9 Amazing Indoor Plants That Are Easy to Maintain

Indoor Plants

Plants are a wonderful addition to any home or office. They lift the image of the room they are placed in thanks to their aesthetic pleasurability. However, most believe that indoor plants require a lot of commitment and maintenance; which is incorrect. We are here to present to you a list of nine easy maintenance plants to liven up your space.

1. Air Plants – 

Indoor Plants

Source: meredithcorp.io

Air plants are our top choice when it comes to low maintenance indoor plants. They don’t even need soil to grow in! Just pop them in a glass container and place them wherever you’d like. Air plants absorb nutrients from the air around them, making them very easy to maintain. Just sprinkle some water every now and then to prevent them from drying out.

2. Peace Lily – 

Indoor Plants

Source: feat.com

The Peace Lily is very popular due to its ability to purify the air. The plant is frequently used in interior designs as it will liven up any space it is placed in. The flowers of the Peace Lily are white and symbolise peace. The plant blooms in spring and lasts up to a month. 

3. Snake Plant – 

Indoor Plants

Source: snakeplantcare.com

Snake Plants are some of the hardiest, easy maintenance plants out there. Their thick green leaves store water, making them very resilient to drying. The plant can grow in low light conditions and can survive direct light without burning itself. The deep green colour of the plant is very alluring, making it a hot pick in office design.

4. Cactus Plant – 

Indoor Plants

Source: hearstapps.com

Cactus Plants are the warriors of the desert. They can survive months without water and can survive on the most infertile soils known to man. Pop them in a pot and keep them near a window to keep them happy. Cactus Plants bloom once a year.

Some species of cacti can flower multiple times a year. The most common colours are white, yellow, orange, and red. When it comes to low maintenance indoor plants, it does not get any easier than the Cactus.

5. Pothos – 

Indoor Plants

Source: bobvila.com

Pothos plants are the best easy maintenance plants for beginners. The tropical vine thrives even in the worst environments. It is very resilient to disease and will survive in the darkest of rooms. Pothos plants do not bloom but have impressive foliage.

Pothos leaves have patterns and vibrant colours, making them an attractive addition to your home or office. They do not grow rapidly, so a prune every few months should keep the plant in check.

6. Lucky Bamboo – 

Indoor Plants

Source: mydomaine.com

Grow your own miniature bamboo forest! Lucky Bamboo is prized for its auspicious value and beauty. The green stems curve and twist, giving them an attractive appearance. Leaves of the Lucky Bamboo sprout from the top of the stems.

The vibrant green shades of the leaves are balanced out by yellow stripes. Caring for a Lucky Bamboo plant is as easy as replacing the water it’s placed in. When the leaves of the bamboo turn yellow, they should be cut off to encourage growth.

7. Spider Plants – 

Indoor Plants

Source: insider.com

Spider Plants are easy maintenance plants that you can grow in hanging planters. Even though they can be grown in regular pots, the elevation allows the leaves to droop down. The leaves of the Spider Plant are its main attraction, anything that enhances it is a plus.

Spider Plants are tough and they can adapt to most conditions. Keep the pot or plant near a windowsill and the plant will do the rest. The plant does not need a regular watering schedule. Just sprinkle in some water when the top layer of the soil dries out.

8. Chinese Evergreen “Maria” – 

Indoor Plants

Source: apartmenttherapy.info

Chinese Evergreens are a very popular breed of low maintenance indoor plants. The Aglaonema Maria is our pick when it comes to Chinese Evergreens. It’s a simplistic plant that goes well with modern-day indoor designs.

When it comes to indoor plant care the Aglaonema Maria is no different from the others on the list. It is extremely tolerant of changes and requires very little care. The plant thrives in indirect sunlight. However, we do recommend that the caretaker mists the plant at least once a day. The Chinese Evergreen is a tropical plant that prefers humid conditions. Misting simulates an ideal living environment for it.

9. Philodendrons – Golden Goddess – 

Indoor Plants

Source: ytimg.com

Philodendrons are an exotic breed of plants. Certain species of Philodendrons are classed as endangered and can cost thousands of pounds. However, our choice, the Golden Goddess, is easily available but equally exquisite.

The plant has vibrant lime green leaves with hints of yellow in them. A perfect summation of what we expect from a plant. It’s catchy, brightens up any room and is forgiving to a large extent. These plants grow well in indirect sunlight which mimics the shade of a tropical canopy. Just make sure to water them when the soil feels dry.