Pastel Living Rooms to Inspire Your Design

Pastel Living Rooms

Pastel living rooms have dignity and glamour associated with them, which makes them timeless. When used in home décor, pastel colors have a romantic quality that makes them come across as edgy and trendy. Patel rooms have sophisticated energy that seems inviting. Being in such rooms makes you optimistic, and you develop a positive approach towards everything that you see.

The scope of pastel décor is wide, leaving enthusiasts with a lot of room for experimentation. With proper planning, you can lighten the mood of the room, set a soft theme, introduce new contrast and do a lot more with pastels.  If you are new to the use of pastels, all of this may seem confusing to you. Carelessness will lead to the overuse of pastels resulting in an unpleasant room.

To avoid such a situation, you need to strategize how you intend to use pastels in your home. Here are a few tips that will help you plan pastel in your living rooms.

Go for a Grounded Sage to Complement Wood

Sage is an earthly pastel that complements most other hues and is soothing to the eyes. Since sage is a shade of dull green with a yellow undertone, you can pair it with furniture in natural undertones. This would include warm wood, soft white, dark leather, teak, etc.  Rugs, cushions, and vases in sage are a welcome addition to an antique-themed living room.

Buttercream Yellow Paintings

Contrary to popular beliefs, the pastel addition on the walls need not be as the wall color. You can add a large artwork to the wall to give it a unique look. For example, if your living room decorations involve rich earth tones, a large painting in buttercream yellow will give it a more balanced look. When this is punctuated by darker furniture shades, it helps introduce warmth to the room.

Mimic the Sky in Your Walls

Pastel Living Rooms


For those who are keen on a jovial theme to the house, shades like light lavender, pastel sky blue, etc are a great fit for the living room. These give a modern vibe to the living room and are perfect for larger spaces.

For example, the walls of the living room can be set in a light sky-like pastel color. These form an excellent background to show off your artwork, photographs, and a lot more. When you team that with a blue sofa or ottoman, it helps complete the look.

Explore Frosted Hues in Cushions

If you are looking for a balanced living space, you can look to create a juxtaposition of icy walls with bright furniture and pastel cushions.

Raw wood furniture has a relaxed vibe. When you add pastels to them, it creates a sense of dimension without making them cluttered. This is an ideal living room décor idea for situations where you need a quick and temporary change to the room.

Play with the Blush

For those who are fond of soft warm hues such as pastel pink or rose gold, a blush-themed living room is a perfect choice. If your living room has ivory walls, you can add a tinge of faded coral pink along with the room’s trims.

Painting the trim in a darker color than the walls gives it a cohesive look. You can complete the polished look by adding bright furniture in one corner of the room. This form of blush pastel décor is ideal for L-shaped living rooms.

Let Loose with Mint

Pastel Living Rooms


For those who wish to set loose on one color, green is a perfect choice. You can have a darker shade of green on one wall, while mint green takes up the rest of the walls. Bright rugs and floor pillows will give a youthful look to the house and give a maximal feel. While this is one of the safest uses of pastel home décor, make sure that mint green is the dominating color in the room.

Add Natural Pastels to Liven Up Neutrals

If your living room is set on a neutral tone, try to blend warm hues of beige pastels from floor to ceiling. This creates an illusion of depth and makes the room appear larger. It is suitable for small living spaces with poor lighting conditions. You can add lush houseplants and wood grains to add further texture and give the space a calming vibe.

Blend Earthly Tones

Pick up a few earthly tones along with your living room and give them a pastel touch. For example, the combination of teal blue and pale pink ottomans with one dark accent piece will create a visual interest in the room.

When this is complemented with a warm wood ceiling, you can expect depth in the room. Geometric rugs in bright color give a pleasant personality to the room, making this décor an ideal choice for any form of the living room.

Keep to Low Color Pastels

For those who are keen on a neater look, a creamy living room is an elegant choice. Pastel hues like beige and creme have a cabin vibe and give a cozy look to the room. If rustic wood furniture or woven furnishings are used in such a setup, it gives a traditional welcoming style to the room.

You can add wall art in minimal tones. That way, the room will have a clean and classic look. If at any point you feel that the room lacks color, you can get blankets and visions in a color of your choice.

Explore Pink Pastel Walls

If you introduce pink pastel walls, try to incorporate angular wall art or a modern coffee table to maintain the equilibrium. Using brass accents in your design will complement wooden floors, and a bold sofa will be a welcome addition.

While opting for such unique décor ideas, your focus should be on maximizing the use of pastel pink. The pastel pink walls help to tie the space together and give the room its personality.

With the tips discussed above, you are now ready to embrace pastel in your living rooms. You can now plan the décor to give your living room the look of your dreams. The use of soft colors will give your living space a unique personality and boost the mood of the people in it.