13 Best Mid Century Modern Desks to Accentuate Your Work Stations

mid century modern desk

Work From Home or working from office spaces, the pandemic has encouraged us to diversify our office spaces beyond normalcy. This is bringing the ‘work’ home as well as rethinking our workspaces in offices as per social distancing norms. In times like these, we all are rethinking our steps towards being safe and secure. Furniture or rather products in the decor domain thus, become an important consideration while redesigning or revamping any form of spaces. In a scenario like this, when the definitions of a working environment are changing or upgrading constantly, we need to rethink our workspace design as well.  From buying the perfect ergonomic chair to investing in a quirky mid century modern desk, the options are infinite. Now you may ask why only a mid century modern desk? 

Mid Century modern style in architecture and home design has been one of the oldest and trending architectural styles. It is managing to stay in the talks even when newer contemporary styles are taking over. The mid century style still stays relevant and is widely using by many architects, interior designers and homeowners. 

Why Is Mid Century Modern Still Relevant?

mid century modern desk

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Mid century style is known for its sleek and clean lines that are based on a backdrop of a minimalist approach. Apart from this, the prices and elements created out of this style are known to be as functional as they are aesthetic. This style emerges from the Bauhaus architects who migrated to American. They started this style which later became a movement. 

Many star architects like George Nelson, Charles and Ray Eames, Herman Miller, and several others were the key designers to take this style to a global audience and visibility. Having a lasting impact on the initial 30 years of its existence, this style took a trending approach in the 21st century. Here it was appealing to a millennium audience crawling for furniture that is both efficient and accentuating. 

Their minimal ornamentation and a traditional approach with non-traditional materials form a juxtaposition. This blend of contrasting elements has made them a dynamic choice. 

Why Go for Mid Century Modern Style in Your Home Decor?

mid century modern desk

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A style that finds coherence to every design thinkers, many workspaces, offices, banks, etc are adapting mid-century style.  It is considering as a go-to, to create spaces that breathe aesthetics while being thoroughly user-oriented. Multinational retailers like Herman Miller, DWR, Crate and Barrel, Restoration Hardware, Reclaimed Wood, etc are still in vogue to choose your mid century modern pieces.

These brands is create a niche for mid century modern style in home decor. Although there are several other emerging and establish brands in the markets today that are creating a diversified approach. This is done by creating enchanting pieces, enticing enough for you to take a second, third and well fourth look!

With the WFH Setup Being a Thorough Blend of Contrasting Juxtaposition of Activities, Why Not Go for a Mid Century Modern Workspace?

To help you invest in a proper work desk and to curate your daily activities with ease, we creates a thoughtful list. This list includes our favourite mid century modern desks 2021. 

These desks will add style, functionalities and brownie points to your workspaces both in offices as well as your homes. From wooden finish drawers to accentuate brass fixtures to hairpin legs, there is something for everyone on this list. 

1. Mid Century Modern Desk – Mini Secretary

mid century modern desk

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If you have space where fitting a workstation can create a crunch, then this mid century modern mini secretary is the ideal desk. Designing especially for spaces that are compact, this table has a clean and uncluttering aesthetic vintage look. The top shelf remains visible when the piece is in a close position. This gives you space to display your products. Furniture brands like West Elm, Citizenry and many others have these desks. 

Although the name might say it as a mini desk, it can adequately fit an entire laptop, coffee mug, notebooks, etc. This makes it ideal for a compact workspace in your homes. The compact size makes it easy to place in a part of your home, it could be a cosy nook or a corner. 

2. Mid Century Fold Out Desk

mid century modern desk

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If you are someone who needs more space to work in, then this fold-out desk is ideal for you. The desk comes in an approximate size of 3’ x 15’. The workspace can be folded open along with a top display shelf making this desk an ideal go-to for all your workspace needs. It also has secretly built-in compartments to store all the stationery like pens, pencils and much more. 

When the desk folds in, it turns into a compact mini desk which is perfect for smaller tasks like displaying books or photos. Although a little expensive due to its multi-utility and customizable design, the desk serves as an ideal mid century modern desk.  With a sleek design and adequate functionality, it is a must-buy!

3. Lewellyn Desk

mid century modern desk

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This rustic mid century modern desk is a great simplistic pick for your Work From Home as well as office needs. The pull out drawers adds as work essentials due to their storage capacities, while a large tabletop creates plenty of working areas. With the light colour and a salvage looking finish, the desk looks perfect with any room decor. 

Being a very affordable pick with as little as 200$ dollars, this desk by Wayfair is surely a stylistic yet functional pick. 

4. Chassis Hairpin Air Desk

best mid century modern desk

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There is a diferent reason to love these kinds of desks. The primary reason would be the range of variety in their sizes from S, M, L, and XL.  This desk perfectly fits in any home decor and any spatial area. 

