Minecraft Living Room Ideas: Retro to Modern Keeps Scrolling!

minecraft living room ideas

Minecraft! We need no introduction to this mind-blowing designing game. This game is famous for most of its different challenges, unique exploration of places, and tasks. Out of these exclusive features, the most exciting part of the game is building your dream house. We know how much an interior of the house matters whether that is in real-life, or reel life. While building a home; minute details of every single room matter a lot. In this blog of Minecraft Living room Ideas, we will explore different styles, designs, and ideas for your perfect Minecraft Living room.

Living rooms are supposed to be the most fascinating space in the entire house, as it is the first room that comes into a person’s eyesight the moment they enter the house. And it is well quoted that “Your first impression, Is your last impression”. So why give a chance for people to judge? Instead, let’s make them surprised!

 Right from Simple Retro Style to Luxurious Modern Style, we have collected ten different ideas and techniques for the living room, which can perfectly fit in your Minecraft Dream House.

10 Awe-Inspiring Minecraft Living Room Ideas

Traditional Minecraft Living Room

minecraft living room ideas

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When we are talking about traditional Style, let just not try making any change to the beauty of the ultimate look. Some things are meant to be the way they are, and it’s better if we don’t spoil the authentic look. 

Flooring: Keep the absolute flooring simple, you can either install quartz or wooden flooring. Quartz is usually light and off-white in color, which won’t make the flooring look dull. And if planning to install wooden flooring; they are available in both light and dark shades, you may choose whichever you like and blend with the theme of the room.

Furniture:  As we are focusing on the traditional style, the furnishings are also supposed to be traditional. For cabinets use chest and barrels. For sitting arrangements, you can use quartz and dyed wool. You can install the fireplace in the corner of the room to give warmth to the room. And let this be simple. And for walls you can use light and dark shade tiles like; granite and marbles. 

Lighting:  For lighting in the room, use the fire torch to brighten the surroundings. Make sure to install lights at a particular distance so that the entire room has equal brightness. And for your information, lights help to make the room or any space look spacious, so try providing the proper amount of light to your living room.

Adding Extras: Try setting indoor plants in the corners of the room, to make the living space attractive and real.

Grand Royal Living Room Idea

minecraft living room ideas

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Grand Royal Living room will help you give a royal touch to the entire space. You can flaunt the royalty with the décor. This Minecraft living style idea is only applicable if you have a massive space to precisely design every single minute detail.

Flooring: Forgiving the flooring a royal touch you may use white marble flooring and nicely lay a red color rug on the entire flooring. With this, you can get the feel of a royal room.

Furniture:  You may use wooden and oak wood for furniture. Place four seating sofas set with a multiple glass top table in between. On one of the walls, you can have a large bookshelf which can even be made into your reading corner. You can even add two royal chairs and a small coffee table in the between to enjoy the feel of the reading corner.

Lighting: For lighting use fall ceiling lights in all the corners of the ceiling and a massive chandelier in the middle of the room to give a perfect royal touch. You may even add big lamps in the corner of the room.

Add Extras: you can add armors and flower and plant vases wherever you feel they can fit the best.

Retro Style Living Room Idea

minecraft living room ideas

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Now, this Style will remind you of the early ’80s and the late ’70s. This can look lovely and very attractive. 

Flooring: You may use complete Wooden Flooring and place rugs under the sofa and the dining set.

Furniture: Furniture can be made of light colors like white and grey color sofa set and center table. You can make a wooden television unit and cabinets below to store your essential tools or armors. You can even build bookshelves on either side of the television set.

Lighting: Because we are focusing on retro Style for the living room, try installing large windows so that you can have natural light, try fitting hanging lights instead of ceiling lights, and do a chandelier in the center of the room.

Add Extras: For Extras, you may place Animals and armors to make them feel like a real living room.

Color Theme Living Room Idea

minecraft living room ideas

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This style of the living room will be perfect if you are willing to have a bright and single-color living room. You may set everything in the space according to your color selected.

Flooring: You may use white Granite or Marble flooring and place the color theme rug on the floor. 

Furniture: Focus on single color or double color furniture. You may even make the seating corner made of grass material. 

Lighting: As you are focusing on the color theme for the room, you should fit proper lights in the entire space to provide an appropriate brightness and light in the room.

