Essential Tips for Your Kitchen Extension at Home

kitchen extension

Getting a kitchen extension may be a project you crack on with as soon as you move into a property, or it could be a home improvement you save up for and finally do after spending many years living in a property. Kitchen extensions can sometimes be quite pricey since you have to pay to cover the labour costs of the builders and the materials they use. 

If you are considering this option then you really need to think through a few variables to ensure that you’re happy with the end project. Sometimes we can bite off more than we can chew with house changes, but with these tips, you’ll be able to discover more about kitchen extensions and make an informed decision. Here are our essential tips for kitchen extensions at home. 

You May Require Your Neighbours’ Permission Before Building Starts

kitchen extension


If your kitchen extension stays within the boundaries of the permitted development rights, you don’t need to ask your neighbours for any planning permission. But you do require planning permission to build kitchen extensions that will take your home beyond your permitted development rights.

If you want to complete a larger kitchen extension, for example, the planning proposal is put to your neighbourhoods, and they have the right to reject it. One classic bugbear that creates legal grounds in the UK for neighbours being able to turn down extension proposals comes when neighbours perceive a kitchen extension would block their home from receiving enough light.

Staying in good contact with your neighbours and forming a bond with them may make them more amenable to accepting your kitchen extension application, but you can’t force them to follow the outlined plans.

Getting your neighbours on board with a friendly plan is the best way to approach this. Be courteous of their feelings when it comes to excess noise and dust that may be flying around during the construction period. Making your neighbours aware of changes or heavy loading vehicles that may be around the area will hopefully keep them on the side from the start.

This way, you never know, if you decide to make changes to your property in the future, your neighbours will hopefully be happy to comply with planning permission knowing that you approach the situation well. 

Ensure the Extension Maximises Your Floor Space

kitchen extension


More floor space in your kitchen may mean you’re able to do more things with the place, such as adding a lovely dining table and effectively transforming the place into a kitchen diner or extending the countertops or putting in a kitchen island.

Make sure you make the most of all the extra space the kitchen extension provides. You may even want to include a small, dedicated play area space if you have kids who play with toys or put your dog’s bed in the corner of your new extended kitchen. 

Why not perk up your extended kitchen a little by getting some snazzy new flooring? If you’re after a flooring style for your kitchen space that is durable and doesn’t show the dirt easily, you may want to look into getting some rustic terracotta tiles. To find out more about floor ideas for rustic terracotta tiles, take a look at this article from Lubelska, an independent family run business providing quality oak, terracotta, and brick tile flooring. 

Lighten Up the Kitchen by Using Lots of Natural Light

We need lots of natural light to provide us with plenty of vitamin D and brighten up our lives during the grey, dark British winter. Try and ensure your kitchen extension gives the kitchen space copious amounts of natural light. You may even decide to maximise the amount of light your extended kitchen receives through bi-fold kitchen doors or adding a skylight into your kitchen’s roof

Think About Your Design Choices

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Getting a new kitchen is certainly a very exciting prospect, but it’s important when creating something from scratch you maximise all possibilities to make the area work for you. This can include customized cupboard sizes to ensure there are rooms for large pots and pans or even baking equipment that you don’t want piling up on the sides.

Think about the posting of your appliances and how that would work when you are walking through the kitchen every day. If you’re doing something from scratch, you might as well do it right for yourself. You can contact companies to support this design element. 

Getting a kitchen extension is a fantastic idea and a great way to improve your home living space. Just make sure you hire a top team of builders to carry out the work, and you receive permission from your neighbours if required.