15+ Modern Living Room Wallpaper Ideas For A Unique + Memorable Look

living room wallpaper

When you ask any interior designer about how to spice up any place with only one thing, their answer will surely wallpaper. Yes, the simplest and fastest way is the wallpaper way!! Paint is also an effective way to transform any place, but we all are not an expert in doing painting right! Plus, it is a time-consuming process too. But this is not the only problem with the paint, there are much more such as people who are living in rented apartments are not allowed to paint. So what is the other alternative to painting so that we can transform a place in an apartment-friendly way.

From eye-catching designs to the geometrical patterns, wallpapers come in many designs and colors. The main advantage of wallpapers is that the installation process and as well as the removing thing is clean and easy. Your landlord will not even know that you had put a wallpaper on the walls. 

So whether you want to change the living room, bedroom, dining space or even kitchen, wallpapers are your best friend!! Even you can customize them in your desired print and designs. How cool is this? So now you’re thinking about the designs, just scroll down and read. Today we brought 15+ insanely cool wallpaper designs for the living room. Actually, you can put them anywhere in your house. From floral prints to the neutral textured ones, you’ll find every kind of pattern in the list. 

Stunning Living Room Wallpaper Ideas

We know it can be difficult for you to select the perfect wallpaper for your interior design aesthetic, that’s why we’ve rounded up 15+ stunning wallpaper design ideas to clear all your doubts. So get ready and get some real inspiration from the below living room background ideas to transform your old boring space into the attractive one. 

Bohemian Romance

Bohemian Romance

source: talkdecor.com

Just look at this gorgeous wallpaper. It has a floral print in a dark color, which makes it even more beautiful. This is a home of fashion designer and English style icon, Pearl Lowe. The cupboards have painted in pink color, which gracefully goes with the wallpaper behind it. The balanced colors of pink and black with retro accents with some layered rugs are doing great together.

Eclectic Energy

Eclectic Energy

source: lmodernlighting.com

Do you love nature? Who doesn’t love mother nature? Everyone does, right? This is a cool way to incorporate nature into your living space. This wallpaper has birds, butterflies, and little flowers, and whenever you see this, it is hard to control your smile. From the Pucci-Esque blue chairs to the houndstooth rug, everything is simple and delightful. Only because of this wallpaper, the room is full of positive energy, and the whole living room has an eclectic touch to it. 

Crafty Cut-Outs

Crafty Cut-Outs

source: housebeautiful.com

Are you living in a rented place and your landlord doesn’t allow you to paste wallpapers on the wall? Don’t worry; there is a solution for that too. Instead of covering your entire walls with wallpaper, what you can do is, cut the wallpaper into smaller pieces, and then paste it. This way, it is easy to install, and as well as when you remove them, they don’t damage your walls. And therefore, you’ll get your deposit back safely!! 

This is a great idea for those who don’t like the clutter patterned walls in their room or don’t want the same look on every wall. Take inspiration from the above image; here, the flowers were cut from the wallpaper first and then pasted separately onto the walls, which look absolutely stunning.

Textured Wallpaper 

living room wallpaper

source: lindleypless.com

Don’t like the congested wallpapers with patterns or designs? Or want a simple and minimalistic looking wall? Then go for textured wallpapers. They come in various colors and have very intricate texture, which looks classic and gives the perfect minimalistic vibes in the living space.

Here, in this living room, the couch is also in neutral colors, and only curtains have little patterns on them, which looks great. You can also do the same thing to achieve this kind of look.

Statement Ceiling

 living room wallpaper

source: flipboard.com

Don’t think that wallpapers are meant only for walls. They can be used on the ceilings too! Look at this living area, it has plain white walls but has an interesting wallpaper on the ceilings. The wallpaper has small blue color prints on a white base color, which goes very well with the white walls.

The homeowner used the same blue tone in various decors and the furnishings to complete the overall look. You can also try something unique like this to make your home look different from the rest. 

Moroccan Inspired Wallpaper 

Moroccan Inspired

source: pinterest.com

This house has high ceilings, and to overcome this problem, the designer used a beautiful Moroccan wallpaper. Yes, if you’re also facing the same kind of problem, you can also try this trick. It has a small, delicate white print on the dusty blue base color, which goes well with the rest of the house’s theme. The seating area furniture is kept simple with some colorful throw pillows so that the wallpaper really catches the eyes. 

Abstract Floral Wallpapers 

Abstract Floral

source: lifestyleasia.com

Another way to spice up your living room is by creating an accent wall, and just a wallpaper like this room has. In this house, the wall is decorated with an abstract wallpaper. homeowners also hang artwork on the same wall and place a bar table there. Everything looks so good together. By this technique, you can enhance the look of your house by placing an abstract floral print wallpaper on any wall or even corners. 

Graphic Blue Wallpapers

Graphic Blue

source: elledecor.com

Another type of wallpapers that are popular these days are the motifs wallpapers. With the iconic sea views, this house has everything. From walls to the decor, everything has been put together effortlessly. The light shade of blue is perfect for the walls as it goes effortlessly with the sea. Try something like this to make your home a bit more luxurious. 

Watercolor Wallpapers 


source: pinterest.com

Love artistic things? Then what do you think about having a watercolor wallpaper in your bedroom? A bedroom is a place where we relax and sleep, so the ambiance should be tranquil and peaceful. To create all this, you should use light color wallpapers with little details like this sleeping area has used. The flowy colors of the wallpapers create a calm atmosphere, which will help you to relax. After placing these kinds of wallpapers, you’ll surely not need any kind of artwork. Because they itself are enough to bring the artistic vibes into the place. 

So these were the nine wallpapers ideas, and the rest are below. You can also try 3D wallpaper for the living room as they’re also quite popular. You can find tons of designs online and offline. First, just measure the area of the wall and then check the wallpaper size in which they’re coming and then order accordingly. If you’re living in a rented home, then it is good to buy the ones which are easy to remove.

living room wallpaper

source: secureservercdn.net

living room wallpaper

source: hdwallpaper20.com

living room wallpaper

source: yahoo.com

living room wallpaper

source: wallpapersafari.com

living room wallpaper

source: flutternyc.com

living room wallpaper

source: rhodesluxuryvilla.com

living room wallpaper

source: mydecorative.com

I hope you’ll like these amazing wallpaper ideas and now you’re ready to give a new look to your living area. For more interesting home designing tips and decoration ideas, visit InteriorCraze.

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