Take Care of Your Mental Health with a Porch Swing

Porch Swing

A modern porch swing is what you need to add that relaxing vibe into your homes, in these trying times, we all need a space where we can relax, gather our thoughts, or just get lost in the moment. We may be suffering from chronic stress without us even knowing about it, if you feel as if you are always on edge, always having to rush because you have so many things to do and think about, then it could be that you have become sensitized to your stressors and your body is just responding to it without you even really knowing that your body and mind is on overdrive.

A modern porch swing, although a quaint piece of furniture can help you manage your response to stress by allowing you to sit, be still, relax and be in the moment. When it comes to managing stress and anxiety the most effective way is behavior modification and cognitive restructuring, when we feel that we have become overtaken by stressors and you feel unhappy and frustrated, the best way to deal with it is to think about the things that trigger your anxiety or stress.

However, if we do not have a space or a place in our homes where we can sit quietly for a while and think about our experiences and problems, then managing our stress is difficult to do. A porch swing provides you with an invitation to just take a break, rest and relax and think about positive things so that you can recharge and take control over your emotions and negative thoughts.

A porch swing can give you that kind of peace, where you can be alone either to escape or to recharge and then be ready to face anew the challenges you have. 

More Than Just a Porch Swing 

Porch Swing

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Not so long ago, a porch swing was a staple in everyone’s homes, it is a place where friends could gather, talk about life, share stories and even a bit of gossip, or a lot of laughter and even offering support in times like a heartbreak, a fight with a loved one or losing a job and others. The porch swing does not just make you want to sit and put up your feet and relax, it invites other people to be with you the moment you sit on it.

Sadly, the porch swing fell to disuse, and eventually, it was not considered trendy to have one as it did not reflect the modern style that most homes have nowadays. There are still porch swings but it is now placed in the back of the yard and not many spend time in it anymore. We all need to connect with our inner selves and with our family and friends, and the porch swing was quite effective in facilitating that connection.

When you are sitting on the swing, if a friend joins you, he or she has to sit with you, they can see what you are seeing, they can feel and hear what you are saying because they are beside you. Getting a porch swing may sound cliché and old-fashioned, because in reality, who would put an oversized porch swing in your sleek and modern home?

Thankfully, the porch swing has also evolved since then, there are now modern porch swings that are industrial in style and will suit the modern interior style that many seem to have a liking for. This new porch swing is made of a steel frame and wood boards for the seat and backrest. The wood component comes in a dark shade with woodgrains and is quite charming and has a sense of character. 

Finding the New Porch Swing 

Porch Swing

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The new porch swing has all the functionality and charm that the old designs have but none of the bulk, it is streamlined and sleek and it works like a blank canvass in that it can be customized to whatever design you want.

It can be colorful with a few blankets, cushions, and pillows, it can also be Zen-like and minimalistic with only a bench and the steel frames that suspend it from the ceiling, it is made from wood and industrial steel that will complement any of those modern and architectural digest designs and style.

Nonetheless, it will still serve the same purpose in the homes it is installed with and it will last for a long time, you do not have to buy a new one every so often. Since it is a new design, it will probably be available online, you just need to find the online store that has it in their stocks or a certified supplier of the porch swing. One thing that you must be sure of when buying the new modern porch swing is the dimension of the space you are planning to install it in.

It is not advised to just order right away without the exact dimensions as the difference in the size of the swing and the area where you will install it could be a disaster and you end up having to return the swing or find a new area where to place it, which will only cause more stress for you. The porch swing is usually sold with just one size or a standard dimension, but if you can find a supplier that can customize the swing according to your specifications, then all the better.

You need to do a bit of research and a lot of phone calls or emails to finally find the best porch swing for your home decor, but once it is installed and you get to sit in it, then you will surely say that all the fuss was worth it. 

Removable Backrests in New Porch Swings 

An added feature of the new porch swing designs is the removable backrest. Each section or pain can be removed and placed in another configuration to your liking, it can be moved to the sides together or in opposite sides, or in the left and right sides, all of which will provide you with a sense of comfort and safety. Having this feature makes for a certain level of customization that will add to the functionality of the porch swings.