14 Kitchen Flooring Ideas to Give A Stunning Look

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The kitchen is one of the vital areas of the home. It should have a functional and efficient yet elegant interior. Thus when you are designing or revamping your kitchen, it is important to choose essential flooring as there are high chances of wear and tear and stains in the kitchen. There are various kitchen flooring ideas nowadays in the markets that are modern and functional.

There are so many flooring choices available in the form of materials, patterns as well as styles ranging from contemporary to farmhouse, and much more. These trends are getting exciting and cooler every upcoming year. Thus you have endless opportunities to find an ideal one while designing your kitchen. Following is a list of the 14 best flooring ideas, hopefully, you find your favourite one.

14 Stunning and Functional Kitchen Flooring Trends 2022

Options for Kitchen Flooring based on Materials and Flooring Types

1. Real Wood Kitchen Flooring

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If you are one of those who prefer warmth and character to your space, wood kitchen flooring would be a perfect choice for you. As the kitchen area is typically busy, you need to select a flooring that would be capable of fulfilling multiple requirements.

Wood is a durable and alluring flooring solution. It also has some additional benefits such as it is easy to wipe off stains in case it gets too messy. Moreover, it would act as a striking focal point of any kitchen area. Its texture of natural grains will add interest to your space. You can even go with timber flooring matching the wood featured on the cabinets or shelving or other kitchen accessories.

But you should not forget, being a natural material, wood can be scratched or dented if too many things are dropped over it or deteriorate if too much liquid gets spilt. Thus consider all points before choosing your kitchen flooring.

2. Porcelain Tile Flooring

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Porcelain tile is one of the most popular materials nowadays. It is non-porous, stain and starch resistant, and robust. They come in a huge variety of formats and colours. They are available in various effects like stone, terrazzo, wood, and concrete.

3. Vinyl Flooring: Kitchen Floor Ideas On a Budget

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Vinyl flooring is available in the form of tiles, sheets, or planks. It is one of the kitchen flooring materials in terms of installation. It is apt for a kitchen because it is easy to clean even with a simple damp mop.

If the subfloor is in good condition, it is also the most inexpensive flooring material, thus saving the cost of new underlayment. There are also 100% waterproof vinyl flooring available such as WPC vinyl and SPC vinyl. These options are very popular and growing swiftly.

4. Natural Materials For An Elegant Look

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Natural materials such as stones like limestone and marble help create a timeless look. It would go great with an elegant white kitchen. However, if you want to have an actual stone such as limestone for achieving natural beauty, you need to pay serious attention to its maintenance as it is porous and may stain and deteriorate over time. It requires timely maintenance to keep looking its best.

There are various stone kitchen flooring available in the markets ranging from natural stone to man-made porcelain, ceramic, and terracotta. All of them are hard-wearing and easy to clean. However, porcelain is one of the hard-wearing materials as it is easy to clean, scratch resistant, and non-porous.

Natural stone has a unique beauty in itself. Thus it will bring a character to your space. It gives a classy and luxurious look and keeps enhancing over the years. Honed limestone and smooth marbles are a smart and sophisticated choice. You can also go with weathered flagstone that would go well with a country kitchen. Whichever stone tile you choose, before laying, just make sure the tiles are treated to avoid staining.

5. Concrete Kitchen Tiling Ideas for An Industrial Look

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Concrete is not just an ordinary construction material, its raw and unfinished touch gives a stylish look to your kitchen. When highlighted in an exposed state, both concrete, and plaster project a bold and utilitarian look.

Concrete is a hard-wearing as well as a versatile material that can be easily cast into various shapes and types of slabs, or poured, smoothed, and polished. Thus it is suitable for making countertops and floors, giving your kitchen an industrial look.

However, polished concrete needs specialized installation, but it lasts a lifetime and demands low maintenance. Your concrete floor might get too cold underfoot, hence you can install a heating system rather than retrofitting which would be an expensive and tiring task. You can also add a cosy rug to soften up the space. It will help to absorb the noise and prevent uncalled echoing. 

