5 Brilliant Designs for a Minimalist Bathroom

Minimalist Bathroom

Minimalist bathroom designs and ideas are often precise and functional. The uncluttered and neat styling eliminates most of those decors or uses valuable items to double as decor. The result is efficient, pleasant, and spacious bathrooms. Renovating the bathroom with a minimalist style is a way to boost the home’s value. 

Minimalist decor gives a neat and clean impression and makes it ideal for modern bathrooms. However, in bathrooms, it needs attention to details like hot tub cover and vanities. This aesthetic is viable and welcoming for a bathroom scheme as neat and simple lines create a clean and impressive environment. There are many ways to improve the bathroom look and add hints of minimalism. When doing a minimalist design in the bathroom, here are some design ideas inspired by minimalist aesthetics. 

  • A bathroom that has a minimalist design can have a simple and attractive vanity light as an adornment. Such as the towels being rolled neatly and having a few plant pots to accentuate the bathroom looks. 
  • Bathrooms with white paint have numerous glossy surfaces. Incorporating rattan and concrete planters will add a welcoming texture, and instead of a letterbox, use a stark scheme of light and accessories. 
  • There is no need to hide everything. Instead, it needs a dedicated space to keep the toiletries. Recessed and remodeled wood chubby is the best example, and indoor plants help soothe and soften those simple lines in the bathroom. 
  • Indoor plants in the bathroom can provide fresh air, and a verdant decor on the wall will underline its natural theme. 

However, many also think of minimalism as harsh and bleak. Here are five minimalist bathroom designs and ideas that will improve the looks of every bathroom.


It would be best for a luxury bathroom minimalist to choose a smooth minimalist vanity with a sizable frameless mirror to reflect the natural light inside the bathroom space. Meanwhile, a tented, luminous, frosted, or clear glass can add an impressive class to the area.

At the same time, a minimalist sink bathroom works aesthetically with LED strip lighting fixtures. Incorporating modern taps sensors in chrome or silver provide superiority in hygiene and germ control. Lastly, adding an attractive indoor plant can help the touch of natural serenity in the bathroom. 

Bathroom Tile

Minimalist Bathroom

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Incorporating minimalist tiles with clean, soft shades is perfect for bathrooms such as dove grey, soft-blue, soft whites, and dark ashy blue that is almost charcoal. Ideally, in improving the looks of space, all the colors should harmonize. One of the best options is to pick a single color, then feature shades of that color in the entire bathroom to add depth. 

Here are some minimalist ideas for bathroom tile: 

  • A stark black tile can make the bathroom space elegant and luxe. It will also highlight the features, design choices, and anchor elements in the bathroom. 
  • Moroccan zellige tile in a soft tone color like greige or blue-grey for instant sophistication
  • Brickworks tiles with a subtle rustic texture give a character and depth without breaking from the minimal aesthetic. 
  • Large hexagonal-shaped tile will bring air experience in the bathroom. 
  • Earth tone tiles in beige, grey, slate, black, or muted will provide the bathroom’s calming and earthy effect. 

Modern Bathroom Tub

There are a wide variety of styles of modern bathtubs that are ideal for a minimalist bathroom. One of the best ways to bring a luxe effect in the bathroom is by incorporating a sunken bathtub. A freestanding tub is perfect when opting for a traditional style either place it in the center or against the wall in the minimalist bathroom to create a focal point. 

Bathroom Storage

Minimalist Bathroom

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Maximize practical use of the space with minimalist bathroom storage like Best Access Doors. It would be best to opt for a sizable vanity that will embrace sleek lines or install an open shelves set for understated elegance. Having an empty wall space in the bathroom area is highly recommended. Place bins and baskets to hide some unsightly products. And when having limited floor space opt to install a wall-mounted cabinet. 


Minimalist Bathroom

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Large stylish rectangular showers and sealed with seamless glass panels can aesthetically impact the bathroom space. Incorporating a sizable soft grey color tile on the floor trailing to the shower wall and a glass wall gives a gorgeous look. Add timber seats to mimic the sauna look that will significantly add positive effects to the bathroom space. 

Minimalist designs can transform any bathroom into a welcoming and glamorous space for relaxation while creating a tiny oasis within the house. Implementing new minimalist trends in designing will aesthetically impact the simple yet luxurious and elegant bathroom. Make sure to consult with professionals so that they can help you make a sound decision in renovating your bathroom.