3 Things to Do Before You Buy Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture

Shopping for outdoor furniture for the patio you’re setting up is a whole lot different from buying furniture for your indoor rooms. That’s why it’s not something that you should do compulsively.

In this piece, we’re going to talk about how you can transform your outdoor space into a relaxing patio that even interior designers will love. And it has a lot to do about planning and preparation. 

Before buying your dream patio furniture set, do these steps first:

1. Decide on a Theme

Whatever room you’re designing or renovating, working with a theme is the best way to go. Accomplishing this as your first step will certainly help you in your patio renovation.

Not only will you be able to execute a theme that will perfectly match your style and personality, but you will also lessen your options when buying furniture. Which is much less stressful.

If this is your first time setting up or designing a patio, choosing a theme can be difficult.

Good thing you can always search the internet for pegs and inspiration. Just ask Google for examples of themes that can work best for your patio.

Some of the styles that you can certainly look at are the minimalist, industrial, tropical and brutalist themes.

Once you’re done deciding on a theme, make sure to adhere to that style so that the whole space will feel more cohesive.

2. Choose the Perfect Colour Palette

Outdoor Furniture

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Sometimes, your theme can be inspired by your favourite colour. While it’s relatively easy to pick a fave colour and make it your main theme, building an entire palette around it can be tricky.

But if you get your colours right, you will find yourself marvelling at a beautiful patio.

The right colour palette will not only beautify your space but will also set the mood and tone for your outdoor space.

Here are a few examples:

  1. Dark colours – these colours exude a sense of maturity and elegance. So they are the perfect choice if you’re planning to transform your space into a lounge area or an outdoor bar.
  2. Light colours – on the other hand, these shades can give any space a sense of warmth. So if the patio will be used mostly for a family gathering, opt for lighter tones like white oak.

3. Measure the Whole Space

So you’ve already decided on a theme. You’ve also found the perfect palette to make your ideas come to life. Now it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get your rolling measuring tape ready. Because it’s time to measure everything up!

Accomplishing this step is also crucial before buying outdoor furniture. The exact measurement of the patio floor will help you decide what sizes of furniture are needed for the space.

If you have a sense of how wide or big your space is, you can ultimately choose what pieces of furniture or accessories are a snug fit for your space.

Just keep in mind that when shopping for outdoor furniture, look for sizes that will fit, but will not cramp up the space.

Because as much as possible, you’d want to fit in all the furniture and accessories but allow people to be able to move around as well.

This way, you and your friends and family can hang out on your patio without your arms and knees bumping every now and then.

Sizing everything up first also allows you to save time, effort, and money because you don’t have to go back and forth to the furniture store to have your pieces replaced. 

One Last Tip: Buy Durable Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture

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Especially for outdoor furniture. After all, patio furniture is the most exposed to sunlight, rain, dust, and other outdoor elements that can easily damage your furniture pieces. 

If you buy a piece of cheap wobbly furniture, chances are you’ll buy another set just after a few months or a year. 

Once that happens, you’ll have to decide whether to keep it, throw it away, or donate it somewhere else. That is if someone will still accept worn-out patio furniture. 

But if you score outdoor furniture pieces that are built tough, and are made of durable materials, you’ll save a ton of money because you don’t have to replace them every now and then.

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