Add Extras: For some attractive features in the room you can install a fireplace in the center wall of the living room, and you may even fit indoor plants and curtains to give a classy look to the room.

Studio Style Living Room Idea

minecraft living room ideas

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This kind of living room is perfect when you have a studio style Minecraft house. Where you just have a single large room, and you need to divide the room into different sections.

Flooring:  When you are sharing one entire space for the whole of the house to differentiate it into different rooms or sections, choose one single flooring, preferably white marble, and granite of tile flooring. 

Furniture: Let it be simple, yet elegant, and welcoming. Use one corner of the room for setting your entire living space. Install sofa sets with proper alignment, developed a sturdy and straightforward television unit, and two cabinets or shelves on either side. 

Lighting: Try installing large windows on each wall, avoiding the one where you have your bed so that you can get maximum natural light—fit top ceiling lights and corner lamps to provide brightness in the entire house.

Add Extras: Add indoor creeper, if you want to add, don’t try fitting many extras to avoid a mess.

Grand Family Room Style Living Room Idea

minecraft living room ideas

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Grand Family living room is the best room you can design in your dream house. This can be a spacious room, where you can enjoy with your entire family.

Flooring:  Use brick Oak Flooring for this room. Mats and rugs above the floor can be a perfect feature for the flooring.

Furniture: Now, because this is going to be inspired by a family room, there is essential furniture you are supposed to set definitely. Firstly a modern and updated television unit and secondly, a lovely large and comfortable sofa set to sit with ease and fun.

Lighting: have bright and focusing lights on the ceiling, so that you can get radiant and dim the lights whenever and wherever needed.

Add Extras:  You can set many plants and picture frames to make the room attractive and exciting and importantly real. 

Compact Living Room Idea

minecraft living room ideas

Source: nimvo.com

A compact Living Room is the best way when you are planning to design a cozy and small living room. This kind of living room will be interesting if you are planning to want a little space for a small family.

Flooring: Use brick polish flooring, and place carpet for covering the floor, bring the beauty with the finish of the Carpet.

Furniture: Set L shape large and spacious Sofa, small center table. A small television unit can be enough. You may also use barrels to store or use them as stands.

Lighting: Huge windows and corner lights can be perfect for providing light to the entire room. 

Add Extras: books on the shelves, picture frames, television sets, and bamboo plants in the corner of the room can set the room perfectly real and exciting.

Modern Style Livingroom Idea

minecraft living room ideas

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Modern style Minecraft idea is the best design you can have for your dream Minecraft house. How if you have spacious yet minimum furniture and things in the room?

Flooring: Rustic wooden flooring is the most classy and commonly used floor for houses, but even blends perfectly with almost all living room styles and designs.

Furniture: Focus on tiles for the wall. Fit a television unit with book storage in the bottom of the companies. Have a single sofa seating space. You may add a corner sitting area and a small coffee table. Install long and large windows to enjoy the exterior scene of your house.

Lighting: Try installing a Fire torch on the television unit wall to give a classy unit.  For the brightness in the other area of the living, you can have hanging light on the ceiling.

Add Extras: Add creepers behind the sofa set to make the room look elegant and lively.  Add books to the bookshelves.

Minimalistic Minecraft Living Room Ideas

minecraft living room ideas

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This Minecraft Living Room Idea is best known for its minimum features in the entire space. You are supposed to have only essential furniture and components.

Flooring: You should have tried having white flooring. 

Furniture: Just have a simple sofa set, a television set, and bookshelves to store books or chests.

Lights: Just have one single ceiling light or a chandelier to brighten the entire room.

Add Extras: Just place two indoor plants on the two sides of the television unit.

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Luxurious and Spacious Minecraft Living Room Ideas

minecraft living room ideas

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Now, this is personally our favorite style of Minecraft living room ideas. This is the most spacious room among all the other rooms and styles we have seen earlier in this blog.

Flooring: Select white and grey tiles for your spacious flooring. 

Furniture: Select red sofas for this room, it makes the living room look bright and spacious. Make the room entirely made of large and tall windows. 

Lights: As you have a lot of natural sunlight coming inside the room, you can select and fit bright ceiling lights to have brightness in the room during the nighttime.

Add Extras: You can install indoor plants and a fireplace in the room and a chandelier to make the room look classy and exciting. 

Happy Minecrafting!

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