How to Make Non-Adhesive Shelf Liner Stick

Non-Adhesive Shelf Liner Stick

Who doesn’t want to be well-organized? Of course, everyone desires it. And you are not the exception! Now, if you’re seeking some ideas on how to keep your cabinet, drawer, and shelves clean and tidy, I can help. Keep all kinds of things arranged in one place and give them a fresh start, and so on. There are a variety of non-adhesive shelf liners available on the market, ranging in price from costly to low. For your convenience, here I am sharing creative ways to make non-adhesive shelf liner stick.

Let’s get started.

How to Make Non-Adhesive Shelf Liner Stick: AComplete Guideline

Non-Adhesive Shelf Liner Stick


Non-adhesive shelf protectors are available in a variety of sizes and can be used in almost every room in the house. Select Handle, Plane Top, Hard Grip, and Transparent Classic are the most common among available non-adhesive shelves. 

They’re simple to remove, insert, repair, and adjust, but they remain standing till you’re willing to move stuff. Let’s know them in detail.

Select Handle

The select handle is a model for drawers and efficient cabinets. The inner and outer grip surfaces provide cushion and preserve while keeping things in the house. It is attainable in a variety of shades and patterns 12 and 20 inches wide.

Plane Top

The plane top is appropriate for the kitchen, laundry area, and bathroom shelves. It has a smooth highest area for easy sliding of things and a non-slip handle base to hold the cover in position.

The plane surface is machine washable and simple to clean. Plane Top comes in a range of colors and textures in 12 and 20 inches sizes.

Hard Grip

The hard grip is an absolute for wire holders in cabinets and pantries. It has a sturdy non-slip highest surface that blocks crumbs from slipping through and small things from falling through.

The high cushioned handle bottom keeps everything in position while protecting surfaces from mishaps or leaks. The smooth surface is also machine washable and comfortable to wash.

Hard Grip is available in a variety of hues including black, gray, taupe, and white, in 12 and 20-inch wideness.

Transparent Classic

The transparent classic manages adequately for refrigerators, wire shelves, and outside spaces. It has a textured hardtop that maintains surfaces moist and prevents stuff from slipping through, and a handle base that secures the liner and your belongings.

This is even appropriate for packaging food and there is the upper layer that’s also suitable to dry clean and dishwasher. Transparent Classic comes in 12 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches, and 24-inch sizes.

Now, I’m going to discuss the process of using these non-adhesive shelf liners.

Steps to Follow:

Non-Adhesive Shelf Liner Stick


Step 1- You have to measure the area and calculate the liner you’ll require to utilize so that there will be no big gap at the edges. 

Step 2- Transfer all the kinds of stuff from the shelves.

Step 3- You have to wipe the shelves with a piece of fabric and lukewarm water. Then you have to wait for it to dry entirely.

Step 4- You need to put the shelf liner on a sturdy surface by making the front down.

Step 5 – Now you need to draw a mark on the section you want to cut.

Step 6- After that, you have to split the section that you marked before.

Step 7- Insert the shelf liner on top of it.

Step 8- You have to make a notch that is needed to cut deeper. Check any sections are needed to be trimmed to ensure a secure installation.

Step 9- In case, you need to assure the synthetic shelf liner doesn’t glide, insert a little sprinkling of washable adhesive putty in each corner.

Step 9- After placing the liner in the cabinet, drawer, shelves, and under sink liner, you can replenish your stuff so well.

Non-adhesive shelf liners will protect shelves and drawers from surface damage. You can safely use mild detergent, a damp cloth, and a sponge when it comes to cleaning them.


Although there is no such thing as perfection, you can strive for it every day. You can easily make non-adhesive shelf liners stick by following the above methods.

You can keep your belongings organized with these shelf liners. I hope this information will help you to stay more organized and change your household infrastructure.