Murphy Bed: An Age-Old Concept That Is Still Very Much Used Now

Murphy Bed

A Murphy bed is perfect for tiny and multi-purpose spaces since it can be easily folded down from the wall. When closed, they resemble a bookcase, cabinet, or panel of wood. When the bed is folded down for usage, it transforms into a standard-size bed. The bed can be folded down vertically from the wall or horizontally along one side.

Attributed to the reason that a regular mattress may be utilized in a Murphy bed, these are much more comfortable than a fold-out sofa or couch bed because there is no supporting bar running along your spine. Additionally, they can be still be stored up properly even with already made sheets and blankets, which eliminates the need to hasten the process of making up your guest bed before your guest’s arrival.

This fast-disappearing item of bedroom furniture originated with a besotted San Franciscan. Continue reading for more background information and helpful resources about a Murphy bed.

How the Murphy Bed Idea Started

Murphy Bed


The oft-told story of the Murphy bed originates in San Francisco at the turn of the twentieth century when William L. Murphy, an entrepreneur, wanted to transform an illicit courting into a bedding sensation.

Murphy was a single-room renter in San Francisco who had developed an interest in a younger opera singer. The issue was that social traditions at the time prohibited Murphy from hosting her at home since she would have entered his bedroom. As a result, Murphy designed a retractable bed that transformed his one-room apartment into a lounge room.

It all worked out beautifully: the couple wedded in 1900, and Murphy proceeded on to invent a bed that folded away when not in use. His original design, which featured a full-sized mattress on a steel frame, inspired the establishment of the Murphy Wall Bed Company.

The company flourished around the 1920s to 1930s, experienced some ups and downs during World War II, and returned to prosperity in the 1980s and 1990s when Americans reawakened their interest in small living spaces.

Throughout it all, Murphy was always at the helm. Murphy, like Gustav Stickley, inspired a slew of imitators. In Murphy’s case, name borrowing became so widespread that a federal court determined in 1989 that “Murphy bed” was no longer a protected term. Anyone was free to use the word “Murphy bed” for their products.

FAQs About a Murphy Bed

How Long Would a Murphy Bed Last with Daily Use?

Murphy Bed


The average lifespan of this bed is 15 years. This is dependent on the amount of use and the quality of the springs or pistons.

A Murphy bed will only be as great as the hardware that supports it.

This implies that each brand will be unique. While most beds survive approximately 50 years, this is not true with a Murphy bed.

If you plan to place this bed in your house for full-time usage, it should last approximately 13 years. Beds intended for occasional or part-time use might endure up to 20 years.

This is due to the unique brackets and hinges featured in the Murphy bed’s mechanics.

Once the bolts begin to wear, the bed will become unusable in the notion that it cannot be folded up when you want to. Depending on what type of bed you purchase, new parts may be available. Nonetheless, once the bed ceases to rise, it is time to replace it.

Is a Murphy Bed Unsafe?

Certainly not. It is not dangerous when correctly installed. There is sometimes a worry that this bed will crack and unexpectedly unfold or collapse if the springs are extremely sensitive. However, numerous measures ensure the safety of these beds, including locking bolts on the wall and lock valves in the frame that must be manually activated or deactivated. 

Which Mattress Is Ideal for a Murphy Bed?

The ideal material as a mattress would be memory foam, as it is both soft and robust enough to be stored upright. Other materials are not as adaptable to movement as a Murphy bed is. Mattresses that come with the Murphy bed are not remarkably comfy. They can be replaced by the same company that handled the professional installation if desired.

How Can You Make Your Murphy Bed Last Longer?

Murphy Bed


While Murphy beds do not last as long as standard beds, there are techniques to extend their life. All of this begins with installation.

The quality of this bed is reliant upon its installation.

This is why it is critical to follow the instructions when assembling your bed carefully.

Following that, you want to ensure that you are taking proper care of its joints. This device enables the bed to be tucked away against the wall when not in use. Once the joints fail, the bed is effectively unusable. One of the things you can do is to keep the joints adequately greased.

This will prolong their life and prevent them from squeaking.

Additionally, you want to ensure that the joint system is clutter-free. Ascertain that no loose bedding becomes twisted in the joints.

This can result in them wearing out more quickly. Finally, it is critical to treat this bed with care when not tucked against the wall. Joints can loosen, and springs can break as a result of jumping and excessive stress.

Does a Murphy Bed Have to Be Wall-Mounted?

While many homeowners have these types of beds attached to their walls, this does not mean they are truly affixed to the walls. If you check any typical Murphy bed models, you will notice that they feature substantial metal or wood legs that prevent the bed closet from sliding or collapsing.

As a result, installing one of them will not cause damage to your wall surface. Even though they do not self-mount into the wall, it would be best to avoid relocating them once you have settled on a place you like.

Final Say About a Murphy Bed

It is an excellent investment due to its adaptability to any size of space. Purchasing one from a reputable source is not as difficult as it may appear. The technique is straightforward, and it is well worth the investment if you would like to maximize a room space in your home.