7 Ways a Mirror Can Visually Affect Your Living Area

Mirror Can Visually Affect Your Living Area

Mirrors aren’t just for checking hair and makeup in the bathroom. They also offer all kinds of benefits when used in other rooms of the house. Before writing off these essential accessories as strictly practical objects to be used only for getting ready before a big day, read on to find out about seven innovative ways that a mirror can visually affect your living area and rooms and create more livable spaces.

1. Mimic Windows to Open Up Small Rooms

Many larger homes have multiple small rooms that feature no windows at all. Even when they’re painted in bright, cheerful colors and lit well using artificial lighting, they can feel claustrophobic and stuffy. Adding a mirror that mimics the look of a window can open up the space, make it feel larger. It also helps to compensate for the lack of real windows by serving as a unique focal point.

Not all mirrors can be used for this purpose. The mirror has to feature either window-like framing or an artistic cut that divides it up to work well. Homeowners who want to open up their small, windowless rooms can visit westmirrors.com to find a selection of mirrors that are perfectly suited to this unique decorative purpose.

2. Brighten Up Any Kitchen

Mirror Can Visually Affect Your Living Area

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Traditional homes rarely featured mirrors in their kitchens, but there’s no reason modern homeowners need to feel constrained by tradition. A well-placed mirror, or even multiple mirrors, can create the illusion of more space in a smaller kitchen and turn the chore of cooking into a real delight. Both framed and unframed mirrors are perfect for this application, and many homeowners even find creative ways to incorporate them into their existing designs.

Kitchen mirrors can also serve a more practical purpose. Homeowners can place them above countertops to allow home chefs to keep an eye on what’s going on in their dining areas; which can be very helpful for parents of rambunctious young kids.

3. Make Up for Low Ceilings

Low ceilings can make even rooms with large footprints feel cramped. Adding one or more tall mirrors to these rooms can draw the eye upward; creating the illusion of more vertical space. 

There are also tons of fun optical illusions that homeowners can create using tall, thin mirrors in short rooms. Try placing one in an alcove across from a uniquely patterned wall to create the illusion of a doorway, or place two mirrors across from each other with a light source in between to make an infinity mirror.

4. Highlight Hallways

Mirror Can Visually Affect Your Living Area

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Hallways are the dimmest and narrowest parts of just about any house, which makes most of them pretty dull spaces. Homeowners can try using mirrors creatively to transform an otherwise boring part of the house into a unique opportunity for showcasing art, interesting lighting, or other aesthetic features.

When adding mirrors to hallways, it’s usually best to avoid large, uninterrupted planes of glass. Instead, try changing things up and adding some extra visual appeal by choosing window mirrors or a selection of smaller mirrors with artistic frames.

5. Put Mirror Collections on Display

Lots of people like to collect mirrors. Putting them all on display together in a larger room can reflect light in different directions and add extra character to an otherwise dull wall. If the rest of the room features interesting decorations, wall art, furnishings, or architecture, a mirror wall can replace paintings and pictures entirely, turning the entire room into a work of art.

Mirror walls are great for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and even playrooms. The best part is, they can incorporate into almost any decorating scheme. Traditional frames will complement a more classical dining room or den, while more artistic modern frames are great for both contemporary and vintage styling.

6. Illuminate Dining Spaces

Large mirrors work great in dining rooms, especially if there is a chandelier placed over the table. The mirrors reflect the light from the chandelier, brightening things up and making the room feel larger and more welcoming. The right mirror and chandelier combination can also make the dining room feel more formal.

Don’t have space for a chandelier in the dining room? That’s just fine. A carefully chosen and well-placed mirror can still add plenty of character to the room while simultaneously creating the illusion that it’s much larger than it is.

7. Add Oversized Mirrors

Mirror Can Visually Affect Your Living Area

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Oversized mirrors are becoming increasingly common in modern homes as interior designers catch on to how useful they are. Large mirrors are extremely versatile, too; since they look great in rooms of all sizes and can use to reflect light even in the darkest spaces.

It’s important to exercise some extra care when hanging oversized mirrors. Large mirrors are usually quite heavy but are still just as fragile as their smaller counterparts. While most high-quality mirrors come with mounting hardware; homeowners will still need to select installation hardware and find a way to safely raise the mirror and anchor it to the wall.

As an alternative to hanging oversized mirrors on the wall; some homeowners simply place them in a corner or up against a wall. Leaning the mirror up will change the reflection, but that can be a good thing if the room features overhead lighting or unique ceiling fixtures.

A Mirror for Every Room

Gone are the days when mirrors were so expensive and difficult to find that families were lucky to have just one of them in the bathroom above the vanity. Today, there are all kinds of affordable options out there and plenty of artistically styled frames that you can choose to show that a mirror can visually affect your living area, and it’s easier than ever to find the right mirror to fit any room or interior decorating scheme. 

Don’t be afraid to get creative, especially when it comes to unique shapes and custom frames. A beautiful, hand-crafted mirror can visually affect your living area and add as much aesthetic value to a well-designed room as expensive paintings, but they’re far more versatile. Today’s homeowners can use mirrors to make stunning statements in every room of their homes.