ingeniously. 

Now comes the question, what should be written on those reminders, right? Well, it could be anything like, “Hey honey, brush your teeth now” or “Don’t forget to wash your hands.” 

Those reminders should be large enough that whenever your boy or girl goes into the bathroom, they can read them almost every time. 

But those boards and reminders should be in accordance with the bathroom interior. 

For example, if you have used the blue color in the bathroom interior, those reminders should be of a color to complement the entire space. 

4. Fun Towels Are Adorable 

It’s great to have white bath towels for your bathroom, but when choosing towels for your kids, make sure you add a fun touch. 

If your little one loves one specific character, try bringing the towels of that character. Nowadays, you can customize almost everything, so better bring customized towels for your kid. 

Polka dots, neon color, and nice hooded towels will also be loved by your children. 

Do you have kids who don’t like taking a bath regularly? There is nothing to worry about. Bring them fun towels, and they’ll start taking baths specifically because of those towels. 

One more thing, better separate the towels of your little ones to make sure nobody gets caught with a possible health issue. 

5. Get Rid of Clutter with a Bath Toy Holder

Kids Bathroom Decor Ideas

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Can you even think of kids bathroom decor ideas without having toys inside? Surely not. 

The better you design the bathroom, the more your younger one will go there for hygiene. 

Having toys inside the bathroom may sound a bit odd and awkward unless you try it to perfection. 

But the thing is, there shouldn’t be any clutter in the bathroom because the last thing you expect to kill the real feel of it. 

We suggest you invest in a bath toy holder where you can place all the toys, so the kids can enjoy their bath without any hassle. 

Moreover, you can also let a guest enter your little one’s bathroom without worrying about the possible mess. 

Final Thoughts 

Keep one thing in your mind; the sky’s the limit when you have kids bathroom decor ideas. 

Through creativity and innovation, you can add tons of sweet touches without breaking the bank.