Seven Kitchen Island with Raised Breakfast Bar Ideas

KItchen island with raised breakfast bar

A breakfast bar can transform any kitchen’s look. It helps create an additional seating space in the kitchen. A breakfast bar is a place to have morning coffee or a bowl of cereal. 

This simple addition will fulfill multiple roles: it can be used as a cocktail party buffet, extra seating when there are a lot of guests in the home, or even a workstation for kids and adults. 

Some individuals prefer having a bar of the same height as their kitchen island, whereas some opt for a kitchen island with raised breakfast bar. No matter the height, the bars go perfectly with any design, whether a waterfall countertop or something else. 

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Today this post goes over everything you need to know about buying and installing a kitchen island with raised breakfast bar, including its benefits and some stylish design ideas! 

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s begin! 

Benefits of Installing a Modern Kitchen Island with Raised Breakfast Bar

Benefit #1 — Functionality: Homeowners can use the breakfast bar as a storage unit for kitchen appliances, fruits, cutlery, etc. 

Benefit #2 — Zoning the space: A kitchen island with a raised breakfast bar works well as the space divider and helps give the area a clean and designer look. Also, while sitting at the breakfast bar, the family members and guests can easily interact with the cook without having to be in the kitchen. 

Benefit #3 — Extra entertainment corner: The kitchen is the heart of any home where family members hang around multiple times throughout the day. Plus, when there is a house party, homeowners can easily accommodate more guests around the kitchen. This way, the host can feel like being a part of the event rather than just doing errands alone in the kitchen.  

Benefit #4 — Aesthetics: Be it a kitchen island with raised wood breakfast bar or made with quartz or any other material, it suits almost any theme and kitchen design. Moreover, homeowners can add to the beauty of the bar with LED lights, tiny plants, designer glasses, etc. 

Kitchen Island with Raised Breakfast Bar Ideas That Work in Practically Any Home:

1. Portable Kitchen Island:

KItchen island with raised breakfast bar


Need extra counter space in the small kitchen? If yes, a portable island with a bar will be a great choice. It will provide the homeowners with extra room for food preparation, storage, and a table for people to sit. Such islands can be moved easily to an empty corner when they are not in use. 

2. Round Floating Breakfast Bar:

KItchen island with raised breakfast bar


To add more dimensions to the kitchen space, one can go for a floating breakfast bar by simply attaching it to the open end of the island. Just add a few wooden stools that match the existing theme of the kitchen design, and voila!

3. Patterned Tiles:

KItchen island with raised breakfast bar


What can be better than a breakfast bar to add some fun and quirky elements to a kitchen? One can line the bar with colorful patterned tiles. Interestingly, some individuals nowadays prefer using custom printed tiles with their children’s drawings, but it can be an expensive affair. Homeowners that are on a budget can simply choose from a wide range of patterns available in the market. Such tiles are sure to turn any bar into something extraordinary.

4. Dark Beauty:

KItchen island with raised breakfast bar


Have a light color scheme in the kitchen and want to break the monotony? If yes, opt for the dark kitchen island with a bar. One can also have it designed with interesting patterns to turn it into a functional centerpiece. There are several materials that come in beautiful dark colors and patterns, which help bring down the overall cost in comparison to the custom-made ones. 

5. Utilize the Half-Wall:

KItchen island with raised breakfast bar


Are there any half kitchen walls? If yes, those can be easily transformed into the kitchen island with a raised bar. This is the best idea to make smart use of the space that otherwise is wasted. One can play with colors and patterns on the wall to make the bar area stand out. 

6. Embrace the Natural:

KItchen island with raised breakfast bar


Homeowners thinking of creating a natural vibe in the kitchen can have a bar design with natural timber. From the countertop to the base with cabinets, everything in rustic wood is one of the preferred design choices among homeowners.

7. Maximize the Space with a Slide-Out Bar: 

KItchen island with raised breakfast bar


A traditional breakfast bar can be something that requires space, and homeowners that are tight on the area can make use of a slide-out bar. It can be the ultimate space saver while still providing the kitchen with great functionality. One can pull it back when not in use. Smart idea. Isn’t it? 

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Styling Tips for Hitchen Island with Raised Breakfast Bar

  • Use ambiance light on top of the island and set the mood for special at-home dinner dates or other occasions.  
  • Flowers and vases are one of the most economical ways to spruce up any space.  
  • Statement stools can also make the breakfast bar area look stunning. 
  • One can also use a decent-sized chandelier to make the space look classic.
  • Contrasting color tones can be used to decry up the space differently. 
  • Create a playful-looking breakfast bar area with two different countertop materials or patterns. 
  • Industrial-style lighting and chairs make the space beautiful enough to host small parties with elegance.
  • One can use velvet cushions to set a royal vibe into the space. 

Wrapping Up 

Introducing a breakfast bar into a kitchen is the dream of a multitasker. A breakfast bar can make it more special, whether an everyday dinner or a special luncheon with friends and family. It is bound to make the kitchen look modern and help raise the property’s value- which is a great aspect when selling the home.

We hope the above ideas will help homeowners have the dream countertop breakfast bar!