Kitchen Remodeling: Top 5 Trends To Consider In 2022

Kitchen Remodeling

Long gone are the days when the kitchen was purely designed for its primary purpose, cooking. Modern kitchens are a lot more than that. Various design elements are incorporated in the focal room of a home. It is designed to bring everyone together to sit and enjoy family hours. In most modern houses, the kitchen is built in the center of the house. If you are one of the homeowners looking ways to freshen up your home, the kitchen might be the place, to begin with. It is considered the best kitchen remodeling project in terms of added value.

Kitchen remodeling is fun and exciting but can be overwhelming for some. Kitchen design trends come and leave and that is where most of the homeowners get confused.

If you are thinking about the trends reigning supreme for the year 2022, you are in the right place. We have gathered brief details about the top 5 kitchen trends for this year. A modern kitchen incorporates technology advances, social dynamics, and minimalism.

Let us look at each of the top trends.

Technology Integrated Kitchens

Kitchen Remodeling


Smart kitchen designs are in full swing for this year. Technology has found its way into various aspects of kitchen design. And it is not just about fancy gadgets.

Modern technology integrated kitchens have smart functions beginning from faucets to lighting. The trend is yet evolving and the coming years may witness it full bloom but anyone who wants to build a modern kitchen should keep technology on board.

Some of the easy-to-get and rather affordable add-ons are motions sensed faucets and smart lighting fixtures that can be controlled by your phone.

Refrigerators could be fed with the expiry dates of every food item so that you can be notified when things start spoiling. Motorized window treatments can also be installed for smart control of incoming natural light.

Effective Storage Solutions

Kitchen Remodeling


As we are progressing into the years, space management is a huge concern for most homeowners. If you have small kitchen effective storage solutions are a must-have. Modern kitchen designs are incorporated with the cabinetry structured for utilizing every inch of space.

All of you would agree that traditional kitchen cabinets can be an unnecessary waste of space. For the year 2022 home designs and especially kitchen designs are evolving into more functional designs.

Effective storage solutions are adequate for effortless daily functions. Cutlery organizers, drawer dividers and pull out for spices are some of the most popular add-ons for better-organized cooking places.

Dark Colored Cabinetry

Dark Colored Cabinetry


White has reigned home designs for decades. It is the staple color for every state. The same is true for kitchen remodeling trends. The time has come to replace the color with bolder choices. White may still be used by a lot of homeowners fearing to experiment but dark-colored cabinetry is the style mantra now. –

Accents and much-needed pop of colors are here to accentuate kitchen features. You can also use the mixing of finishes and textures to bring out a unique design. Two of the most popular dark shades are dark blue and greens. These neutral nature shades are a must-have for jewel tones cabinetry.

Multipurpose Central Kitchen Islands

Multipurpose Central Kitchen Islands: Kitchen Remodeling


Kitchen islands have been considered an afterthought in the past. In recent years, it has evolved as the focal point of the kitchen. It serves numerous functions. If you are all geared up for kitchen remodeling projects, go for impactful yet subtle designs.

Larger kitchen islands are being installed with storage cabinets and under-counter appliances. These are structurally modified to be jack-of-all-trades. A huge element of design in the lighting fixtures. Central islands could be made aesthetically appealing with hanging lights on the top.

Minimalistic Kitchen Style

Kitchen Remodeling


While the mid-century style might be appealing for some, this year is all about minimalistic and simple designs. You can play with the various tones but all the elements need to be more streamlined in their aesthetic.

Open shelving has been rising in popularity because it makes the visual spaces appear larger and brighter. Flooring and countertops are sculpted to fit in the minimalistic yet impact kitchen designs.

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