7 Best Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen Design

Think of your own kitchen design. How long ago was it last redesigned? Was it designed to be more appealing rather than functional? Or was efficiency a priority when it was first planned out.

The kitchen you have now might not be the kitchen of your dreams but there’s no reason it can’t be seen as modern. Because of how people have started to use their kitchen space, designers are starting to rethink how a modern kitchen should be planned out. For this 2019, here are some examples of great kitchen ideas.

Go for All White

Kitchen Design

Source: hearstapps.com

If a modern and contemporary kitchen is what you’re looking for then nothing says modern than a minimalist all-white color scheme. It’s simple, effective, and unique. It also gives the appearance of being clean and tidy. 

The problem with an all-white color scheme for the kitchen though is it runs the risk of looking too clinical. To work around this, you can try different textures in the kitchen to break up the monotonous color. You can try adding grey veining around a white marble island.

Blue-grey Pastels

Kitchen Design

Source: hearstapps.com

The latest trend in the kitchen design that’s a great alternative to the all-white, ultra-modern kitchen design concept is going for a blue-gray pastel color for cabinets. Gray tones are considered to be modern too but it adds a timeless appeal. 

It has a slightly warmer feel than an all-white color and makes the kitchen a little homelier than clinical. A good suggestion would be to pair these blue-gray tones with copper accents to complete the modern and contemporary theme.

Combining Classic with Stylish Design

Kitchen Design

Source: thespruce.com

Another hot kitchen design trend gets its inspiration from the idea of remembering the past and injecting a modern feel to it. Combining classic styles for the kitchen with stylish trends means using classic cabinetry with the on-trend dark and moody kitchen vibe. 

These are referred to as shaker style kitchen and it’s a big hit among urban and suburban dwellers. A great thing about mixing the old with the new is it offers a lot more longevity than sticking with purely traditional or modern design.

Sleek and Matte Cabinets

Kitchen Design

Source: kitchenmagic.com

Cabinets have been featured multiple times in this list and there’s a good reason for that. Think of cabinets in the kitchen as the sofa in the living room, it pulls focus on itself and is a huge factor when designing an amazing kitchen. What’s getting interior decorators buzzing recently is the use of sleek matte cabinetry for the kitchen. 

These types of cabinets are what defines a kitchen to be contemporary. The downside? This cabinetry doesn’t come cheap but if you’re looking for a kitchen that won’t age as quickly, then investing in CabinetSelect stock cabinets is going to be a wise decision.

Take Advantage of Natural Light

Kitchen Design

Source: deringhall.com

There is a continuous change in how people use their kitchen. It used to be the dominion of cooks and servants. Now, it’s where most of the family spend the majority of their time. With the kitchen being everyone’s new hangout place, flooding it with as much natural light as possible seems to make sense. 

New kitchen design makes use of large bay windows and doors that open into the garden. The use of sliding, bi-fold, or metal doors also adds a bit of brightness to the entire space while giving it a nice contemporary edge. Pair it with an all-white color scheme and you have yourself an ultra-modern kitchen that even a spy gear wouldn’t seem out of place.

Add a Sociable Space

Kitchen Design

Source: magzter.com

As previously mentioned, the kitchen space is now the place where people come together and hang out whether it a spacious suburban home or a quaint little corner in a condominium high rise. So it only makes sense that many of the new kitchen designs will include a social space where residents and visitors alike can gather and hang out. 

An island seems to be the most obvious way to add a social space in any kitchen, complete with bar stools. It can be as small as a four-seater counter or as spacious as an eight-seater with enough room to serve as an extra dining table.

Small Kitchens Still have Appeal

Kitchen Design


Source: home-designing.com

Just because the kitchen you have now isn’t the dream one you’ve been planning and thinking about doesn’t mean it can’t be designed in a stylish way. In fact, the latest movement of minimalism in how people live demands a kitchen space that’s functional rather than lavish. 

And it almost always demands a small kitchen equipped with the bare essentials with everything in its proper place. Add little industrial-inspired pieces and you’re closer to achieving the ideal kitchen that’s effective, efficient, and still stylish.

With many newer kitchens becoming used for other things other than just cooking, there’s pressure to make it into a space that serves more than just one function.

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