How-To Guide For Installing Leaf Guard Gutters 

Leaf Guard Gutters

Leaf guard gutters are an important component of your existing gutter system that helps to keep debris out of your gutters. The more debris that overflows your gutters, the tougher it will be for rainwater and melted snow to enter the gutter. In severe instances, the water will overflow the gutter and run down the side of your home. You want to avoid that at all costs by installing your guard gutters.

Picking the Right Solution

There are many gutter guards on the market today. Finding the right one for your home comes down to a handful of factors. One of these factors should be the ease of installation. Some systems will require a lot of hands-on installation, while others may require hardly any. By knowing ahead of time, how much labor, and the tools needed for the gutter installation, you’ll be better prepared to take care of your guard gutters.

Leaf Guard Gutters


Various Types of Installation

Knowing the right type of installation is imperative to your success in using these guard gutters. If they’re installed appropriately, they’ll prevent excess debris from clogging up your gutters. If they’re not installed correctly, it could lead to water damage on the side of your home and your landscape. Here are a few different types of installation methods for various guard gutter systems.

Snap-On Guard Gutters 

Snap-On Guard


One of the easiest forms of guard gutters to install, the Snap-On version is designed for most standard gutters. You’ll need to grab a ladder and a metal saw blade. Measure the gutter section you want to install the gutter guard on and cut it to fit. Then, climb up the ladder with your guard gutter and snap it onto the exterior edge of your existing gutter.

Inside Guard Gutters

Inside Guard


Not all guard gutters go on the exterior of the gutter. Many inside guard gutters can allow you to easily place the guard inside your existing gutter without much labor. You’ll need to clean them out first to ensure a proper fit.

Mesh Guard Gutters 

Mesh Guard


These tend to be the most high-tech version of gutter protection. They also require more labor to install. However, it’s not overly difficult for regular do-it-yourselfer. This system uses two attachment points to hold down the guard gutter. The first is under the shingle. This typically slides under your existing shingles, and the weight of the shingle holds it in place. The second part of the guard attachment requires you to screw it down to the front of the existing gutter.

Leaf Guard Gutters


It’s always a good idea to read through the manufacturer’s instructions for how to install the gutter system that you’re deciding to purchase. Every guard gutter should be installed to the standards set forth by the manufacturer to ensure longevity. When deciding on what type of guard gutter to purchase, you’ll want to consider the three types above and pick which one best fits your abilities.

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