10+ Modern Farmhouse Interior Design Ideas That Are compulsively Elegant 

modern farmhouse interior design

Once upon a time, the farmhouse and modern seemed like the opposite of each other. But, now the combination of these two is the new and unstoppable trend. Rustic yet chic, contemporary yet vintage, modern farmhouse interior design seems like the favorite kid of the interior designers. 

The potential look of the farmhouse style is limited to one’s imagination, budget, and tastes. One needs to broaden the bridge of imagination and you’ll see dozens of awesome floor to ceiling interior ideas. Hence, we are here to help you to expand your imagination for every room of your house. (It’s okay, you can thank us later) 

Open Kitchen 

open kitchen farmhouse

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Let’s start our journey with the prime area of the house, i.e. the kitchen. Even in the open kitchen, you got a plethora of choices from vintage stenciled signs to the lighting with metal cages. The white backsplash tiles and curtains covering the cabinets give a perfect touch to your modern farmhouse dream. White color cabinets with the light brown countertop are a cherry on your favorite cake. This type of beautiful kitchen will definitely become a favorite of all.  What do you think about this modern farmhouse interior

Chalkboards+Vintage furniture+Sliding door=Perfect Living Space

 modern farmhouse interior design

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If you have an open kitchen, then this idea is really a blessing for your home. Paint the kitchen and living space with the beige and white to bring them together. Place a chalkboard on the kitchen with the “TODAY’S MENU” on it and make sure to add a rustic sliding door to evoke the farmhouse feel. You can pull off cozy and vintage furniture with plump cushions to give a complete touch. So, are you ready to dive into your zone of comfort?

A New Way to a Refreshing Bathroom

farmhouse bathroom

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No other design can divide the master bedroom and master bathroom as beautifully as farmhouse style. Divide the space between the room and bathroom with a sliding weathered wood door. The reclaimed wood floor has its own charm and beauty, and its vanity sink with modern drawer underneath is beyond any description. Therefore, this way, you can create a perfect blend of modern and traditional design in one room.  

Make Way For Natural Light

Farmhouse dining area


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If your house has a bay window then congratulations you got the right space for the dining table. This way, you can bring natural light to the table for the cozy and more connecting experience. The rustic table with the striped runners and oversized centerpiece is perfect for enjoying evening time with family. 

A Perfect Blend of Wood and Metal Decor

 modern farmhouse interior design

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When are you not leaving any stone unturned then why hallway? Hang a large mirror opposite to abstract painting and trunk style chest drawer for a complete look. Don’t forget to hang a utilitarian light fixture in the hallway because it’s a perfect way to match with the modern farmhouse interior design. 

White is a Witty Choice

white farmhouse bedroom

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After the whole day of hard work, relax in the serene bedroom featuring beautiful white walls along with the white bed matching with luxurious linens. Hang a wreath on the headboard and green garland on the top of the bed. A bed canopy would add an eclectic effect in the whole setting. Add a trunk style drawer with the natural flowers as a centerpiece. A white rug completes the look. Go and dive into your relaxing zone. 

When Farmhouse Meets Industrial Look

farmhouse meets industrial look

Source: goodnewsarchitecture.com

Do you know what happened when the farmhouse hijack an industrial look? The answer is magic and beauty all around. For the stair area, you can blend these two looks perfectly with the metallic stair railing and metal chairs placed in the living room. Welcome the reclaimed furniture in the restroom and a large mirror on the opposite wall. Place pillar candles on the top of the reclaimed white cabinet for a complete look. A street sign on the wall opposite the stairs gives a quirky accent. 

A Bold Statement With an Oversized Cloak

Source: savillefurniture.com

Splash your personality in the living room with an oversized clock on the wall. Make use of your old fashioned and vintage armchairs with the vintage-styled coffee table at the center. Dabble your sofa with oversized and comfy cushions. A floral arrangement on the side table completes the overall look.

Why Not Have a Classic Farmhouse Nursery?

farmhouse nursery

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Allow your baby to enjoy the beauty of the farmhouse style by decorating their room. Place a white, wooden crib at one corner with a bunny and printed cushion in it. Hang the baby’s initial letter on the wall and place a plant at the corner of the room. A weathered chest adjacent to a wall and patterned rug on the floor completes the look. 

A Table With a Beautiful View

 modern farmhouse interior design

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Utilize the picture window to enjoy the best view of your kitchen area. Don’t cover the beauty and use of a picture window with curtains, instead place a dining table next to it to enjoy natural light. Surround the dining table with the metal chairs; the exposed beam gives a beautiful look. The hanging lamp is an additional and beauty to recreate the beauty of this place.

Split Railing is The New Beauty

farmhouse stair railing

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Bring the farm beauty indoor with the split rail fence-style stair railing. This rail can help you to bring out the beauty to the place. Distressed wood finishing completes a farmhouse look in your modern house. 

Add a Character to The Ceiling

 modern farmhouse interior design

Source: babywatchome.com

If you are amongst blessed people for having vaulted ceiling in the bedroom. Add a gold light fixture in the white setting of the bedroom. Add a four-poster bed with the oversized pillows and vintage wood trunk at the foot of the bed. A night lamp at the side table accompanied by the floral arrangement on another reclaimed wood cabinet. Complete the look with the white color curtains and light color rug. 

A Rustic Spa Bathroom

Bathrooom spa

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Why spend money on the spa, when you can create one in your bathroom? Guess what? The idea is easy and beautiful. Hang a rustic style wooden mirror on the wall over the contemporary style rough stone sink. Match the style of the mirror with the rough wooden sconces. Make sure to add flowers and dim light to enhance the features of your favorite spa. 

What About Weathered Wood Shelves?

 modern farmhouse interior design

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Incorporate the farmhouse beauty in your modern TV area with the weathered console table. Hang the TV over this console table and underneath the table place oversized baskets. Decorate the wall shelves of the adjacent wall with the galvanized metal accents, flowers, childhood black and white picture, and all your favorite decorative stuff. 

The Prettiest Way to Say Hello to Privacy

 modern farmhouse interior design

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A sliding barn door is a beautiful way to give privacy to the bathroom from the bedroom. Calm the aura of the bedroom with the white bedspread topped with the plain check blanket. Make sure to place a contemporary rug on the wooden floor and a beautiful wooden fixture as a focal point for the bedroom. 

Brick Exposed Kitchen Arch

brick exposed kitchen arch

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The brick exposed kitchen arch gives the feel of an old and beautiful world. Decorate the end piece of the cabinet with the Shiplap panel. The floral style floral design on the tile is ravishing, and countertop with creamy color tiles sync the whole feeling. Besides this, add a wreath and lettered sign on the top cabinet. A polished copper tea kettle is another sign of a farmhouse style. 

Large Dining Space

farmhouse dining area

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The farmhouse also reminds about large family dining gathering. Place a large weathered table surrounded by the black metal chairs. Hang the large metallic fixture at the center of the table. You can add a greenery element on the table and a bold artistic piece at the wall. 

Get Started

The modern farmhouse design is one of the most beautiful and trendy concepts stealing the heart of millions. The beautiful contrast between the texture of the farmhouse and the modern structure is perfect to create a beautiful home. What do you think about these modern farmhouse interior design ideas? For such inspiring designs and ideas, keep reading InteriorCraze