19 Outdoor Easter Decorations To Glam Up Your Festivities

outdoor easter decorations

Easter being just around the corner, there are multiple options to choose from for your outdoor easter decorations. For this, we always focus on the outdoor easter decorations for wall hangings, dining tables, knick-knacks that are dotted all over the house. These elements help in glamming up the festivity by creating soothing yet fun decor.

Outdoor Easter decorations also reflect the resident’s personalities and take on the festivities, that is why they are also crucial in the same way. Think it this way, easter-inspired wreaths at the door with easter egg-shaped garlands, porch signs, garden flags, topiaries, and statues doting the festive appeal to enhance your home decoration as well as the front yard. 

Whether you’re thinking of going pastels with neutral shades or pop colors with the merge of primary shades, we have tons of ideas for your easter decor to come to life. After all, if you plan to have an Easter Egg hunt in the front yard, you might want to jazz it up with an extensive set of decor ideas.

You can even use Easter Baskets to put in Easter eggs for your outdoor easter decorations. These ideas are not only aesthetic to look at but they also help in cheating up the holiday spirit to create a fun atmosphere for family time!

So get into the Easter spirit with our creative outdoor Easter decorations ideas to glam up your porch, deck, or patio. We have an eggcellent list of ideas for you to choose from that are perfect for spring. 

Pierced Ceramic Eggs

outdoor easter decorations

Source: meredithcorp.io

A floral bunny wreath can be easy to make as well as an adorable addition to your front porch for your outdoor easter decorations. To make these you can make use of two grapevine wreaths and turn them into a bunny shape to create a fun yet memorable piece. Add some faux flowers and greenery to go with it and hang the piece on the front door to welcome your Easter guests in a playful spirit. 

Bunny Banner

outdoor easter decorations

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Kids are always excited for Easter and if your home has children then what better idea than to create an adorable Easter Bunny banner?

This is one of the simplest ways to decorate your front porch, by using acrylic paints and a piece of solid fabric to add colors. You can use a wooden dowel rod with a piece of twine to hang this banner on the front door. Add a pom-pom to make the bunny tail complete the entire piece. This will make your front yard a playful space during the Easter season.

Spring Cotton Wreath 

outdoor easter decorations

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Spring cotton wreaths help you give a neutral tone to your front yard. If you have a home that is minimal and monochromatic in design, these wreaths would go well with your home decor as well. To make these take a grapevine wreath and faux cotton stems from any crafts store. Trim them and apply hot glue to the stems to the wreath. To glam it up more you can add a bow and your DIY Spring Cotton Wreath is good to go. 

Go Floral!

Easter Wreaths go perfect with natural flowers as they help in adding a naturistic appeal to your front yard and porch spaces. Here are some of our favorite flowers and DIY ideas to make an innovative wreath from them. 

Tulip Carrot Wreath

The Easter bunny would make a mark to visit your home when especially a carrot-shaped wreath is a part of your outdoor easter decorations. To make this wreath, you need to pick up some orange faux tulip bundles with some craft wire to bind them together.

You will also need faux greenery, a wooden paint stirrer, and some other decoratives to make a vibrant wreath that has a pop of colors. You can even customize the wreath as per varied sizes. After this just add a buffalo check bow and hang it over your front porch door

Spring Tulip Wreath

outdoor easter decorations

Source: smartschoolhouse.com

To make a spring tulip wreath you can make use of faux tulips, ribbons, wire wreath form for setting the base well. You will also need glue and other decoratives as you please to make this an aesthetic piece. Hang it on Easter Sunday and enjoy the springtime by the spring colors that dorn your front door.  

Fresh Flower Wreath

outdoor easter decorations

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The best way to display your springtime blooms is through this fresh flower wreath. It has a modern yet minimal and chic look that adds a fresh vibe to your front yards. 

To make these you will need a wire as per the size you wish to have. Roses, hydrangeas, peonies, are some of our favorite picks to curate your very own fresh flower wreath for your outdoor easter decorations. 

Purple Florals 

outdoor easter decorations

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This sophisticated spring wreath is made up of spring flowers and adds a unique take to your front doors due to its vibrancy. To make these you can add large purple blooms with succulents and green berries. This will add the perfect balance of pop colors and textures. 

