Building a Patio Friendly Smokeless Fire Pit in 5 Steps

patio friendly smokeless fire pit

Your patio is like the second-most comfort zone after your home. The Sunday brunch or evening chit-chat, or a sleepless winter night of reminiscence of old days, any outdoor occasion becomes an extra vibe full if you are in your tidy patio. As the patio is an outdoor feature, staying there for a long time in chilly western weather will be uncomfortable. So you will need a heat source to keep the patio atmosphere warm and cozy. But not compromising the patio environment with smoke, ash, and char. Here comes the matter of concern, ‘how to keep your patio warm but keeping it smokeless and breathable? How to choose a fire source which is patio-friendly?’. The answer is a smokeless fire pit. Nothing can be the best solution and patio-friendly than a fire pit with a smokeless feature. 

Why Should Your Fire Pit Be Patio-friendly?

patio friendly smokeless fire pit


A firepit is near to a must-have feature for your patio, but it needs to be appropriate for patio use. As you will spend a massive part of your leisure on the patio, the environment should be favorable for relaxing. If your fire source produces too much smoke and chars, along with irritating your health and the ambiance, it can deteriorate your patio condition.

Moreover, the patio has limited space. If you place a large and heavy fire pit, it will spoil the decency of that place. So you have to choose a fire pit that will low to zero smoke, char, or any toxic gas-producing and space-saving.

Why Smokeless Firepit?

patio friendly smokeless fire pit


You can guess the answer to the name itself. Smokeless fire pits are specially designed that have two individual chambers. These chambers work as a whole combustion system and continuously maintain the proper oxygen flow.

So the firewoods, pellets or alternative fuel burns efficiently, which is near 100%. As a result, it gives you the most heat output without producing any smoke or ash. Additionally, the usual smokeless fire pits are compact and are easily portable. So in all criteria, smokeless fire pits are the perfect patio-friendly Firepit. 

Yes, you will find so many options of smokeless fire pits in the market. But should we tell you something amazing about a smokeless fire pit? You can make this for yourself! You can build a patio-friendly smokeless fire pit by yourself. The process is easy, fun, and most importantly, it is too affordable. So for your convenience, here we have brought the easiest method of building a patio-friendly smokeless fire pit. 

Let’s glare over the materials and tools list before stepping on the building of a patio-friendly smokeless fire pit.

Materials and Tools

  • Two round steel containers or pots. One should size 20-quart with a fitted lid and another 12-quart. If you don’t find the exact sized pot, then try for different sizes maintaining the patio. 
  • Measuring tape/ Scale
  • Masking tape
  • Pencil or marker
  • A metal cutter
  • Nails and a basic hand hammer
  • A driller 
  • Sandpapers

Steps to Follow

patio friendly smokeless fire pit


Step 1: Start the process with the bigger pot (20-quart). Fold the masking tape around the bottom part of the pot. With a pencil or marker, spot the points. 

Step 2: Now unfold the masking tape and point on every ½-inch. Now refold the tape on the pot. And using the nail and hammer, mark the points. Now carefully drill holes with a driller. It will be the outer chamber of your smokeless fire pit.

Step 3: Take the smaller pot (12-quart) and remove the handle, if there is any. Now repeat the first step with the smaller pot. While drilling the small pot, you have to maintain the drill machine’s pressure carefully, or it can misshape the pot. This smaller pot is your smokeless fire pit’s inner chamber. 

Step 4: Bring the bigger pot’s lid and place the smaller pot exactly in the middle. Mark the area with a marker. And cut it off with the steel cutter. This lid will hold the small pot up inside the big pot.

Step 5: Put all things together and check the fittings. If everything seems perfect, use sandpaper to smoothen all harsh edges and cutouts. 

Last Words

After you are satisfied with the fittings and finish, your smokeless fire pit is ready to be lit. Place the fire pit amid your patio. Add small firewood blocks, wood pellets, or any other firewood alternatives and inflame. Now fix your cushion, sit back and relax in the warmth of the fire.

Also, enjoy the full comfort and privilege of having a patio with a clean environment. We hope you enjoy reading this write-up. For keeping a clean environment, and your patio, aka home atmosphere healthy and breathable, try to choose a clean fire option. However, always be cautious, and have your fire safety tools around.