11 Exquisite Yet Affordable Mid Century Modern Bathroom Ideas

mid century modern bathroom ideas

Home decor has seen a transformation in the design for our utility areas from just being functional spaces to aesthetically viable spaces. Our bathrooms are one such phenomenon. Bathing in itself is an experiential activity. Considering the flexibility aspect in contemporary homes, bath spaces have gone under a major theme-based transformation while innovating with gorgeous interior aesthetics and functionality in mid century modern bathroom ideas

‘Mid- Century Modern’ is one such new-age trend that has grabbed the attention of every design thinker. Designing a Mid-century modern bathroom with its blend of modernist approach along with a vintage vibe can revamp your entire space in a chic and trendy way. The rise of this style came in after the war post the 1945s where materials such as steel, plywood, etc were produced in bulk due to the growing needs.

Houses were also designed with open floor plans, huge windows, glass doors, etc. The intention here was to integrate as much nature as possible by blurring the gaps between the interior and the exterior. The mid-century bathroom was a reflection of this style of architecture that grabbed the audience’s attention while still maintaining the same amount of craze for it. 

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Here are some of the Mid Century Modern Bathroom Ideas that you can easily adapt in your Home Decor for an exquisite and timeless bathing experience. 

Bring in the Light

mid century modern bathroom ideas

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A good mid-century bathroom idea is all about filling in space with as much natural light as possible. Light forms a staple backdrop for creating this interior style in its correctness. 

You can renovate your bathroom openings by increasing their widths or numbers through planned inclusivity of the outside within the inside. This reduces your dependency on artificial light systems making your mid-century bathroom energy efficient also. For openings, you can derive concepts from the mid-century windows that add a sense of artistic take in your bath spaces. 

Bringing Nature Indoors

mid century modern bathroom ideas

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Nature is an important element of Mid Century Bathroom design. With the availability of various indoor plants that require less or no sunlight, inculcating nature tastefully has become easy. Plants like Snake plants, ferns, money plants, etc can be used for these purposes.

Hang some plants like eucalyptus in your bathroom shower area or a plant on your window sill to make them evenly spread within the available space. Since mid-century-modern bathrooms usually have wider windows, the incoming natural light only proves as a benefit in making the spaces more natural. 

Inclusivity towards nature also gives the user a sense of being outdoors within the indoors. As bathing spaces are experiential a good amount of plant life can make your spaces as mid-century as possible. 

Mid-Century Bathroom with a Modern Twist!

mid century modern bathroom ideas

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Many people dismiss mid-century bathroom design as the assumption is to imagine these spaces to look like a heritage bath with vintage elements that are gaudy and excessive. However, that is not true. A mid century bathroom design in the new age is a mix of blending modern elements in the minimal backdrop of mid century bathroom ideas.

From sleek and seamless furniture design to a neutral color palette along with vintage faucets lined with brass, a good mid-century bathroom design is a reflection of both the current timeline and the timelessness of the mid-century style. 

Hexagonal Elements

mid century modern bathroom ideas

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If you must’ve noticed, mid-century bathroom designs have a large number of hexagonal shapes in them. This in turn has become a trend that is widely adopted. 

Hexagonal wall tiles or flooring elements add a sense of eccentricity to the spaces. They highlight the spatial quality and elevate the sense of spatial curiosity for the user. If not the flooring or walls, you can use hexagons through mirrors or even the shape of your windows to create more visual interest in your bathroom spaces. 

Jazz It Up with Some Colors

mid century modern bathroom ideas

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Mid-century bathroom ideas are a mix of minimalism with accent elements. An ideal backdrop for a mid-century bathroom is a pastel-colored wall in the undertones of white, green, or pink. These pastel or neutral walls are reflective of the mid-century period that exemplified minimalism with a sense of eclecticism to it. 

Color palettes are also mood determiners for space, a mild use of color can add a sense of calm and comfort to bathing spaces making the mid-century neutral palette an instant hit.

