4 Simple Ways to Make Your Bathroom Instagrammable

Make Your Bathroom Instagrammable

Home renovation is one of the most important topics for you. If you have a bathroom or kitchen you may like to renovate as it is old and stinky. You may also like to restore it or add some new design with existing style. Whatever the reason might be, you would like to spend a minimum amount of money with a stylish design. Thus you require a specialist who can do it with cost effectiveness.

Some decades ago, in terms of interior designing, the bathroom used to be a more overlooked room. If you have an Instagram account, you must be well aware that this place is currently dominating in social media for getting some idea or inspiration.

If you want to get some ideas or inspiration especially when it comes to bathroom renovation projects, Instagram is a wonderful place to start with. When you are talking about bathroom overhauls, it should be visually appealing. Moreover, you can share posts from free Instagram followers. You can post amazingly retro ‘before’ pictures and stylish new ‘after’ shots.

We may be browsing through tons of Instagram’s stylish bathroom transformations which may reveal some of the most insta – worthy bathroom renovation pics. While all of us do not have money to completely renovate the bathroom, you may choose some budget friendly options to restore the space. We have asked some of the top interior designers about how to make a bathroom more Instagrammable with affordability. Here, we have also gathered the top Instagram worthy renovations with few thoughts and tips around renovation work.

Adjust Your Old Picture of Bathroom with a New One

If you want to make stunning transformations, you may pack your old style with light character. You can also add impressive skylight, marble-effect tiling with navy blue ceiling. In addition, you can add some plants which will make this area a beautiful Insta -worthy space. When you talk about renovation, some of the designers say, with few finishing touches, you can transform the entire bathroom into a cozy and stylish space. Just to start posting in Instagram, you can also install some lights in your bathroom to make 

Make Your Bathroom Instagrammable

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Swipe Across to See Effective Budget Makeover

Next, this strategy might be effective as well as a great example of simple but hugely effective makeover. You can paint the whole room with white but do not forget to use a large mirror. Thus, you can make your room bigger and brighter. You can also add some new storage opportunities where you can add floating shelves. You can add it above the toilet. Do not forget to add a shelf into the wall mirror. You can also add some houseplants and add it to new space. Now, it is ready to capture the insta – worthy pic and share it to free Instagram likes.

Fit a New Bathroom with a Second-Hand Stuffs

You can also fit a new bathroom with a second-hand bath, and a new shower. You can also source the tiles locally which can elevate the previous stark and uninteresting bathroom into a stylish one. Many people believe that when you add some plants it can really brighten up the monochromatic scheme. Not only bathroom plants are easy to install but also easy to maintain. Moreover, it has immense benefits. It can absorb excess moisture.

Make Your Bathroom Instagrammable

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Adjust Bright and Bold Bathroom Transformation to Make Bold Statement 

People love to show the femininity of the pink. It is a bit contrasting with dark luxe tiles. During makeover, try to use bright and bold bathroom transformation as it is in trend. Though this type of tile is expensive you can use it in small numbers and it proved that only a little makeover with such tile can go a long way. When you ask people, they are most likely to see a large shower with beautifully encased in glass. If you add some frameless hinged shower enclosure in renovation, it will not occupy the space though you have small space.


Do not forget to match the floor with color and it helps you to flawless link between the shower and floor. It can help you to make your room larger. This simple new style won’t break your savings. You should admire the homeowners who add color and drama to the space. Just think how it will look with bold use of candy pink with petrol blue. As a homeowner your renovation should be stylish. So, that you can share insta -worthy pics in Instagram followers app.