14 Living Room Trends 2022: From Classics to Hi-Tech Designs

Living Room Trends

A living room sees different aspects of daily life in a home. These are the spaces where we spend most of our time and especially with the COVID scenario, these have become the main hub for gathering in a home. Observing living room trends 2022, these can be made even more inviting to offer a fun spot in the house.

Living rooms are the spaces that act as a domestic retreat to relax and express ourselves along with sharing memories with friends and family. These are the heart and soul of a house filled with fun, nostalgia, and escapism from the stressful life at work.

Modern living room trends observe a transformation every year in its detailing and design that keeps getting more comfortable and inviting. Living room decor 2022 is all about the current vogues and a few retro styles returning with enhancements. 

Living rooms 2022 are going to revolve around various themes, each of them ensuring a calming space in your home to own and make memories.

Mid-20th Century Living Room Trends

Living Room Trends 2022

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20th-century trends considered the purpose and efficiency of space as the top priority while designing the living room. These principles were then induced with style and fashion statements to impart freshness and relevance to the design.

This era saw classic interiors as the most popular trends with a play of furniture, nook structures, textures, and color palette. The vintage style furniture with its functionality and form defined these simplistic living room trends.

The living rooms didn’t focus on a singular scheme which made the space look unique and effective.

Modern Living Room Trends

Living Room Trends 2022

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Modern living room trends were defined by the flexibility or versatility in their designs. These decor options offered different possibilities to update the interior design. The design was totally oriented in the direction of functionality, laconicism, and practicality. 

Mass-produced furniture items place in the living areas with their clean designs. Noticeable features of the modern designs included straight forms and minimalistic designs. With simple geometry followed all around the design, modern trends saw organized and clean designs that turned out eye-pleasing.

14 Living Room Trends 2022

Living Room Trends 2022

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Living room design ideas 2022 aim to explore the beauty in the unexpected and believe in proposing an exceptional design that speaks of transformations and offers an unforgettable user experience. These living room trends are inspiring by the art, architecture, and fiction that can derive from the natural world.

Considered as the soul of homes, living rooms are spaces that allow experimentation with a personal touch in the design. Living room decor 2022 has a design vision that focuses on bringing a sense of joy and security through its features. 

Here are the 14 living room trends 2022 to guide you in the right direction for your living room decor that embodies comfort and a character within it.

1. Living Room Design Ideas 2022 with Eclectic Style

Living Room Trends 2022

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Living Room Trends 2022

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The leading decor in the living room trends 2022 is an eclectic style. This offers an opportunity to merge the most appealing and even incompatible elements from different styles in a living room design.

The main principle behind this design is to bring out the general idea by establishing a connection. For example, a link can be formed between the colors, form, or general texture. It demands a cohesive and creative design without chaos. 

The key tone should be matching or complementing the decor. When choosing varying furniture styles, the decor on the walls, ceiling, and floor should be kept simple and neutral-toned. 

2. Natural Style

Living room 2022

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Living room 2022

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Eco-style made an appearance in the design industry more than a decade ago and it still finds its place in interior designing. It is a relevant living room design ideas 2022 that is appealing for nature lovers.

A palette with natural hues. Materials and simply functional furniture are the key features of the natural decor trend. The color tones are used to form a calm atmosphere that brings out a connection with nature in the interiors.

Warm shades like beige, brown, white, and pastel green make the interior appear more welcoming and comforting. 

Go through the table to know about the materials that can be a part of the palette and their characters for this trend.

Natural Materials in the Material Palette 
Materials  Features 
Wood  More use of aged and stained wood.
Glass  Incorporation of transparent glass than stained ones.
Rock  Matte rocks with minimal levels of gloss.
Metal  Reflective metals like gold, copper, steel, or chrome.

Apart from these materials, new materials like terracotta and replicas of camel wool and natural leather furniture have paved their way to the living room trends 2022.

3. Scandinavian Interior Style

Living room 2022

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Living room 2022

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Scandinavian interior design is the dominance of a light pastel color palette complemented with bold and bright accents in the detailing. Single white tones or a combination of blue and white is owning the living room decor 2022.

The interiors are made warm and light to make the space feel open and spacious. These spaces are highlighted with furry and woolen decor items. A piece of minimalist furniture with a vintage appearance completed this simple yet appealing look.

4. Loft Style

Living room 2022

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Living Room Trends

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Loft design with an antique brick wall and slightly shabby look is another appealing trend coming for living room designs 2022. This can be enhanced with modern lighting and furniture units.

The imagery of bricks is the key element in this design, thus if there are no brick walls, the use of brick textured wallpaper is recommended. 

