11 Modern and Architectural Mansion Interior Design Ideas!

mansion interior design

Those days are gone when only kings and royal families used to live in mansions. Now even common people can live a royal life in a mansion with an ultimate mansion interior design. If you plan to shift in a mansion or plan to build one, make sure you get the best mansion interior done. When you choose to live royal, slay royal. I believe, when we are investing your efforts, you should contact the best of it. 

In today’s 21st century, people adopt the modern touch. Still, nothing can take over the charm you can get from traditional and ethnic Renaissance design. Though we have some particular definitions of a mansion, honestly, every house made with all love, time, effort, and emotion is a mansion itself. 

If we discuss the engineering perspective, a house is called a mansion based on its constructional area. Usually, a mansion measures between 5,000 to 8,500 square feet or more than that. This is the minimum square feet area a house has, which is called a mansion. These mansions have luxurious features like; swimming pools, sports areas (tennis court, mini-golf court, etc.). 

Now let’s come to the main point of discussion, the interior of the mansion. Let me be very clear, being a great observer and follower of interior designs, it is clear the interior must be according to the house’s architecture. It doesn’t matter if you have built yourself a traditional studio apartment or a royal mansion, the interior must be according to the architecture

This is the reason I am here with a complete package of pictures and mansion interior design ideas that will help you select the best match for your dream mansion. 

Go with a Single Color for Modern Mansion Interior Designs!

mansion interior design

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According to my, I have noticed that newly adapted and designed mansions prefer a single color theme to maintain the charm, elegance, and dignity of the look. If you feel a single color is too cold and simple, you can select a contrasting color theme to make the look stand out differently and get a bolder look. 

First, select a base color, any of your choice, or the one that will blend perfectly according to space and lighting available in the room. Now what you need to do is select a second color that will contrast perfectly with the first one. The most common contrasting colors we normally choose are white with black, red, blue, etc. 

Now that we are done with sorting the base and the secondary color, the next step is to choose the colors’ tone. Yes! As I discussed, the colors in the room are selected based on the space and the lighting. So choose the right color tone and shade for the particular room. For example, you may go for darker colors and shades for the kitchen, but choose light color tones for the study room or the bathrooms. 

Don’t forget to use the secondary color to give the fine detailing to the room. You can use it as patterns, textures, or anything that showcases the paint than the base color.

Mansion Living Room: Greet and Welcome with a Royal Style!

mansion interior design

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For ages living rooms of any style of homes have played an essential role in setting a mark in our visitor’s minds and hearts. So, how can you forget to make your mansion living room a welcoming and exciting space of the house?

The entire living room will look impressive if you distribute the furniture accordingly to its ideal positions. Try and place all the furniture to the corners of the living spaces and keep the center space as the focal point or the main attraction point by fixing elements. 

Now that you are clear about what will be placed where it’s time to decide what to buy for space. Make sure you select the best of the options available to you. I know it will cost you a lot, but the fact is this will turn out to be a worth investing part. All your guests and visitors will be spending most of their time here in the living space, so why leave a chance to impress them. 

Select and set the room with classy and smooth fabricated curtains, comfortable and luxurious sitting arrangements, large and functional counters, elegant and beautiful artifacts, decorative features and elements, perfect lightings, etc.

Make sure whatever elements and furniture you are using for the living room are not occupying a lot of space. Otherwise, the living room will look very messy and unorganized. To avoid dullness in the room, make sure to place large windows and doors that allow natural light to sparkle your living room. 

You don’t need to go for too costly and expensive features, what matters is that you get the best quality of everything, this will automatically get the luxury and royal effect to space. 

Give an Antique Feel to the Mansion Interior

mansion interior design

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Have you ever seen any mansion or luxurious house that has no features of antique touch in it? No, right! Do you know what the reason behind it is? I will tell you why. It is believed that antique elements bring a royal feel to the entire interior of the house. Yes! I am not lying or kidding.

The rustic and antique look and elements for the interior guarantee you the luxury in the room, and thus the cost you are investing in is worth it. The best part about evergreen antique pieces is that they blend and settle down all the house’s space and rooms, whether that is a living room or a study.

The choice is yours, whether to adopt this mansion interior design idea or not. But do give this a second thought if not planning to utilize it, you will regret it later.

Make the Stunning Artifacts the Center of Attraction

mansion interior design

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A beautiful piece of art never lacks to gain attention. If you want a place or area to get highlighted, decorate it with an art piece, it will guarantee you the attraction you wish to. If you take my personal advice, there are people in my contacts who are not art fans, but still, I have managed to make them go ‘Aww’ with my art pieces.

A statue, attractive photographs, products, and artistic elements will definitely attract attention to that area. You just need to make sure you choose the right selection. If you are not confident about yourself in selecting the art piece. You may even take your interior designer’s help, who will help you find the perfect fit according to the surroundings. 

