16 Exquisite And Stylish Mid – Century Modern Interior Doors To Choose From

mid century modern interior doors

Doors are an integral factor in home decor and safety. That connects between the inside and the outside. As crucial as doors are they are not only an exterior decorative aspect but an important factor for families to provide privacy and security. There are tons of technical machinery as well as devices to make sure that these doors are rightly equipped to provide safety and security.

Technological advancement has led to newer definitions of home security in the areas of our openings like doors, windows, etc. As much as a technically advanced phenomenon they are, they have also managed to keep the aesthetics of doors intact.

From material diversity to exquisite design, interior doors have been a classic example of style and elegance in home decoration even now. Many home buyers these days are being critical of their main doors, but what about the interior doors?

As our interior doors are transitional spaces that transcend us from the living to the dining and bedrooms and so on. They are an integral part of interior design as they add a sense of individuality to each space. The separate public spaces from semi-private to entirely private spaces. Without doors, our spaces would be incomplete and would lose their character. 

Home decor has gone through a revolutionary change and has adapted various new styles. The decor practices have also taken influences from various historic architectural styles. These styles are not taken the way they were before but are revamped to correlate with the current needs. One of the styles that have managed to stay timeless is mid-century modern.

Believe it or not, since its inception in the 1930s this style has stayed and has been widely adopted by home buyers due to its minimal and flexible nature. Since mid-century-modern is considered as an evergreen style statement, going for a mid-century modern interior door can be an elegant yet minimal choice. 

Now, What Are Mid-Century Modern Interior Doors?

mid century modern interior doors

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Mid-Century Modern Interior Doors have the basic qualities of being extremely minimal yet elegant in design. They are devoid of any articulation or extreme decoration. A mid-century modern interior door can be easily recognized if it has sleek and clean lines that are supported by the backdrop of minimal materials.

Started in around the 1930s, this style continued to flourish in the 1950s and 60s. Although it did take a small detour and returned after a few years when a Texas-based company brought it again to life. 

Here are some of the features of a Mid-Century Interior Door

  • Clean lines that emphasized the sleekness of the doors
  • Wooden Construction that is exquisite and elegant 
  • Lites Doors
  • Natural Appearances that focuses on showcasing the wood’s true shades 
  • Minimal Color tones
  • Sleek door handles and other fixtures
  • Use of Brass and other metals for finishes

The Mid-Century Modern Interior Doors That We Love

mid century modern interior doors

Source: modernhomeluxury.com

There are a variety of mid-century interior doors that are available in the market, from sizes to colors to price range. One needs to make sure that they choose these doors as per their overall color scheme and decor palette to make sure that these doors blend within the backdrop without being the core highlight. 

If your interior decor scheme is influenced by mid-century modern architectural style then make sure that all the elements are in sync with each other. You can achieve this by making a mood board to compare all your material with each other. 

Double Doors

mid century modern interior doors

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A double door for interior spaces has a certain amount of elegance in its usage. It can be an ideal element for your dining area and even bedrooms to make them look iconic and exquisite. Double doors also offer access to semi-privacy by keeping only a single door portion open to access. The paneling and fine edges with copper or brass handle on your double doors can help in enhancing its beauty. 

These doors can also act as statement pieces for your home decor. 

Mid-Century Modern Interior Doors with Sliding Mechanism

mid century modern interior doors

Source: decorateme.com

Sliding doors in home decor are used for varied types of spaces. They can be used for your balcony or open space since they have a wider opening range and double doors can consume a lot of usable space. These are also used for your wardrobe and closet spaces as they are easy to operate. Sliding doors are also used for utility spaces like bathrooms, toilets, storage spaces, etc. 

A mid-century interior door inspired by the wooden undertone with sleek lines can be an ideal addition to these spaces. Since sliding doors occupy a large area on the walls, having a mid-century inspired door that is minimal in its look and finish can give an exquisite look to the spaces. Sliding doors are highly in demand these days therefore, a mid-century modern inspired sliding door can be trendy while being an asset to your home decor. 

Natural Wood Tone Mid-century Interior Doors

mid century modern interior doors

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A wooden door that gives the natural rustic look tone is a winner when it comes to finding the ideal mid-century modern interior doors. If you need to have farmhouse-style home decor, opting for these doors would be an ideal choice. The sections and natural undertone give it a rustic look that acts as a USP of the decor. The intricate layers of wood with the help of the polish emphasize the richness of the material. 

Single Door with Darker Shades of Wood

mid century modern interior doors

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A single door can be a go-to for kitchen areas or backdoor. These can also be used as bedroom doors and for utility spaces. The magic of these doors with a darker shade of wood is that they add a sense of intrigue as they go well with walls that have a subtle palette. The darker shade handles act as an eclectic element to add beauty to these doors. 

Modern Styled Doors with Geometric Accents

mid century modern interior doors

Source: popsugar-assets.com

Geometric and abstract artworks in the form of niches in interior doors are catching up. Homebuyers are preferring articulate doors over wall paints. Therefore these doors can be an ideal addition to your home decor if you have a subtle palette for your walls. They can make your space look elegant and exquisite as these interior doors are no less than modern and stylish. 

The geometric accents supported by the wooden finish and design give the doors a flawless look. These doors can even complement wooden floorings and give a seamless look. Being their ornate and decorative aspect, these doors can be ideal for space divisional areas like dining rooms or living areas.

