Top 6 Factors to Consider While Buying a Mattress Protector

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Finally, you have found the perfect pillows, mattresses, and duvet for you. Wow! It’s great. But, do not you think it is imperative to ensure they remain well-looked after so they last as long as possible? This is where a mattress protector and topper come into a picture. These mattress protectors and toppers add comfort to your bedding and also prevent your bedding from getting damaged. It provides a quick and simple way to safeguard against bed bugs and dust mites. So, you do not need to replace your bedding earlier than you have planned.

A mattress protector is not a luxury yet they are too often ignored when buying other items such as bed linen and duvets. If you are buying a mattress protector for the first time then you must be wondering what to look for in it. So, here in this blog, we will shed light on what exactly a mattress protector is and a few factors that you have to keep in mind while buying a mattress protector.

What is a Mattress Protector?

mattress protector


A mattress protector is normally a thin, padded, and quilted defensive sheet that helps in improving the comfort of your mattress. The style, size, and thickness of the mattress protector are highly dependent on you and your partner’s sleeping habits. 

Why You Should Purchase a Mattress Protector?

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Before you begin shopping for a mattress protector, know why you require one in the first place.

  • You need it to get protection from everyday wear and tear
  • It will protect your mattress from spillages.
  • Using it, you can protect your mattress from allergens like dust mites and pet dander.
  • The most important thing is it provides you with added comfort.

Key Considerations While Buying a Mattress Protector

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Featuring first on the list is the size of the mattress. Never overlook this factor. Make sure to choose the mattress protector that best-fit your mattress size. The perfect size does not only make it easier to fit but will also keep the mattress secure, and prevent annoying slippage while you sleep.

Thickness and Material

The thickness of the mattress protector assists in determining exactly how protective it is. No matter how sturdy your mattress, without a mattress protector, its lifespan or security against bugs or damages will not increase. 

Check the thickness and material of the mattress protector to make sure you are investing your hard-earned money in the right protector. The optimal pore size of a mattress protector is 8 microns that give a mattress protector first-rate performance. Also, select the fabric carefully. Ensure you choose an easy-care fabric. It will make sure you can wash and replace your mattress cover with confidence. Besides, it will provide your mattress with better support over the long-term.

Anti-Allergy Protection

Make sure you invest in a topper/protector that offers anti-allergy protection. It is because using a hypo-allergenic mattress topper helps in discouraging allergens such as dust mites from taking hold. This kind of mattress protector is specifically handy for anyone who already suffers from allergies and merely wants to add a little extra protection to their mattress protector/topper.


You must choose a mattress protector that protects water or any kind of spillage. If you invest in a waterproof mattress protector then it will keep your mattress protected against accidentals and catch spillages before they seep through the mattress itself. This kind of mattress protector is useful particularly for children or you can even place it in a guest room. You should pick a mattress protector that has a breathable toweling surface or waterproof backing. It will give absolute protection for a relaxed night’s sleep. 

Temperature Control

The next factor on the list is temperature control. If you are the kind of person who overheats during the night then you should invest in a special cooling mattress protector. They are generally made up of breathable cotton. So, they will help you in regulating your body temperature while you sleep and can help to prevent perspiration that gets in your way of waking up fully rested.


You should choose a mattress that provides you a comforting feel. If you are trying hard to improve the feel of an aging mattress, then try a memory foam mattress topper. It is because they simply sit on top of an existing mattress and will perfectly mold to your body shape. It will also help in reducing motion transfer between couples. 

Signing Off

In a nutshell, to expand your mattress lifespan you should invest in a mattress protector. And, before settling down on anyone, make sure it has the above-discussed qualities.