Believe me, you will never regret getting an art piece as the center of attraction for your mansion interior. 

Mansion Interior Design Idea: Allot Space According to Their Use!

mansion interior design

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Whatever decor you are using for the area and space has to justify the spacing and the look. For example, the bed in the bedroom must explain the look. Have you noticed or explored other mansions before deciding on your interior? The location of the objects is done in such a way that they provide activity space surrounding them. 

Neither there is too much space, nor it is so equipped that you cannot perform any activity. The placing is so symmetric and organized that you can’t stop glaring at space’s perfection.

The best suggestion I have got until now is that it doesn’t matter what type of room you choose for what purpose. What matters is choosing the room first and accordingly placing the furniture that will make the room complete. Selection of the room for the particular activity is made first, and later we settle and complete the room’s needs. 

Decide what is to be done in the space available, later determine the lightings, furniture, and color for space accordingly.

Impressive Touch Can Be Gained with Glassware

mansion interior design

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Sharing this from my personal experience, nothing is as impressive and royal as the one you will get with glassware. Large stained glass windows with massive proportions, chandeliers in the middle of the room with beautiful and elegant lightings, glass marble tilings, etc. These are the most common yet smart glass features that all the royal and beautiful mansions adapt for interiors.

The stained glass is adaptable in all the walls, but all you need is to use the right lighting so that the glass design and textures can be focused and defined in detail.

If you feel chandeliers are too loud and not easy to manage, you can go for sconces. They are the best alternative for chandeliers. Sconces are glassware that looks luxurious and yet is easy to operate and maintain. 

You don’t need to always go for the heavy looks, glassware is enough for giving a luxurious look.

Mansion Interior Design Idea: Go for Fabrics to Decorate Walls

mansion interior design

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Yes! You read it right. Fabrics can be used as decorative elements on the walls. You need to find a perfect pattern and design that you like and go with the room and space’s theme and vibe. Use it as scarves for decorating.

If you feel this is not working out in the future or need to move this to some other area or room, it won’t create any mess while removing. You can softly and easily remove the fabric and roll it to transport or store it for future use. 

While selecting the fabric for wall decorating, make sure you choose the right quality of the material. You will get a variety of fabrics, especially for walls. These are specially designed and prepared for walls. They stick easily on walls and stay sturdy, and whenever you want to remove them, they can be removed without any stains or mess.

Try Utilizing Architectural Definitions

mansion interior design

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If you have no panels or molding installed already, you can surely add defined detailings to the floorings or the walls. This can help you determine the space at an architectural level. 

Try using coverings on the walls that separate spaces where you can see the wall covers are the same. You want them to look different and stand out nicely, without any mess or boldness. 

Go for Classy and Elegant Curtains

mansion interior design

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The curtains play a fundamental role in decorating the interiors of a mansion. Yes! I am not kidding, long trailed curtains are among the most critical aspects of the interiors in mansions. If you fail to select the right choice of curtain, you may lose or spoil the particular room’s entire look. 

Thus you must choose the right color, fabric, and curtain quality for your dream and luxurious mansion. Go for extended sizes to form the correct designing flow and plates of the curtain. 

Note: Curtains are not used just for windows, you can use them for furniture also. Use curtains to cover your walk-in closet, beds or to differentiate the space.

Use Furniture to Divide Space

mansion interior design

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There is no need to always use doors and walls to divide the space. You can also use furniture as diving elements in the room. You can use bookshelves, plant stands, frame-stand, cutlery stand instead of walls for dividing the space. 

Ensure you are using the right furniture type for the partition, or it may ruin the entire look. Wooden of the latest gold-coated and iron stands is very popular for partitioning the rooms and space.

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Mansion Interior Design Ideas: Go Green for Decor

mansion interior design

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Giving a living touch to the interior of the mansion is the best decision you will make. Add plants at a certain distance. Use pots for adding the plants to the room. Have at least four pots in a room. If you feel that the room is not large enough, at least have one or two plants in the room. The plants bring liveliness and freshness to the room. 

Make sure you add plants according to the possibility of maintenance. They are living beings, and they need to be taken proper care of, just like a small little kid. You need to water them at the appropriate interval of time or days, and they need to be kept in sunlight also.

Final Thoughts Mansion Interior Design

mansion interior design

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With this, we come to an end of Mansion Interior Design Ideas. I hope this blog was helpful to you. Just a few suggestions I would like to share with you. Make sure you are considering all the aspects while designing and setting the mansion interior. Choose the right elements of color theme, furniture, lightings, and spacing of the rooms and the area. 

If you find this blog interesting and exciting, do like and share this with all your friends and families. For more such content, keep following Interiorcraze.

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