How to Create a Luxury Bathroom Design on a Budget

Luxury Bathroom Design

We all want a bathroom that looks luxurious – as if it’s taken out of a fancy spa. However, the desires of our hearts don’t always match our budgets. With that in mind, there are still multiple ways to create a luxury bathroom design so your bathroom looks expensive and elegant. Here are some of them:

1. Use Big Tiles

Luxury Bathroom Design


Marble blocks generally make for a luxurious look in the bathroom, but that option is not particularly friendly on your budget. A good alternative to big marble blocks is to use large tiles – perhaps with a marble print. They are less expensive, and significantly easier, which makes them much easier (and less costly) to install. 

Light-colored tile with a polished finish will make the bathroom appear bigger as well since it attracts light.

2. Include Brass Elements

Sometimes, the best way to create a luxury bathroom design is to add a material that is not expensive but looks like it. A good alternative here is to add some brass elements here, whether it’s a toothbrush holder, a mirror frame, or towel holders. 

“Brass features add a hint of luxury and a nod to older styles,” says interior designer Shari Francis. So, make sure that elements from this material are on your shopping list.

3. Add Mirrors

Luxury Bathroom Design


“Hanging large mirrors is a classic trick to make a small space look bigger. Mirrors are a key element to a small bathroom, and they have the power to either make or break a space,” recommends Interiors Director at LuxDeco, Linda Holmes. 

With this idea in mind, you might want to consider hanging a large mirror in your bathroom instead of a standard small one. This will open up the space more and make the bathroom appear more luxurious. 

4. Opt for Contrasting Colors

A luxurious bathroom usually has accents that stand out. So, if you want to give your bathroom a “wow” feel, go for the bolder colors that make a statement. For instance, if you have light marble tiles, consider making the floors a darker color – maybe even black. It will make the bathroom appear more grounded overall. 

If you don’t want to change the tiles entirely, you may go for tile paint instead. It’s a less expensive way of giving your bathroom a full makeover without necessarily taking everything down. 

5. Change the Handles and Hardware

A good way to give your bathroom a more luxurious look, while maintaining a budget, is to replace the things that stand out the most first. In other words, focus on the handles and the hardware. 

“Switch out handles on units for a quick refresh and choose unique finishes and textures to make the space feel more expensive. If you have chrome fittings, one way to change the feel of a small bathroom on a budget is to change the tap. Choose a matte black finish to create a chic hotel feel,” says interior designer Xander Shreenan from Dowsing & Reynolds.

6. Install a Freestanding Bathtub 

Luxury Bathroom Design


“Freestanding baths are commonly associated with luxury and can be a real statement piece in the bathroom – now, with a whole range of designs available and advances in manufacturing, there’s a style to suit every budget,” says the managing director of Ashton & Bentley, Edward Carey. Even if the bathtub is not particularly expensive, it will still give off a vibe of luxury once you install it in the bathroom.

7. Get a High-End Countertop

Luxury Bathroom Design


For your bathroom to look luxurious, you might think that you have to get everything in the high-end range. However, that’s not necessary. You can obtain the same result by buying everything cheap, except for the countertops. 

Those are the only ones you might want to go the extra mile for. As long as the countertops look great, this will reflect on the entire bathroom as well. It’s a good way to get a full-bathroom luxury vibe without the hefty price tag.

The Bottom Line

You don’t have to spend loads of money to create a luxury bathroom design. You just need to know how to invest in just the right things. Sometimes, it may be a matter of materials and aesthetics. Other times, it might be a matter of buying just one item of luxury. Regardless, you don’t have to break the bank to create a luxurious-looking bathroom. For more bathroom design tips visit