Amazing Creative Living Room Wall Decor Ideas For Your Home

Antique mirror

The living room is that part of the room where guest arrives the most and even if your rest of the home is not well decorated then also you cannot take the risk with the living room and you would have to decorate the living room beautifully. While we talk about decorations there are so many things that can get included in the list but wall designs of the living room are something that can change the whole look of the living room. 

There are so many ways to decorate the walls of your living room but you have to be selective about it so that you could not have to spend a bomb amount on the living room wall decor. Controlling the expense becomes important in this case because it is not worth spending so much on just decor items. 

There is a different kind of wall decors available and the best thing is that you can also DIY some of them at your home which is a great thing for sure. If you are not sure about the living room wall decor then here are some of the best living room wall decor ideas listed below that you need to check out:

Printed wallpapers:

Wallpapers are not only very convenient to use but at the same time, it is very easy to take off as well so without facing the expense of a wall painting you would be able to give your living room walls a new look. There are so many varieties of wallpapers and you can, of course, find the best one for your home. 

Printed wallpaper for living room


Wallpapers, in general, are also very affordable and they are very popular nowadays so with wallpapers your home would look trendy as well. You can change wallpapers whenever you want and you can invest in different prints on it.

Wall shelves:

This more of a home organizer element but it would make your living room walls beautiful and at the same time it would also make your room organized and clean. Here you can either DIY your wall shelve or you can also get it made from the market and in both the ways it would not cost you much. Here you can keep small plants on the shelves or you can also keep some books or other essential things on the shelves to make the room look decorated and beautiful.

Wall shelves idea for living room


Antique mirror wall hanging:

This is more of an investment however you would have to spend a little bit more on this but the best part is that you would never go wrong with this decor. Here you would have to get your hands on an antique mirror and this would give your room a very nice industrial look which is beautiful. 

Antique mirror


The good thing about such decor piece is that you can sell it any time and you would get a reasonable amount for the same and often people get ready to pay a huge amount for such beautiful piece of antique decor.

A picturesque wall:

The picturesque wall would not cost you anything but it would make your living room wall beautiful and even your guests would enjoy seeing such innovative additions in your living room. Here you would have to get the surface of the wall colored in a dark color and upon that you would have to hang some of your best pictures or your family pictures that’s it. 

picturesque wall


You can fill the wall with loads of pictures or you can invest in a huge picture frame and get all the pictures together in the form of a picture collage and hang it on the wall of the living room.

Bold painting on the wall:

This is the best decor thing that you can get on the walls of your living room and here you would have to hire your local artist but this would not involve much amount either. You would have to get the artist with the white canvas so if there is any wallpaper the then you would have to get that off and get white wallpaper or paint over the wall. 

wall painting


Here you can select one scenery or any beautiful picture and ask the artist to draw the picture for you on the wall that’s it. This would, of course, make your entire living room so beautiful and dramatic that you would love and make sure to get such painting on just one wall of your living room so that the wall would be the highlight of your home.

Color-code your wall of the living room:

If your living room is very pale and dull then color-coding your walls would help in bringing that brightness in the living room of your home. Here you would have to select the color first and then you would have to make sure that the color that you chose is going well with the rest of the room interior. 

living room color combination


Here you can also go with multiple colors at a time and this would make your room colorful and if you are into colors then you would love this wall decor of your living room.

A glitter wall splash on the walls of your living room:

Glitters are always beautiful and if you love sparkle then you would love this wall decor as well and it is very easy to get those beautiful sparkles on the walls of your living room. Here you can have glitter paint of you can stick glitter pictures on the walls of your living room and this would make the entire room look beautiful.

glitter wall paint


Hanging wreath on the wall of your living room:

Wreaths are one of the most beautiful decor items that can be made at home with few things and here you can go with a beautiful floral wreath for your living room. You can get a grape wine wire and attach some artificial flowers on it to make your DIY wall wreath or you can also get it from the market and hand it on the wall of your living room.

Hanging wreath for living room


These were some of the best wall designs for living room that you need to check out and for more such thing you would have to browse through Interiorcraze.