How to Properly Organize Your Items in the Box When You Move

Organize Your Items in the Box

When moving to a new house, there are ups and downs. You will be excited to relocate to a new place but there are challenges when it comes to packing your belongings. If you are not properly organized, your moving process will be full of tension. How to organize your items in the box is something you need to know. If you do it properly, your items will arrive safely and you will have an easy time unpacking. But if the items are disorganized, you may experience some losses. 

One of the best approaches to ensure your belongings are properly organized in the box is to hire NYC commercial movers. They are experts when it comes to packing, loading, and moving household items. Moreover, they understand the process more than anyone else. 

15 Tips on How to Organize Your Items in the Box When Moving

1. Know the Number of Packing Boxes You Need

Before you begin to pack, the first step is to know the number of packing boxes you need. Based on your household items and the size of your house, you can estimate how many packing boxes you need to buy. 

According to professional movers, you may need sixty to a hundred boxes for a normal household. However, many factors determine the number of packing boxes you need. Some of the factors include the number of people in your house, number of rooms, years you have lived in the house, and your lifestyle. 

2. Get the Best Packing Boxes

Organize Your Items in the Box


The next essential step is to get the best packing boxes. You need the best boxes because you do not want to experience damages. Hence, go for the right boxes and ensure you get the right sizes. 

Some of the best places to get packing boxes are moving companies, office supply stores, and home improvement shops. They are professionals who will advise you on the best boxes for your items. 

Using poor or low-quality boxes is a waste of money and you will get your belongings damaged. 

3. Pack Essentials Items in One Box

You may have essential items that you need to use once you arrive in the new home. Hence, it is a good idea to pack them in one box. Items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, and laptops should not be loaded in the moving truck. 

If you want to load them in the moving truck, make sure they are the last boxes to pack. This is to ensure you can easily find them and use the items you need once you arrive in the new home. 

4. Do Away with Things You Do Not Need

Organize Your Items in the Box


Do not pack items you no longer use or need in the new home. Hence, go through all your items to make sure you get rid of them. 

You have books you can donate to your former school, some clothes you can throw away, and some appliances you can sell online. 

5. Separate Valuable and Non-Valuable Items

Do not pack valuable and non-valuable items together. By packing them separately, you will ensure the boxes are handled with care and minimize breakages. 

Hence, get boxes for fragile items and non-valuable ones. Also, make sure every box is well-labeled for easier identification. 

6. Similar Items Should Be Grouped Together

Another vital tip on how to properly organize your items in the box when you move is keeping similar items together. Items such as cups, plates, and spoons should be packed in one box while office supplies should be in another. 

7. Pack Heavier Items in Small Boxes

If you have heavy items, do not pack them in large boxes. You will have problems moving it to the moving truck or even lifting them. Also, you can hurt your back or damage the items. Hence, make sure you have smaller boxes for heavier items. 

8. Pack Lighter Items in Big Boxes

Get large boxes for packing lighter items such as clothes. It will be possible to lift and move them to the truck and you will manage to pack many items. 

9. Label the Boxes

Organize Your Items in the Box


Whether it is a simple move or you are planning to move your entire office, make sure every box is well labeled. You can label by room, items packed, or by color. With labels, it will be easier for anyone to spot a particular label, move the boxes to the truck, and even unpack. 

10. Ensure the Bottoms of the Boxes Are Taped

Organize Your Items in the Box


Before you fill your boxes, make sure the bottoms are well taped. Whether you want to pack the light items or heavy ones, tape them all. By using good packing tape, you will be sure the boxes will be stable and your belongings will be intact. 

11. Place Heavy Stuff at the Bottom

To ensure your belongings arrive in the new destination intact, place the heavy items at the bottom while the lighter ones are at the top. This is because heavy things can hold the pressure of the lighter ones. 

12. Fill All the Boxes

Moving experts recommend packing to the top. It is a big mistake to have half-empty boxes. If you do not fill the boxes to the top, you will waste a lot of space and the boxes can cave in when moving. Also, half-empty boxes cannot load properly. 

13. Have All Packing Materials Ready

From getting the best packing boxes to packing tapes and bubble wraps, make sure you have everything you need for packing. This will ensure your items are properly organized in the box. 

14. Boxes Should Not Be Too Heavy to Move

Although you need to pack the boxes to the top, they should not be too heavy to move. Make sure they are fully packed but you should be able to move them from the house to the truck. 

Heavy injuries can hurt your back when lifting or you can damage some stuff. Hence, you need to ensure they are properly packed to prevent injuries in case the box drops. 

15. Hire Professionals

Organize Your Items in the Box


Hiring professionals is a good option to organize your items in the box when you move your house. A professional moving company such as NYC movers is trained, skilled, and has the right tools for moving. 

So, if you are not sure how to properly organize your office items in the box, you need to engage the office movers. They are experienced and you can be sure all the office items will be well packed and they will arrive in the new office undamaged.