Here are the other features of loft-style living room design:

  • Wooden or Metallic Staircase
  • High ceilings
  • More open spaces
  • Light tones in textiles
  • Large openings
  • Merged modernity and classic
  • Fireplaces and stoves

5. Minimalist Approach: The Main Highlight of Living Room 2022

Living Room Trends

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Living Room Trends

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Reinforced by the global pandemic situation, the minimalist approach is being highly recognized in the design industry. This approach demands the use of minimal and functional furniture and decorative items.

Having an open and free space is the key requirement for a house and minimalism offers that. The key characteristic of a minimalist design is formed. Having an interesting form ornamented with modern and relevant features can offer a unique and clean design.

Being directly related to colors, this approach needs a soft color palette full of gray and beige tones. It’s all about minimizing the wastage and adding one accent color. Less is More is the key idea behind this concept.

6. Lighting It Up!

Living Room Trends

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Living Room Trends

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Living room trends 2022 appreciates the abundance of light in interior spaces. One of the most popular styles is decorating with metallic ceilings featuring inbuilt lamps. These can highlight by using simple wall finishes and reflecting ceramic tiles for floors. 

7. Hi-Tech Design

Living room decor 2022

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Living room decor 2022

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With a strong inclination towards multifunctional spaces in homes, furniture is the element allowing it as the flow of space majorly depends on the furniture units forming it. Smart furniture can be incorporated to enhance and orient the design towards current innovations.

These furniture pieces integrated with technology can offer an enhanced user experience. For example, tables with Bluetooth speakers and controls, automated shelvings, etc. can be used to offer a comfortable living. 

8. Living Room Decor 2022 with Unusual Furnishing Style

Living room decor 2022

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Living room decor 2022

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Arriving at the furniture to incorporate in the decor, temper glass is a great choice for the living room trends 2022. It can make the space look weightless and offer a clutter-free, organized space in the home. 

9. Reflective Shiny Surfaces

Living room decor 2022

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Living room design ideas 2022

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With smart technologies and hi-tech designs, the colors that support the whole theme are white, gray, and black. Enhancing these shades with metallic accents can level up the aesthetics of the space. 

One base color can be selected and the rest of the composition can be built around it.

10. Neoclassical Trend

Living room design ideas 2022

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Living room design ideas 2022

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A neoclassical style demands a bright and spacious room with high ceilings and large openings. This design characterizes by the use of architectural elements like arches, columns, and stucco moldings.

With a pastel color palette, the neoclassic trend features bronze and copper elements. It incorporates large mirrors, antique elements, and vases. Natural materials like wooden flooring are giving preference to add a touch of natural color and element.

The traditional furniture used in this design is carved armchairs, appealing cabinets with stained glass, and chairs with unique legs.

11. Color Blocking

Living room design ideas 2022

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Living room design ideas 2022

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The popularity of color blocking is rising in the living room trends. This style involves forming an image of space by using color spots known as blocks. The main idea is to highlight a few elements and add details to them.

In this style, the use of prints is minimized and accessories are chosen in accordance with the decor to form a geometry or abstraction. Color blocking doesn’t necessarily mean bright colors, it works well with pastels as well. The main consideration is that the chosen color shouldn’t merge with the background shade. 

12. Vintage Appearance in Living Room Trends 2022

Modern Living Room Trends

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Modern Living Room Trends

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The old vintage style has made it to the living room trends 2022 with extra comfort and minimal frills. It encourages the accommodation of modern items with elements from older times.

The main element to achieve a vintage look is the color palette. Muted tones, pale shades, and dull colors suit the vintage look best. A rare sofa, armchairs, and coffee chairs can enhance the theme further. 

The flooring, if done with parquet can complete the look being an attribute of the previous trends. 

13. Classic Trend

Modern Living Room Trends

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Modern Living Room Trends

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Classic design means a good taste in the interiors. Classic style is not screamingly loud and doesn’t overwhelm the eyes with aggressive tones. Deep and complex shades like turquoise, coral, or hues of purple in the accessories can make the design warming.

Instead of plaster or paints, the interiors can decorate with wallpapers that feature plain textures. Antique candles, figurines, and porcelain crockery in the transparent closet can add to enhance the design.

14. Comfort with Functionality 

Modern Living Room Trends

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Modern Living Room Trends

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A living room is all about comfort but the modern living room trends look for functionality as well. With the use of great lighting, electric curtains, and automated equipment, these designs can offer an extra level of luxury and relaxation.

Planning a multifunctional living room that can be used as a lounge or relaxing zone is the current trend in the design. This enables a living room to serve as a home office, dining area, and sometimes even a sleeping zone if incorporated with daybeds. 

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Heading in the Direction Living Room Trends 2022

Modern Living Room Trends

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Your living room should be able to offer total relaxation and fun space for your formal or informal gatherings. With the furniture you choose, colors you pick, and materials you add, these designs are a reflection of your character and personality.

Depending on your personal taste and preferences in design, you can opt for the style that suits your desired theme and set of requirements. Be bold and go with the decor that pleases you for your fun and comfort zone in the home.

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