Outdoor Privacy Screens: Get the Best Backyard Privacy Ideas

outdoor privacy screen

It is a great thing to have a backyard or patio with your house to enjoy the outdoors. Not only you can enjoy the weather, but it is also a nice way to unwind after a long workday. An outdoor space also in a way boosts your immune system thanks to the natural breeze and warm sun. 

While planning and designing for such spaces, privacy is a very important criterion that must be thought of. The best way is to use an outdoor privacy screen

In this blog, we will be helping you with some amazing ideas on outdoor privacy screens including some DIY privacy screens, patio privacy screen, and more. These are suited for multiple needs and scenarios and you can pick as per your budget. 

Things to Consider:

There are few things you choose and consider before you start your project for the outdoor screen. Although there are many great ideas out there, you must only consider what works in your context and budget. 

One of the most important primary things to be considered is the material of the outdoor privacy screen. Make sure you make this choice after determining the location, weather conditions, and functions that you want your outdoor screen to fulfill. 

Materials for Outdoor Privacy Screens:

diy outdoor privacy screen

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  • Wood – Being the most widely used, wood screens offer you a natural and elegant look. Wood screens are ideal if they will be partially covered or when they are facing harsh weather conditions. 
  • Metal – Metal as a material is stronger than wood and more flexible to work with. You can go for traditional patterns or even a contemporary look with metal outdoor screens
  • Green/ natural materials – Using green covers like plants, climbers and other natural elements for outdoor privacy screens is also a huge trend.

What Plants to Use for Outdoor Privacy Screens

diy outdoor privacy screen

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Using plants or planters is one of the best options for an outdoor privacy screen. They perform the multiple functions of keeping noises away, providing privacy from neighbors, while also beautifying the environment and giving you a fresh atmosphere. 

Following are some of the best plants to use in your DIY outdoor privacy screen project:

  • Evergreen plant
  • Hedge plant
  • Bamboo tree
  • Arborvitae plant
  • Ornamental grasses
  • Boxwood
  • Euonymus
  • Chocolate vine, etc.

How to Build a DIY Outdoor Privacy Screen?

outdoor privacy screen

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When there are budget or space constraints, making a DIY outdoor privacy screen is a smart choice. 

There are different privacy screen designs and styles you can incorporate. Following are some steps you can follow for building your own outdoor screen.

Consider your Budget:

Think of a clear budget under which you want your outdoor screen made. Depending on this you can go ahead and finalize your materials and other decor elements. 

Making your own outdoor privacy screen also saves you the labor cost. 

Think of the Desired Look and Design:

After you have decided on the estimated cost, it’s best to freeze your desired design. Take a call on all items, from the framing material to the final finishes of your screen. 

Decide on your dimensions, space requirements, and necessary hardware. 

After all, things are finalized, then you can go ahead and start building your DIY outdoor privacy screen.

Gather the Materials and Tools:

The kinds of materials required will depend on the design you want to DIY. Following are some of the general materials and tools you may need:

  • Wooden or metal posts
  • Screws, Drills, and nails
  • Cement mix if required
  • Sand
  • Water
  • Plants or flowers, Planters
  • Measurement Tape
  • A string
  • Hole digger
  • Shovel
  • Hand trowel
  • Electric Drill
  • Hammer
  • Jigsaw, etc.

Best Ideas for Outdoor Privacy Screens

Green Wall with Shrubs

outdoor privacy screen

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A great option for those nature lovers is an outdoor privacy screen with shrubs or plants. Although it might be slightly time-consuming, the results are so refreshing. 

You can have a small vertical garden in this way while being sustainable in your choice. 

If you lack the time to create a natural green wall, another great idea is to use fake planters or climbers to get a similar look.

Rustic Screens – Tree Branch or Repurposed Wood

outdoor privacy screen

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A great option for a DIY privacy screen, this can be built with lots of small tree branches. Just assemble them together and you get a rustic looking outdoor screen. It brings in a little light yet providing privacy.

Another great idea is to use repurposed wood for your privacy screens. Be it in form of wood planks kept in their natural finish or painted.

Beautiful Lattice Screens

outdoor privacy screen

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Another great idea is to use latticework screens to spruce up your patio or deck. Lattice screens look really beautiful and add to the whole outdoor garden look

They are also a good way to achieve partial privacy and shade. You can go for colored lattice screens or go for a natural wood look. You can also hang cute little plant pots on the lattice outdoor screen.

Go for the Modern Wooden Slats Look

outdoor privacy screen

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For those looking for some modern touch, outdoor screens made of wooden slats are a good option.

You can get a gorgeous slatted wall with smooth polished wood slats arranged horizontally or vertically. Simply create a frame and fix the planks on it. 

You can also choose to keep a little gaps in these wooden slats or even fix them close to each other, depending on the look you desire. 

Go Natural with Bamboo Screen

diy outdoor privacy screen

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Using Bamboo screens is a fantastic idea as it gives you a mix of brightness and privacy. This is a good sustainable option.

These outdoor screens can have bamboo used in the form of roll-up sheets or attached on some frame for a sturdier option. 

These privacy screens can be kept movable so as to keep switching your outdoor areas as per the function. 

Sleek Metal Cutwork Screens 

outdoor privacy screen

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If you are looking for something apart from the traditional wood or lattice outdoor screens, metal screens are the best alternate choice. 

Thanks to today’s technology and smart machines, you can get any kind of design made on a metal screen. Making cutwork designs is just adds to the character of the screen. 

Fabric Privacy Screens

outdoor privacy screen

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To get a more cabana style patio area or deck, you can use fabrics or curtains as outdoor privacy screens. 

Getting fabric for outdoor use is advisable and a smart option. You can get these fabrics in any color and style to create diverse looks. This option is best for a covered outdoor area.

Stone Cladded Outdoor Privacy Screens 

outdoor privacy screen

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Stone cladded privacy screens are perfect for a beautiful pool area or even your private garden. You won’t get any unnecessary neighbor’s attention. Stone also adds to the aesthetic value of the space instantly. 

You can mix two or more stones to create a very interesting looking outdoor privacy screen.

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DIY PVC Pipe Screen

diy outdoor privacy screen

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Another great DIY option is to use PVC pipe cutouts stuck together to create a screen. 

You can use multi-colored or solid colored PVC pipe rings to create more interest. This is a very budget-friendly choice. 

Once you build a sturdy frame, then fix the DIY pipe screen to it and your beautiful screen is ready. 

Multipurpose Privacy Screens

diy outdoor privacy screen

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Sometimes even your privacy screen can be multipurpose, which is really useful in small spaces. 

Your outdoor privacy screen can have some planters and even open shelves or wall pockets on which you can display some outdoor decor. You can mix materials and as per your requirements think of using your outdoor screen in a multipurpose way. 

outdoor privacy screen

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These were our ideas on outdoor privacy screens. You can opt for any of these depending on your desire as well as space requirements. 

There something for every budget and taste. These outdoor privacy screen ideas are great even if you are looking to spruce or update your outdoor area.

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