10 Fabulous Small Living Room Ideas: Make A Small Living Room Seems Larger

seating area in small living room

The living room is a place where you hang out with your friends and family. So, it should look appealing and inviting. Just because your living room is at the smaller side doesn’t mean that you have to compromise with the style and decorations. Don’t think of the traditional layout of your small living room. Try some unique methods for your space. If you are looking for a small living room ideas. Here we are providing some tips to make a small living room beautiful and spacious. 

Here are ten space-saving small living room ideas: 

Statement Pieces

Don’t afraid to bring some bold statement pieces in your living room. They will show luxury to even small spaces. Pick one or two statement pieces like- oversized table lamp or wall art. You can also color coordinate things like pillows to the lampshade color. This setup will give you a coherent look.

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Flowy Curtains

Don’t block the natural light with dark curtains. Curtains make the space more airy and open. Let the light in by semi-sheer curtains. Accentuate the tall windows with beautiful, full-length curtains.

statement piece

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Cozy Rugs

If your floor space is less, then don’t think of a small rug. Small rugs will make your area even smaller. Always place a full-length floor rug to open up space. Try bold patterns with contrasting colors to bring some color and texture to the place.

cozy rug for living room

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Seating Area

If you have a small room, then plan the seating area carefully. Use ottoman; it acts both as a coffee table and storage unit. You can also try some low seating furniture. Low seating furniture makes the room taller than it appears. Instead of one large table place two smaller coffee. You can multi purposely use this table and change the location as per your requirement. 

seating area in small living room

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Avoid placing the sofa stick to the wall; always make a little space between the wall and sofa. This space will create an illusion of a wider surface area. Always choose furniture that is proportionate to your living area. Use light-weighted furniture to make the atmosphere light, and you can also move the furniture easily.

All White 

Paint all the four walls and ceiling with the white paint. White color has the ability to make any small space bigger and airy. It immediately brightens up any space. It didn’t seem like walls are closing in on you. The neutral color palette also works perfectly. For some color in this space, you can place some colorful artwork and sofa. They will be the focal point of the living room.

white theme small living room

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Multi-Purpose Furniture

A seating area is a place where you hang out with your friends and family. The multifunctional furniture is perfect for compact spaces. Combine the spaces like office area, dining area, and family room all together. The right layout and pieces can look fabulous no matter what shape and size of the room. Use a daybed as a sofa to utilize the space more efficiently. Hanging chairs is also the right solution for small places. Add some colorful, comfy cushions for comfortable lounging. Don’t use too much furniture; it will occupy most of the area. 

Multi-Purpose Furniture for small living room

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High Ceilings

If you have less floor area, then use the space vertically. Wisely play with the proportions of the room with decorations. Make use of high ceilings by adding some open shelves to store and display decorative pieces. Add a long beautiful chandelier to balance the width and height of the room.

High Ceiling

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Maximize Storage 

Storage units are essential needs to make room clutter-free. Wall-mounted storage cabinets are perfect for small living rooms. They neatly hold all the clutter. And your place will look clean and tidy. Include floating shelves, cupboards, or baskets to store your all kind of stuff. You can add these storage elements to the living room. To make things clean and tidy.

Storage units for small living room

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Eye-Catching Artwork

No living room is complete without some creative artworks. These wall artworks also work as great decor. Charming artworks distract the eye and create the illusion of space. 


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Reflect The Light

Lighting also plays a vital role in making space appear more prominent. If you don’t have a natural light source like then use artificial lights. Use wall attached lights to save some floor space. Ceiling lights like recessed and pendant lights are also space-efficient. They give the perfect amount of light without taking much space. Use wall mirrors to reflect the light that makes the illusion of more space. To maximize the light, use furniture with reflective surfaces.

lights for small living room

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No matter how small cramped and tiny is your living area, there are numerous ways to make it spacious. Another way to make a small living room to feel larger by keeping things tidy and organized. Any clutter-free space will look good. A living room can quickly get messy so, Try to be organized. Stay tuned at Interiorcraze for more trendy ideas.