Why We Need Mood Lights for Room

Mood Lights for Room

How the lighting of your dwelling space is done determines the overall ambiance, look and feel of your room in many ways. You can observe the effect lighting has on your mood if you simply observe the lighting around you as well. Walk into a room full of warm inviting light and you immediately feel at ease. On the contrary, walk into a room with cold dim lights and you start feeling spooky and unwelcome. With a lot being said about the effect of lighting on human mood, mood lighting as a way of lighting has emerged in recent times. In this piece, we will see how mood lights for room help in uplifting your mood and ease you out along with other aspects.

Let us begin by defining what mood lighting is.

What Is a Mood Lighting?

Mood Lighting is the lighting system or the combination of lights that are being used to create a sort of atmosphere in your room. It is basically meant to lend the right kind of atmosphere to the room. It has been concluded from studies that lighting has a direct impact on human mood. And as such the right kind of lighting can create the right setting you need to carry out your task in the said environment.

Mood lighting is basically inspired by the changes in the human state of mind in different places and spaces. Based on the purpose of the lighting, the room, and its function, Mood lighting can be done. In the next section, we will discuss the purpose of mood lighting based on the various rooms and spaces we are at on different occasions. 

Why We Need Mood Lights for Room?

Different places will require different moods or mindsets. Based on various rooms and living spaces we can discuss the need for Mood Lighting for each and every room.

Living Room and Dining Room

Mood Lights for Room

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When you are in the living room, you need an environment that is both relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time. As such you will need a lighting combination that is a combination of both warm and mellowed down lighting.

Warm orange lights always lend a feeling of coziness and safety that you need from a living room. Similarly, for your dining areas, you can have a table lamp on your sideboards. You can simply turn off the main lights and control these lights using a dimmer. 

The Idea of using mood lighting in living and dining areas is to provide that relaxing and rejuvenating feeling, which will allow you to get a higher quality of life.


Mood Lights for Room

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Your kitchen is one of the most overlooked places. However, it is often one of the most important places where you happen to spend a lot of time. In the kitchen, you can use a combination of downlights, under cabinet lighting, and then plinth lighting to lend that mood lighting setting.

In your kitchen, you may need a mix of soft and bright light to help you with your cooking. You can simply let these lights glow that provides an ambient feel to the kitchen. 

The purpose of using mood lighting in the kitchen is to create an environment of calmness and relaxation in kitchens where you can enjoy cooking which is otherwise not so enjoyable. 


Mood Lights for Room

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When it comes to bedrooms you need a lighting setting that immediately sets the right kind of mood for you. You may need lighting that may be adjusted based on the desired mood. You may have planned to spend some quality time with your partner or simply want to sleep off to glory.

The lighting should be right for the right purpose. A table lamp on the side table that can be dimmed as needed is perfect for such a requirement. Similarly, some lamps that can dim or change color can also work well as your bedroom lighting.

The purpose of bedroom mood lighting is to ensure you are in the right kind of mood with the right ambiance to retire after a long day, then you can get a better sleep experience. 


Mood lighting is all about leveraging modern technology to control lighting to your advantage and creating the right hue and color of the light you need; the way you need it in all your applications. The usage of dimmers and lights that can change colors is pretty common in mood lighting.

You may look for more options and speak to your lighting solutions provider for more options. Also, you can get some data or mood lighting reviews on google to get some inspiration; which will help you a lot in the beginning.