6. Matte Finish Stone For A Relaxed Look

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Many of you might prefer a relaxed and comfy feel even in kitchens. You can achieve this softness and warmth with the matte finish limestone porcelain tiles.

It is easy to clean as compared to polished or textured tiles. If you want to create a drama and scale with a neutral tile in the kitchen, go for large format tiles such as 1.2 x 2.4m.

Kitchen Flooring Ideas 2022 Based on Looks:

7. Practical Wood-Effect Porcelain Tile

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Wood-like porcelain tiles are very popular nowadays. They evoke a sense of, not least because they introduce a sense of character and movement.

Earlier, it appeared as a simple flat surface and gave a vibe that it is not made up of actual wood. But today, the woodgrains are pressed into the surfaces of the tile before printing it. Thus the texture appears to be realistic.

8. Cottage-Look Tiles: Small Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas

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For smaller kitchens, a simple tile format is preferable. Do not go for too many colours and patterns for a compact kitchen. Keep in mind the saying, “less is more”, hence use the pattern wisely. The effect gets lost when there are too many things to focus on. You can go with a classy diagonal checkerboard or a crisp geometric pattern for a defined look.

Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas 2022 Based On Pattern

9. Herringbone Wood Kitchen Flooring For A Statement Look

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Herringbone wood flooring is very trendy nowadays. These styles are available in wood and ceramic. The herringbone tile pattern is a great way of introducing a subtle yet elegant vibe and a sense of texture even in the simplest kitchen area, instantly making it a center of attraction.

Larger herringbone patterns give a more contemporary look. If you have an open plan kitchen, a herringbone floor or distressed chevron will be resistant to general wear and tear.

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Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas Based on Styles

10. Coastal Style Flooring

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Coastal style flooring brings a beach vibe to your kitchen. This flooring style is light and airy with lots of beachy colours such as blue, white, grey, and sandy tan. This style works great with trendy whitewashed floors of the kitchen or a gorgeous blonde wooden look.

11. Farmhouse Style Flooring

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Farmhouse-style flooring has a rustic yet charming and clean look. It has been a superhot trend since 2020 and will continue in 2022.

It is a unique type because it combines the old and the new in such a way that looks interesting and beautiful. The colour palette is usually crisp white walls, cabinetry, and ceilings highlighting exposed beams and rustic wood.

Create contrast in your floor making it the hero of the kitchen. Choose a reclaimed, distressed, or hand scraped look for the kitchen floor. You can go with dark browns with shade variations or a dark grey oak look.

12. Contemporary Style Flooring

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Contemporary style is very trending right now. It offers a bold, sleek and smooth look. It is perfect for an open floor plan and getting super popular over the years.

If you prefer pop in the kitchen, go for a neutral floor with a lighter shade of finish. It will help the colours to stand out loud and bold. It will also create an open and airy ambience that is suitable for this style.

13. A Rustic, Country Look With Sourced Reclaimed Wood

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Reclaimed wood flooring helps to bring history, charm, and character to the spaces. And buying and using anything that is salvaged is environmentally responsible. Recycling is a trend nowadays.

14. Kitchen Flooring Ideas: High Colour Variation

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High colour variation style is very trendy in wood and wood-like looks as well as tiles. When you opt for wood looks, it typically highlights colour variation between the planks, whereas if you choose tile, a higher colour variation is seen in each plank.

Many people love the high colour variation for its natural and rustic look. Being a natural material, wood and stone are not much uniform. There are always some kinds of differences.

Moreover, nowadays with modern technology, you can attain a natural and random look with vinyl, ceramic tile, engineered wood, laminate, and much more. This will help you gain a statement look at your kitchen. You will have a simple yet contemporary decor.

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small kitchen floor tile ideas

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Which Are Your Favourite Kitchen Flooring Ideas?

The endless list of varying yet beautiful flooring ideas might have confused you. These trends are growing day by day. While choosing your flooring, just make sure you pay attention to the usage of space, the possibilities of future damage that can occur, the durability, needs, as well as a suitable style for your kitchen. Hopefully, these 14 stunning flooring ideas inspired and encouraged you to revamp your kitchen.

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