Protecting Your BBQ Over Winter

Protecting Your BBQ Over Winter

While there’s no rule saying you can’t enjoy a barbecue in the colder months, getting out the BBQ grill and filling the air with that scent we all know and love is usually something associated with summer and the warmer months. 

You probably can’t wait for winter to be over now, and for the longer, warmer days to begin. Anything that gives us an excuse to whip out the barbecue, enjoy food and get together is warmly welcomed.

You may even be thinking of investing in a new barbecue in preparation for a fun summer, (maybe it was one of your new year’s resolutions). 

To make sure you get the most out of it, and that the barbecuing machine that you want is in stock, earlier in the year might be the perfect time to purchase one.

However, whether it’s a new purchase or one you’ve had a while, you might be wondering the best ways to protect your beloved barbecuing companion from the harsh elements that the remainder of winter will surely throw at us. 

Read on to find out all you need to know about protecting your BBQ over winter.

BBQs in Winter

Protecting Your BBQ Over Winter


If you’re planning to continue your grilling passions in the winter, there should be no massive issues to run into besides a battle with the cold temperatures. All you’ll need to do is make a few adjustments. 

If you need to, reposition your barbecue closer to your back door so it’s not as cold and exposed. You could also invest in an outdoor patio heater for true cosy comfort. Otherwise, make sure you wrap up warm and start pre-heating your barbecue in advance, it’ll need extra time to get to its desired temperature and compensate for the cold.

Who could say no to a barbecue, even in winter? We’re already outside in November for Guy Fawkes Night, so why not cook up some festive turkey burgers or sausages?

But if you’re not planning to use your barbecue for a while, here’s how to protect or store it.

Do You Need to Bring It Inside?

Protecting Your BBQ Over Winter


It depends on what kind of barbecue you have. A high-quality stainless-steel gas grill can endure the harsh cold and damp winter weather. But investing in bbq covers will always give you peace of mind and that extra protection for your prized possession, keeping it pristinely maintained.

If you’re not going to be barbecuing until summer, then bringing it inside won’t hurt if you’ve got the space. Again, this depends on the type of grill you have, the big high-quality ones as mentioned above will be fine outside with a cover.

You can get many different types of cover including specific ones made for your particular model, which will mean it’ll fit and give you full and proper coverage. You can even get covers for smaller barbecues if you don’t have the space to store them.

The smaller, less sturdy and easier to move barbecues are the ones that wouldn’t hurt to take inside if you can. Just make sure you leave any gas tanks outside, upright and in a well-ventilated place, away from doors and exits for safety reasons.

Usually, your shed or garage will make an ideal place to put the barbecue, as long as it’s a dry atmosphere, a garage with a leaking roof will encourage mould.

Storing the barbecue away will protect it from potentially damaging rain, direct sunlight or wind knocking it over and breaking parts. If you can (and haven’t already thrown the instructions away) always take a look at the material specifications and requirements for advice on your barbecue’s storage needs.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Protecting Your BBQ Over Winter


If you are going to store it away for a while, make sure you give it a good clean. There’s lots of dedicated barbecue grill cleaning equipment as well as a number of home remedies like vinegar, baking soda and even beer and cola!

Cleaning your equipment will prevent the nasty surprise of opening it up in summer to find mould growing from the build-up of grease, marinade and bits of leftover food. Make sure you also give the grill a good wipe down to dry it and prevent rust.

A good clean will also discourage vermin from looking for scraps of food to nibble on in the winter.

Final Advice

If you can’t move it easily, invest in a cover, they’re usually pretty cheap. And if it’s only a small barbecue that you can move, then clean it and store it until summer and the barbecuing season comes round once more.