Flowering Living Wreath

outdoor easter decorations

Source: meredithcorp.io

This is one of the most long-lasting wreaths that can be used even after Easter ends, probably for the next year as well. 

Pansies with nierembergia are planted into a wire wreath and end up forming a layer of moss making it last longer. With a wide range available you can choose different hues for your outdoor easter decorations. 

Dried Flower Wreath

outdoor easter decorations

Source: gordoncastle.co.uk

For your floral outdoor easter decorations, you can utilize your dried flowers by gluing them to a wreath wire with foam. To make it look more authentic, you can use feathers for adding a contrast. You can use it for a covered porch space to make it more appealing. 

Innovative Easter Wreaths

outdoor easter decorations

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From typical decor ideas to flower-based wreaths, your outdoor easter decorations 2021 is all about exploring new takes on decor. Here are some of the innovative ideas to decorate for easter that is more than just adorning your front door. 

Glitter Fruit Wreath

outdoor easter decorations

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If you love glitter and every piece that has it, make no exception this Easter. Go for a glitter egg instead of faux flowers to make an adorable Easter Egg Wreath. The glitter also helps in adding a festive spirit. To make this decorate your Easter eggs with translucent glitter and then glue all the eggs together to form a wreath. You can use faux greenery to make it more decorative on a grapevine wreath. 

Hanging Jar Vases

outdoor easter decorations 2021

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Going sustainable in your celebrations is always a good idea. The main core advantage here is that you can avoid wastage and be eco-friendly in your celebration. For all nature enthusiasts, a hanging jar vase can be a great way to decorate your front yard for Easter in a natural way. To make these you can make use of thick wires while attaching them to empty bottles to a fence or an arbor. Fill each of these with water and your favorite spring flowers to go with it. 

The advantage here is that this easter flower can stay beyond the festivities for the whole spring season. All you need to do is replace the water and flowers from time to time. 

Easter Egg Garlands

outdoor easter decorations 2021

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They might be a delicate choice for outdoor easter decorations but they go well in a covered area. You can use them for your porch or under your pergola as well. All you need to do is blow out dyed easter eggs and poke small holes. You can use a string or a heavy thread to hang them up. A colorful ribbon can be added as well to add more aesthetics. 

Easter Basket Decoration

outdoor easter decorations 2021

Source: homebnc.com

Easter baskets can be another way to replace wreaths with. For a sophisticated outdoor, you can have a bright wicker basket filled with flowers like tulips with grass with cracked eggshells to enhance the aesthetics for Easter.  For final touches, you can add a ribbon at the bottom of the basket to tie a pretty bow to make your outdoor easter decorations eclectic. 

Printable Sign

outdoor easter decorations 2021

Source: yimg.com

A printable Easter sign can be a simple yet elegant way to go for your outdoor easter decorations ideas. You can print the sign and attach it to a dowel road to poke it to the ground. 

Boots Easter Basket

outdoor easter decorations 2021

Source: nmhmedia.sk

You can recycle your last year’s rain boots to make easter baskets for your lawn decorations.

To decorate these baskets, start by adding a layer of grass at the bottom of each boot. You can later use plastic eggs, candy, and other items until it has reached its top. To make this into a more pretty display, use faux grass to top it up more, this way it can be a good alternative to the generic baskets. 

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Window Decorations

outdoor easter decorations 2021

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It is not only about the front doors, but you can decorate your windows as well for your Easter celebrations. For this, you can DIY your coffee filters into window decorations. To do this, you will have to first iron the filters flat and layer them on a covered surface. Later paint them with watercolors. Let it dry and then stick them on your windows to get a kaleidoscope experience from the indoors and the outdoors. 

Upcycling Easter

outdoor easter decorations 2021

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Upcycling methods in home decor have created solutions for every need. Here for upcycling during Easter, you can use your cans or tins to dorn them with spring blossoms. You can attach colored eggs with a floral wire and hang these on your door handles. The best part about upcycling these wreaths is that there is no wastage and they can be reused from time to time. 

We hope these egg-cellent ideas help you create innovative wreaths out of easy-to-do steps at your home while enhancing the Easter spirit in your households. 

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