A Brief on Living Room Curtains Ideas to Uplift the Ambience


Your interior is all ready and update-to-date. But still, something is off! The living room isn’t looking appealing and warmth giving. Sofas? Done. A chandelier for focal point? Done. Wall decoration? Check. Greenery? Added. Carpet or Rug? Placed. Arm Chair? The best one. Curtain? Nope. Forgot about the curtains? No, not exactly, I was a bit confused about whether to get them or not.

What? Confused? You shouldn’t be. They are the must-haves for the house. They add warmth and charm to the place. Other than that, curtains block the dust and foreign particles from entering the room. 

So now you know, they are necessary. But you can’t just get the one your hands go on. Curtains are meant to be attractive and soothing and blending with every feature in your living room. Too plain won’t give a look and too bold will be sore to the eyes.

So here in this blog, you will find the ideas for living room curtains. We have covered almost every concept that is to be kept in mind.

But before starting, there is something that needs to be discussed, and that is the size of the curtain. Gone are the times when short curtains attracted the eyes and gave the beautifying effect to the rooms. Floor-length or maxi curtains are the hot favorites. 

So, now you know which size to get: Full-length or Maxi Curtains.

What are the Other Factors that Affect the Outlook of These Window Curtains?

  1. Fabric
  2. Color
  3. Pattern

First, we will talk about color and design. And at last, we will talk about an essential factor for selecting the curtains for the living room, i.e., fabric.

What to Consider While Selecting the Color and Pattern of the Window Curtains?

You will have to think about the color and patterns of blinds as profoundly as you would consider while selecting the sofa set. After all, they are also part of your interior. One small mistake, and everything becomes eye-soring. 

Think of the living room with pastel furniture and dark walls having bold-colored blinds. How ugly would it look? This would have resulted in this way because of the carelessness of the owner while picking the shades.

living room curtains

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Always get your hands on drapes after your living room is fully ready with furniture and everything. Why so? Because all those are the factors that you will need to consider when picking the curtains for the living room.

Things to keep in mind are:- 

  1. Color of Wall 
  2. Color of Furniture 
  3. Elements you have added in the Living Room


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Always remember the color of curtains should be in sync with the furniture in the room and contrasting with the wall color. If the walls of your living room are of dark colors, get drapes of light colors and vice-versa. 

You can also go with the contrasting color of the furniture. But make sure that everything color in the room remains in sync. And your blinds shouldn’t outshine than furniture. They should be eye-soothing, not eye-paining.

living room curtains

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As for the pattern, go with plain colors, bold stripes, floral, tie-dye, technicolor, multiple-shades, etc. If your wall doesn’t have any textured wallpaper or wall art, then you can use a film as creating a focal point.

But if your wall is already textured, it will blend in with it and won’t have any sense of existence. They shouldn’t take away the limelight from the furniture, but that doesn’t mean they should be kept at a negligence level.


Source: priceless-magazines.com

Maintain the bay between both the furniture and curtain by selecting the proper color, pattern, and fabric.

Moving onto to the last but not least factor while selecting the window decorations. The Fabric.

Which Fabric to Select for the Curtains? 

As we said, curtains halt the foreign particles to enter, and with that, it also keeps you warm in winters and safe from the scorching heat during summers. Hence, for winters, get thick fabric and thin for summers.

Usually, every type of fabric goes for window hangings. You will be amazed how every fabric looks just beautiful hanging there on your window, making your room soothing and appealing.

Here are some living room curtains ideas to go for:-


silk living room curtains

Source: homestoreandmore.ie

Silk has that potential to many anything look classy and elegant. They look best if pleating is done uniformly. Silk is the see-through fabric and will allow light to pass by. If you have a privacy issue, then get them lined before putting up on the windows.


cotton curtains

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Cotton is a lot stiffer than any other fabric and is easy to clean as well. You will get a variety of colors and patterns in cotton; it can exceed your imagination too. You can get them personalized as well. And it suits more for casual to day-to-day use.


sheer curtains

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Sheer is no doubt see-through fabric. If you are okay with people getting a glimpse of your living room, then opt for the sheer ones. They give a dramatic look to the room. If you are opting for the sheer blinds, then go for white or any other light color. They look best in lighter colors.


velvet curtain for living room

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If you have a royal house, then you can use velvet as a daily use window decor. Velvet is a fabric that gives the heavy and royal look. Or if you have a party or celebration at your place, velvet drapes will look best. 


linen curtains

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If nothing else, get the linen drapes. They are made for casual use and are lightweight and sheer in appearance. You will get colors in this fabric too. So the safe and most accessible option is linen after cotton.

Get Curtains that will Upgrade the Interior of the Living Room:-

Now you know how to select a curtain that will complement the outlook of your living room. Follow the instructions and advice provided in the blog to get your hands on the best curtain for your living room. You can also consider the same information for the selection of blinds for other rooms too. The difference would be in length may be. 

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