Prints and Tiles All the Way

mid century modern bathroom ideas

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Floor spaces are often misjudged by keeping them subtle. For creating a mid-century bathroom design you can rectify your floor space by using prints and innovative mosaics. The use of pastel tones for tiles with a pop of texture and print can add a sense of eccentricity to your bathroom spaces. 

Walls can also be inclusive of prints through tiling. Upholstery elements like curtains, towels, rugs, etc can be tastefully done with the help of these concepts to create your mid-century bathroom designs. 

Use Your Woods Wisely

mid century modern bathroom ideas

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Mid-century bathroom design is also inclusive of the use of wood on a larger scale since it was one of the most used materials during the era. Although, mid-century modern bathroom designs upgrade the use of wood with a blend of sleekness to it. Wood can be used in various spaces like cabinets, shelving displays, mirror backdrop, etc.

Wooden window ledges and doors can be a good way to give a sense of timelessness to your bathroom. There are different varieties of wood available in the market with their grades, colors, textures, and densities. Having these wooden elements accentuates your mid-century modern bathroom design with its naturistic look and feel. 

Light it Up

mid century modern bathroom ideas

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Lights play a vital role in a mid-century bathroom design as it becomes a determining element of the style. A globe, dome, or sputnik light can be an ideal addition to bring in the vintage vibe of the mid-century era in your bath spaces. 

Lights lined up with brass or copper-colored texture add an authentic vibe to your spaces. Hanging lights, spotlights, downlights, uplights, accent lights, etc are some of the types one can explore for bathroom spaces. 

Accessorize with Brass In Mid Century Modern Bathroom Ideas

mid century modern bathroom ideas

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Brass was a popular element in the 1960s which has now gained a newfound light in this millennium. Be it light fixtures or faucets, brass defines the mid-century bathroom design with its richness and subtleness. It adds a sense of grandeur to your bath spaces. They can be used in lighting, doors, handles, hangers, or even your faucets. 

Many premier companies have now started producing a range of products made up of brass. 

Minimalism for Your Mid Century Modern Bathroom Ideas

mid century modern bathroom ideas

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Minimalism is the core paramount in creating a mid-century bathroom design. Although the style includes brass, color inclusivity and darker tones, minimalism in the form of space aesthetics and functionality is what acts as a core of the mid-century bathroom design. 

This wide phenomenon can be adapted in the easiest ways in the form of spatial design with providing as per the necessity without going overboard or through color palettes that include white and grey tones. 

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Beauty Is in the Details

mid century modern bathroom ideas

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Although a bathtub or cabinets cover a bigger floor space of your bathrooms, care should also be take while choosing the smaller pieces as well. From vanity elements to hardware usage, an ideal mid-century bathroom design can only be achieved by being picky about even the smallest things. Including mid-century modern accessories can elevate the design style without any glitches. This way when one enters the bath space, they feel a sense of transit. To the actual era of mid-century design. 

Why Choose a Mid Century Modern Bathroom Ideas?

mid century modern bathroom ideas

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mid century modern bathroom ideas

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The mid-century bathroom design is not going anywhere anytime. Soon due to its ultra-chic qualities that are still relevant in the new age. The pared-down spaces with clean lines with a sense of nature, this appealing style has multiple applicability. Common theme elements in this style include clean lines, pared-down wood furnishings, brass finished elements. Mixed with natural plant life along with plenty of natural light.

Another spatial highlight of these spaces is their unfussy, functional, and natural-looking design. The core concept of these designs is to blend the outside with the inside. With the help of neutral palettes, wide openings, and focal points that adds the space with visual interest.  

Thus, designing a mid-century bathroom is easier than it seems due to its less but thoughtful blend of elements. The best part about this timeless design is that all the key pieces are easily available in local stores and websites as well. For making your spaces authentic to the style. There is no need to splurge excessively, a wide range of materials as per your budget are available readily. 

It is time now, that we start rethinking our bathroom spaces from mere utility areas. To experiential spaces that exemplify the bathing experience with rich aesthetics along with a thorough functionality. 

Mid-century modern bathroom design is one of the most trending styles to look out for in 2021!

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