Minecraft Bedroom Ideas: 10 Creative Ideas!

minecraft bedroom ideas

Minecraft has always been the most exciting game among gamers since the game made its entry into the world of gaming.  It is very famous for its home designing feature, where you can nicely and creatively build and design your very own dream house. And when we talk about Minecraft house, how can we forget about the bedrooms in the beautiful dream house of yours. So, in this blog, we have gathered some impressive Minecraft Bedroom Ideas and designs for you, which you can definitely try in your dream house.  Keep reading and explore creative ideas.

10 Creative Minecraft Bedroom Ideas

We have 10 fantastic ideas for you that you can add to your home design. 

Luxurious Master Bedroom

minecraft bedroom ideas

Source: designtrends.com

Let’s start the ideas with a blast. Build the most spacious master bedroom according to your interest. Add as many accents as possible to make the room look very modern and functional at the same time.

Build colossal glass windows to connect with the exterior world, and the room looks spacious because of the natural lights. Make the flooring and ceiling wooden finish. Add carpets on the ground to make it look more stylish and colorful. 

Install comfortable and stylish bedroom furniture like; a master king-size bed, corner sitting sofa set, wall cabinets and wardrobes, a television unit, and storage cabinets.

Use fall ceiling lights to make the room bright and glamorous. And for décor grow wall creepers for the room to look lively and exciting.

Modern Master Bedroom

minecraft bedroom ideas

Source: pleyshop.com

This modern master bedroom can look very manly and unique. Make sure everything you add to this room is stylish and practically functional. Modern Minecraft bedrooms are attractive only if they turn out to be practical and beautiful and appealing with their look.

Give the room brick and wooden theme. Keep the flooring rigid and make a wooden partition between your bedroom space and bathroom area. 

For walls make the walls made of aesthetic bricks and fit in large glass windows so that the room has the natural light coming in all the time. 

Talking about the furniture, keep them minimalistic. Just set a master bed, two side cabinets on both sides of the bed. Install two wall wardrobes to store all your essential crafts and tools in it. 

And to make the room look more appealing, you can add creeper plants on the borders of the wall. 

Wooden Cabin Bedroom

minecraft bedroom ideas

Source: pinimg.com

If you are planning to design a simple bedroom which is a cabin size room, then, Minecraft wooden cabin bedroom is exactly what you are looking for.

This is what actually a bedroom is called. No extra furniture and no additional features.

Make sure all the furniture is a wooden finish. Try to install windows, so that the room doesn’t look too dim because everything is wooden. For making it look more appealing, you can add colorful wooden furniture. This helps the room look bright and exciting.

Twin Children Minecraft Bedroom

minecraft bedroom ideas

Source: bibandtuck.com

What if your family has twins? Do not worry; we have an exciting plan for you.

Set two beds on each side of the wall, and add the same style bed corner tables and a plant sapling on it to give it a mirror effect.  Have light-colored brick wooden flooring and a wooden ceiling border to the ceiling. Keep the wall colors bright and hang wall art on the walls. 

Place a chest in the corner of the room and a walking wardrobe to store things.

As this is a kid’s bedroom, you can place a train track in the middle of the room and play trains so that it makes the room feel like a real kid’s bedroom.

Ultimate Minecraft Bedroom

minecraft bedroom ideas

Source: pinimg.com

Though this room will sound to be traditional and boring, this is the most exciting Idea you can apply to your dream home. Try to keep this room raw and aesthetic. 

Use chests to store things instead of modern wardrobes. Use bookshelves to place books to make the room attractive. You can place a master bed in the middle of the room. For flooring, choose light brown Oak wooden flooring and put a carpet below the bed. 

For ceiling cover, the corners with cement and in the middle have a glass covering so that you can avail the natural light inside the bedroom.

You can place plants and flower pots in between the chests and in the corner of the room, to make your room more colorful and exciting.

So what do you think about this Minecraft Bedroom Idea? Do let us know your views in the comment below.

Luxurious Bedroom for Mini Spaces

minecraft bedroom ideas

Source: pinimg.com

Where we were talking about Luxurious, spacious bedrooms in our previous ideas, we are now focusing on the elements for luxurious bedrooms in a limited area. 

If we have limited space, that doesn’t mean that we cannot be creative for that room.

 For this room, place a bed in the center of the room, place two lamps on both sides of the room, and place plants to make the room feel fresh and real. 

For the wall on the front of the bed, you can place a wall table and a wall television and speaker on both sides of the border. 

And for storage, you can add a wardrobe to make the room very real.

So how did you find this Idea?

Minimalist Bedroom

minecraft bedroom ideas

Source: googleusercontent.com

Now, this bedroom is the best when you want a fully functional bedroom and still want it to be very minimal. 

So for this room, you can just have a bed in the middle of the room.

Just have two wardrobes in the corner of the room, and a large window which can help you see through it, and one ceiling light that can brighten your bedroom. And for something attractive, you can place two to three wall frames for making the room look decorative.

Wooden Bedroom for Minecraft

minecraft bedroom ideas

Source: pinimg.com

In this wooden style bedroom, the main idea was to have a canopy style bed which gives the bedroom a royal and aesthetic style and touch. You can construct in your class and creativity, but what you can do according to our research is; keep all the furniture complete wooden finish. 

Set a huge glass window and use large cotton curtains or shields to cover the window from the window to give it a real feel.

And in the last make sure that walls and the floor are white in color to give it a contrast. 

Luxurious Minecraft Bedroom Idea

minecraft bedroom ideas

Source: planetminecraft.com

A Luxury Minecraft bedroom is the best way to place all the elements and features in one space.

Try to use one color theme in the entire room. You can make wooden cabinets and a wardrobe in one of the corners of the room. Make sure you keep this room very simple. 

Make the walls simple and white, and the floor wooden and you can have single color furniture. 

Have long windows to bring brightness within the room.

I am sure this Idea may not sound exciting but looks very impressive and eye-catching when it is entirely ready.

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Chic Minecraft Bedroom Ideas

minecraft bedroom ideas

Source: pinimg.com

Now, this style of room will help you give the Paris Bedroom Style a look. Keep the walls whitewash blue. Place hanging lights on each wall and creepers surrounding them. For flooring, wooden flooring will blend perfectly with the room. 

You can install a fireplace on one side of the room, to have a warm vibe all day round.

And storage does not go for a lot of cabinets; just install one single and huge cabinet for your convenience.

We guess this room will be perfect if you want to have a simple, yet exciting view and feel.

Tips for Planning Minecraft Bedroom Ideas

  • Do not make the room filled up with a lot of furniture and storage, it can look messy.
  • Try to fit glass windows to make the room look real and bright with natural light.
  • Try adding indoor plants, wall creepers, artifacts, wall arts, frames to make the room look attractive. 
  • Make sure you make a bedroom that is fancy, attractive, and classy, but it should be functional on the primary basis.
  • And in the last make sure the rooms have contrast while setting furniture, walls, and flooring.

With this, we end the blog of creative Minecraft Bedroom Ideas. We are sure you must be very confused by now, which Idea and design to choose for your Minecraft Dream House.

If you could find this blog interesting, do share it with all the Minecraft lovers. Let us help all those gamers who are finding a perfect option and Idea for their bedrooms.

Happy Minecrafting!

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