Beautify Your Exterior Of Home With Outdoor Living Space

outdoor living room

Who doesn’t like to sit under the sky and enjoy nature? I guess no one is here who doesn’t relish nature and if you are among those then the outdoor living room would be best for you. Besides just enjoying the nature there are other benefits of having an outdoor living room. Have you ever come across a situation when suddenly a judgemental guest appears and you don’t want to get that person inside your home? Well, an outdoor livings space would prove to be perfect for those situations. 

Many times we get our home renovated so it becomes a task to sit inside the living room and that is when people relish sitting outside the home. Often people call this outdoor living space a patio and this would make your home look beautiful. Now it is not a modern home decor addition but if you are more into industrial designs then you would love this addition. 

There are so many different ways to set an outdoor living space and you just have to selective while choosing so that it could go well with your home. If you are wondering some of the best outdoor living room ideas then here are some of them listed below that you need to check out:

Extended exterior living space:

To have this patio or outdoor living room you would not have to get a huge exterior or you would not even have to get a garden. Here you would just have to create the extended exterior of your home which can either be on brick and cement or it can also be made up of wood. 

This platform would be attached to your house and so there would be shade as well to protect you from both rains as well as, sun rays which is a great thing for sure. Here you would not have to do anything extra rather few chairs and a table would serve the purpose and your outdoor living room would be ready. Since this would be attached to your home so you can use your home’s electricity as well and no extended cords would be needed in this case which is a great thing.

Extended exterior


White outdoor living set up:

White is already an evergreen colour so this would never get out of fashion and this kind of outdoor living room is great if you don’t want to be experimental. You cannot go wrong with such kind of set up and this would make your house look beautiful from the exterior which is a great thing. 

You can either set this at the entrance or the backyard of your home and in both ways this would serve the purpose. Here you would not have to do much and you would just have to get white furniture sets for this. 

White designer chairs and a tea table would be more than enough for this kind of white outdoor living space and this would complement your green garden as well.

White outdoor living set up


Comfy seats of your outdoor patio:

Just like your indoor living space your outdoor living room also deserves to be comfy because at the end of the time you would seek for relaxation no matter you are sitting in the inside living or at the outside living room. To make space comfortable nothing can be better than cushiony sofa sets so you can get some comfortable sofa for your outdoor living space. 

Go for this set up only if you have shade above your living space otherwise the weather conditions can ruin the luxurious sofa that you may not want. You can go with single sofa chairs as that seems good for outdoor living space and since they are compact in size so that would be perfect for even compact exterior patio. You can settle with some cushions on the sofa to make the seats comfier which is a great thing.

Comfy seats


Go for shades:

Weather can go wrong at any time but you may not want to get affected by that so it is very important to set a shade over the patio. Shade would primarily save you from rain as well as, sun rays so no matter what the weather is about but you can still enjoy sitting at your outdoor patio. 

There are some options in the shade so you can, of course, go with the one that would best be suited for your home. You can try having huge exterior umbrellas which would look amazing and serve the purpose as well. If you want a long term solution and are not willing to invest after a short time then you can get either tin shade or a concrete cement shade. 

These two would not only last your long-time span but at the same time, it would also make the outdoor patio look amazing.

shade for outdoor living room


Installation of lights:

If you are someone who loves to gaze through the sky at the night time and often plan for a candlelight dinner then you need to set some lights on your patio. Lights would not only brighten the area during the night time but at the same time, it would also make the area look extremely beautiful. 

Here you can go with decorating lights as that would not only serve the purpose of lights but at the same time, it would also act as a beautiful decor item for your outdoor living room. You can go for traditional lantern or you can also get LED lights all over your patio. 

There are many different shaped lights available in the market you can also check that out for your patio to look beautiful.

lights for outdoor living space


These were some of the best outdoor living room ideas that you can check out and to know more you can browse through Interiorcraze.