White Doors

mid century modern interior doors

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The color white has an innate sense of minimalism and sleekness that goes in sync with the mid-century interior door decor. It gives you a sense of tranquility and openness. If you have compact spaces for your indoors, white is always a go-to color to make these spaces look wide and airy. 

Pivot Doors 

mid century modern interior doors

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Pivot doors are a modernist approach to interior design. They are the newest trend in the market and have outlasted all the earlier ones. The core reason being their elegant approach towards their usability. These doors are mainly used for your outdoor connecting spaces like porches, balconies, decks, etc.

They might give you a look that you might need a lot of energy to push these doors, but that’s just a rumor. These doors are extremely easy to use and operate. Moreover, they add an eclectic aspect to your decor due to their eccentricities.  

A mid-century interior door can be created in this pivot style by making the use of wood as a core material with various accent elements and fixtures for door handles and side panels. Although they are a bit expensive they can add a sense of richness and play indoors. 

White Paneled Doors

mid century modern interior doors

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White paneled doors can be an ideal choice for your mid-century modern indoors with their horizontal panels that create a sense of balance in your home decor. You can even decorate these doors by adding quirky farmers and artwork to make them more interesting. Although, do choose the material for your laminates wisely as white tends to accumulate dust, so you would not want to choose a door design that has too many niches and ornate elements. 

French Style Doors

mid century doors interior

Source: dynamixse.com

These doors have one single lit aspect that engages the use of natural light from the outdoors in the interiors. They also help in adding a playful element to the homes. The use of wood and its accents can be an ideal addition to making its mid-century style. 

They can be used for study and work areas as they bring in natural light which is much-needed for a workspace. The intake of green elements to the eye can merge the outside with the inside through these mid-century interior doors. 

Black Panelled Mid-Century Interior Doors

mid century doors interior

Source: mbl.is

Black has an innate quality to give a sense of timelessness and elegance to your interior spaces. This contemporary color is being widely used in home decor and has been a prime factor in creating some timeless masterpieces in home decor. 

A mid-century interior door with the help of black panels can be an ideal addition to your home decor with a color palette that reflects the same. Black is a rich color, these paneled doors with their fixtures and door handle only make it more elegant. Matt-based fixtures can be an ideal addition to the same. For spaces like study areas, bedrooms, dining areas, etc, these doors can add much-needed exclusivity. 

Crittall Doors

mid century doors interior

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A french style crittal door is an exquisite take on interior doors. They allow a sense of privacy while keeping the visibility intact. The French-style doors are timeless and have a vintage look to them. Ideal for dining areas, study spaces, and balconies, these doors are timeless and are here to stay!

Modern Interior Green Doors

mid century doors interior

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Monochromatic colors are the new trend. The same applies to a mid-century interior door that has a single shade overall, from its accents to its panels. A fully green matt-colored door can be an ideal addition to your farmhouse-style spaces. They are elegant and add a touch of luxury to your spaces. These doors can be used for your study, bedrooms, or library areas in the house. 

Mid Century Interior Door with Multiple Panels

mid century doors interior

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If you wish to have a timeless space that takes you back to the 1950s era of the mid-century architecture style then these types of doors can be an ideal go-to. They take influences to front the movement and then project heritage and vintage look with your interiors. Completed by golden door knobs and handles the doors make your home decor look royal. 

Rustic Doors

mid century doors interior

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Rustic doors are known to be a highlighting trend due to their naturistic look and finish. These sliding doors are ideal for your partition spaces with a minimal backdrop. The layers of the wood can help in adding a sense of beauty to your spaces. Complemented by the steel accents with matt finish together can make the entire piece a highlight in your indoor spaces. 

Kitchen Doors 

mid century doors interior

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Kitchen doors are an important feature of our homes. They need to be designed in such a way that visibility is accessible whereas noise needs to be canceled. Kitchen doors are also an important safety feature in the homes as they need the other spaces free of fire in case of an emergency while being visibility accessible. 

A mid-century interior door with glass panels and white laminates can be an ideal addition to make them look aesthetically appealing and functionally sound. There is a range of glass available in the market firm clear glass to first, you can choose them as per your preference. 

Pivot Doors with Glass

mid century doors interior

Source: arch2o.com

Pivot door with wooden frames is a go-to aspect for your outdoor spaces, porches, balconies, etc. They help you in creating a lively atmosphere in the interior by blending nature. The combination of nature with interiors can help in elevating your home experience. 

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How to Find the Perfect Mid-Century Interior Door for You?

The mid-Century modern architectural style is a timeless phenomenon. With the upgrades in new and new trends, this style has managed to stay intact. Although it has taken many influences from the one going style and has created the perfect blends of a variety of interior doors to choose from. In such a scenario how do you choose the ideal door for your homes?

The key here is to always consider the functional aspect of an interior door. Since doors are highly linked to the activity and circulation of a space. The core decision of an ideal interior door needs to be on the outcome of the function expected from a space. 

For example, if you need a door for your balconies and open area, you need to consider the function of natural light, easy access, and connection to the outdoors. This way you need to choose a mid-century interior door that provides you transparency as well as security.

Another example would be your study areas, these workspaces need not be completely isolated like your bedroom. There needs to be a slight connection to the outdoors as well. So you need to choose the doors as per it, this way a sliding door can be an ideal addition since it gives you the ability to keep them fully closed or partially closed. 

Every decision in home decor has to be first taken on functional space and then moving to aesthetics, this way you can always make the right choice on the type of mid-century interior doors you need for your exquisite homes. 

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