Metal Wall Art as a Decorative Piece That Will Complete the Look of Any House Style

Metal Wall Art

It is so common in every interior design planning that wall art is giving the least importance. Others even do not consider metal wall art at all. Most homeowners forget this piece after the last stroke of the wall paint has been brushing, the furniture has been placing in the area and the interior design plan has been completely satisfied.

However, it is important to account that your wall deserves a creative metal design to enhance its appearance. A little history discussion for you: metal wall art has already been complete by our ancestors even before the formation of civilizations. You can see it in the early cave paintings and sculptures with only utilizing rocks, sands, and stones as instruments. 

Wall Sculpture Types

Metal Wall Art


Before getting further into complex wall sculptures, it is important to understand their basics. With the changes in its art styles, it categorizes into many different types throughout history. Its classifications will highly depend on the medium used, the tools utilized, its position to the wall, and the process of creation. Traditional wall sculptures only have figures attached flat on the wall.

Focusing on the positions of the sculptures’ on the wall, sculptures are categorizing into three: low relief, high relief, and sunken relief. Low relief means that the sculptures with inscription-like positions where the images emerge off from a flat background.

Next, the high relief is similar to a three-dimensional figure except it still attaches to a flat background. Lastly, sunken relief is sculptures that have figures that carve within the material. Taken from the word “sunken,” the images are hidden within the flat surface.

Your wall sculpture will also depend on what technique is using for its creation. The common methods are carving, assembling, and modeling. Carving refers to the removal of parts to form the desired image while assembling uses pre-made pieces to form the image. Modeling is making everything from the scratch.

Modern Wall Art

Metal Wall Art


When people talk about wall decorations, they would immediately think of picture frames with either their own pictures or objects they would want to be displayed. Others would even purchase paintings or attach wall mirrors to fill the spaces.

But many people today still consider wall sculptures as ancient art that is outdated. However, sculptors have been incorporating the current art trends into their sculptures. What’s even better is that sculptures today are durable and long-lasting because they are building with materials that can withstand almost any environmental conditions.

Taken for instance are metal wall art that is using different metals like bronze, iron, steel, and aluminum. The quality of metals produced lately has drastically improved due to the changing demands of numerous industries.

Moreover, sculptures that require less maintenance are what most sculpture enthusiasts will interest in because it would allow them to allot minimal time for the cleaning process and lesser costs for the chemicals needed to preserve the quality. 

Differences Between Traditional and Wall Sculptures

Metal Wall Art


Art itself is constantly changing, artists and artisans in the field of metalworks and sculptures have adapted certain methods in applying the newer forms of art styles and techniques. This also resulted in the improvement of sculptures. Who would have thought that the usual sculptures can also be installed on walls and build another area for its display?

There is not much difference between traditional sculptures and wall sculptures aside from the display area. Both sculpture types undergo similar procedures and are also alike in terms of relief angles.

It’s just that wall sculptures would need additional security when being installed on a wall to avoid accidents, unlike traditional sculptures that would only be displayed on the ground or a flat surface below it. However, there is a tendency where wall sculptures can outshine traditionally-made figurines.

One instance is when a sculpture introduces unique concepts such as assembling small sculptures to form a much bigger image that is entirely visible meters away from the wall.

With wall sculptures, you are giving the entire wall to highlight your figure. With traditional sculpture, it is freestanding. 3d creative metal designs can do on the walls but if you prefer the traditional, you will have to look for a mounting device to hold it in place.

If the abstract concept is closest to your preferred art form, then wall sculpture would also do for you. Since the wall is a better place to highlight random shapes and figures compare to the freestanding method, it is best appreciating by audiences because, at a glance, they can see the formation real quick. It will not take too much time to comprehend. 


Sculpture may not be common these days, but the art itself is not dead. Today, sculpture making involves materials we never thought were possible to have the potential in building one. Since the materials to make the traditional sculptures are usually costly, there are environmental-friendly materials that you could explore and experiment with.

In addition, always choose the sculpture that complements your interior and is installed in places that pose lesser risks to avoid possible injuries brought by falling sculptures.

Moreover, walls should be taken with attention as well since they serve as borders of protection against unwanted elements. This doesn’t mean we have to neglect and leave it dull and dry. Remember, it’s not just simply about paint and wallpaper because there’s more to decorating it.

If you’re choosing metal wall art for your home, start planning which creative metal design would best for your home. Decide the size and positioning of the figure to orient the makers on the appearance you want to look like.

The material used is also important when indicating the plan so that you will have an idea where it could be best placed. Lastly, taking care of your sculpture is necessary because the figure is symbolic to you. Look for samples on the Internet, so you don’t feel bad about the poor-looking appearance once it releases for display. Just contact the manufacturer and inform them of your policies to avoid any further issues.