Moreover, you can also customize these desks by adding storage shelves and built-in USB and other power outlets. The tabletop is made of a whiteboard safe wood finish which means you can use this entire desk as a horizontal whiteboard surface to write, sketch and erase it later. Now, how cool is that?

5. Ithaca Desk 

best mid century modern desk

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Talking about colour and vibrancy, the Ithaca mid century modern desk is ideal for the user who loves a dash of pop colour. Although, being in a variety of shades, these desks are very mid-century modern in their own way. With their matt colour finish with sleek and clean lines adding a touch of subtleness, these desks act as an art piece. Not to forget that they are highly functional as well.

There is also extra close storage in the two pull out drawers, making them extremely efficient and gorgeous to look at. From blue to green, yellow, orange and many other colours, these stylistic desks are never getting out of style. 

6. Athena Writing Desk

best mid century modern desk

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Keeping things simple, minimal and transparent, these mid century modern desks are ideal for having a classy look to your indoors. The two open compartments have a seamless design that is half-close. The gold hairpin legs add a sense of eccentricity to them, making these desks look luxurious. The storage is good enough to store notebooks, supplies, and even a laptop while you’re not using it. Now that is what we call, space-efficiency!

7. Kubiak Desk

best mid century modern desk

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The Kubiak mid century modern desk is a cost-effective option to have a minimalistic yet chic design for your workspaces. This Scandinavian style desk has a warm wood grain texture that gives it a retro vibe for your home workspace designs. The metal trestle base with X bracing adds extra stability and aesthetics to the design. 

It comes with three inbuilt shelves where one is close and two are open. This allows flexibility in storage while accessorizing the desk. These desks are ideal for writing works, drawing, etc. If you require that your indoors theme is in minimalist, elegant and subtle tones, look nowhere. These mid century modern desks are ideal for your homes. 

8. Mid Century Modern Freedom Desk

best mid century modern desk

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This being one of our top picks, the desk is a simple and elegant desk that is also practical in more than one way. With built-in four USB ports, these desks allow you to easily charge all your devices while keeping them at close range. There are two drawers to keep your supplies and stationery items intact. 

Although being a powerhouse of technology and design this desk has a very small footprint. This makes them an asset while designing spaces. 

9. Rivet Mid Century Modern Desk with Hairpin Legs

mid century modern desk 2021

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A very peculiar looking mid century modern desk, it has a sense of industrial look which makes it an appealing choice. With three small compartments is using for organizing stationery, supplies, etc these desks are great due to their material and finishes. 

The desk is made up of various materials like engineered wood, walnut veneer and metal, etc.  This desk is made up of hairpin legs that do not compromise on their sturdiness.

10. Lauren Natural Peroba Mid Century Modern Desk

mid century modern desk 2021

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If you need a work desk that is high on space efficiency while being comfortable to use, then these desks are ideal for you. It is also perfect for professionals who need a thorough desk with heavy-duty storage. It also has two-sided cabinets. 

Not just that, these desks also have an additional layer as open storage. This can use to fit in space for other storage supplies and stationery. This sturdy vintage piece is an ideal mid century modern desk available in a wide range of wood types. 

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11. Pulaski Three-Drawer Mid Century Modern Desk 2021

mid century modern desk 2021

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Monochromatic and vintage mid century modern desk, the Pulaski with its taper legs complement the aesthetics of almost every decor. It has concave drawer pull cut-outs instead of plain knobs complimenting its vintage design. This desk is made up of hardwood solids and birch veneers. 

12. Lilith Mid Century Modern Office Desks

mid century modern desk 2021

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A vintage piece with its single-toned monochromatic design, the Lilith has a saw-horse style iron base with 3 drawers for storing a wide range of materials. Made out of Iron and Oak with warm-spiced shades, these desks are durable as well as aesthetically pleasing. 

13. Mid Century Modern Mini Desk

mid century modern desk 2021

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Compact apartments? Say no more, the mid century modern mini desk acts as a perfect addition to your apartments. This being one of the bestselling items by West Elm which has a durable minimalist yet space-efficient design. 

Being as wide as 3’ and about 1.5’ deep, the desks have plenty of workspace and large pull out drawers to fit in notebooks, pens, and other essentials. West Elm is a sustainable brand with its fair trade certification and many other recognitions.  These desks are made out of eucalyptus wood. 

Why Do You Need to Opt for a Mid Century Modern Desk?

mid century modern desk

No other home decor style will be able to suffice your functional as well as aesthetics as much as a mid century modern style will do. This being said, the clean and sleek design with a hint of subtlety makes these products add a calm ambience to your space. 

Workspaces are all about mental and physical comfort, they increase your efficiency by a larger margin. Due to this, investing in a workspace within your home will be a proven asset in today’s time. Work from Home is here, catching up and is here to stay. So, why wait, choose your ideal mid Century Modern Desk Now….!

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