Refrigerator Brands to Avoid in 2022 – List of 5 Best & Worst Refrigerators

refrigerator brands to avoid

Just like other kitchen appliances, a Refrigerator is also a big Investment. It can cost from $800 to $12,000 or $1,500 on an average. The overall cost also depends on the type of fridge and type of installation as some require putting in a new water line or new outlet. 

Today, there are countless types of refrigerators available in the market. That’s why it is sometimes staggering and overwhelming when it comes to buying a new fridge. It costs a lot and you’ll use it in the kitchen for a very long time. So, if you get the wrong one, not only you’ll waste your money, but also it will make you suffer for a long time! 

The only way to save from this problem is to know which brands are good and which are not. So which refrigerator brands to avoid? How to determine which refrigerator brand is good?

The answer to all of these questions lies in this blog. Today we’re going to tell you how you can buy the best refrigerator and what are the best and worst refrigerator brands in the market.

A refrigerator is the heart of a kitchen! It is one of the most commonly used home appliances. Just imagine, if it will not work properly, can you live at least a day without a fridge? Your answer surely will be a big NO! Also, when we have spent hundreds of dollars on an appliance, we want to make sure that we get the best one, right? The one which will keep your beverages and food healthy and safe. 

But first, let’s know how to identify or determine whether a fridge or a fridge brand is bad. That way, you’ll know why some brands need to be avoided and what factors you should look at in a fridge when you’re picking up your options. 

How to Identify a Bad Refrigerator Brand

There are some common things that you should look for to determine the quality and overall performance of a fridge. Many people tend to ignore these subtle red flags because of their loyalty to a brand, the market value, or any other reasons. 

Below are some signs of a poor refrigerator: 

  • Leaking issues
  • Always Hot
  • Cooling Issues
  • Frequent malfunctioning
  • Bad customer service
  • Motor Constantly Running
  • Short or Limited Warranties
  • Doors are misaligned or do not fit right 
  • Cheap materials and low-quality construction  
  • Replacement parts and accessories are expensive

Top 5 Worst Refrigerator Brands in 2022

Now that we have told you the key pointers to identify a bad refrigerator brand, let’s move on to the list of some of the least reliable brands out there. Though there are many fridge brands to avoid, we’ve selected the worst five ones.

We’ve created the list based on the overall market performance of the brand and customer reviews of a fridge brand. We’ve also described the build quality, freezing efficiency, temperature consistency, and products’ price.

So here’s the list of 5 refrigerator brands to avoid 2022:

KitchenAid Refrigerator

refrigerator brands to avoid


KitchenAid is a well-known brand for manufacturing small kitchen appliances, tools, and gadgets. The brand has many types of refrigerators, including freestanding refrigerators, French door refrigerators, and side-by-side refrigerators. 

Other types of fridge models work well, but the French door refrigerator model has many complaints. That’s why it is not having great ratings on sites like Amazon and 

The complaints are mostly about the issues with features such as ice makers, doors, and lights. Anyone obviously doesn’t want to spend their money on a fridge that has problems with the door or has a noisy water dispenser.

Also, the brand takes a long time to repair or replace the appliances that are still under warranty. All this shows the poor customer service of the brand. 

Frigidaire Refrigerator

refrigerator brands to avoid

In America, Frigidaire is a popular consumer and commercial appliance brand. The company offers numerous types of fridges in various sizes, such as French doors, top freezers, and column freezers.

However, despite their popularity, one of the models of refrigerators has many issues. This french door model has many faults, including poor temperature control, inconsistent build quality, and low storage capacity. 

Many people complain that it broke after just a few months of their purchases. They also faced a long time to reach their customer service and inform them of the issues. All this shows their bad after-sales services. Even after telling all the problems, many customers did not get their refund. 

Bosch Refrigerator

refrigerator brands to avoid


After seeing the name Bosch, many of you might be surprised. After all, it is famous for producing some of the most cutting-edge household appliances. It offers a wide range of products with additional features.

However, the after-sales support of this company is pretty poor as many customers complained about it. Also, it has confusing terms and conditions.   

The build quality of the Bosch refrigerator is average, and many people have faced water leakage problems in just less than a year of use. Customers also mentioned the interior design is also poorly thought of due to their narrowness.                                                                          

Maytag Refrigerator

refrigerator brands to avoid


Another great brand, but people have faced issues with the fridge, is the brand named Maytag. This company offers a variety of refrigerators, including side by side, bottom freezer, and French door. 

The main issues with this company are about the features, quality, and services. The price of these fridges is a bit more expensive than the other ones. Apart from this, issues like door, cooling, or other freeze-related issues are complained by many people. Also, warranties and policies are a little confusing for people. 

Viking 5 Series Quiet Cool Fridge

refrigerator brands to avoid


This fridge can cost you a lot. Yes, a lot! Its price is more than $10,000. The primary complaint about this fridge is about its design. For example, the ice keeps falling out of the ice maker on the floor or inside the fridge due to its faulty design. 

Many people advise that instead of buying this costly fridge, buy another one under your budget. Few people also complained about the refrigerator doors as it seems to be misaligned and because of this, it doesn’t open or closes correctly. Customers also say that the company takes a long time to deliver a fridge or freezer.

Apart from build quality and design problems, these brands also have other issues such as broken ice-maker, leaks, cooling, and freezer-related problems. If you think about repairing them, it also costs more. Yes, the one-time repair cost of such problems may range from $500 to $1000 at least!

Top 5 Most Reliable Refrigerator Brands in 2022

Now you deeply know what refrigerator brands to avoid because we all want to invest our money in something that will last longer and will keep our food fresh. So, which are the most reliable appliance brands? Which refrigerator brand should you go for?

Fortunately, there are some trusted brands in which you can invest safely. So, what are those trusted brands?

There are many trusted brands available in the market which provide high-quality products and after-sales service. But here we’ve made a list of the top 5 most reliable refrigerators that are worldwide popular:     

LG Refrigerator 

refrigerator brands to avoid


LG has been consistently listed as a top choice for appliances because with LG, Life’s Good! It offers various types of high-tech refrigerators, but the most loved is the French door refrigerator. 

Lg fridges have a lot of space, and they operate quietly. Also, the ice maker is attached to the door, so it doesn’t occupy any extra space. According to the brand, they’re the first ones who introduced the ice-maker concept. 

Some refrigerators also have a Wi-Fi-enabled screen that lets you see what’s inside the fridge without actually opening the door. Isn’t it amazing? The mid-range LG refrigerators also have multiple drawers, cutting-edge technology, and other useful and modern features.

GE (General Electric) Refrigerator

refrigerator brands to avoid


General Electric (GE) is another one of the best brands on which you can completely trust when it comes to kitchen appliances. It is one of the most popular among not only Americans but also the rest of the world too. 

They provide a variety of fridges, including French doors, side-by-side doors, top or bottom freezers. The great thing about these products is that they all come in a decent price range. If you want a French door refrigerator, you’ll get one here with an excellent build design.  

They are not only top of the quality but also energy-efficient. Even some have advanced water filtration systems as well. What else do we need? All these features make customers happy, which is why they don’t get many calls for repairing and replacement. 

Samsung Refrigerator

refrigerator brands to avoid


Many people get shocked after reading the name Samsung in the best fridge category. Yes, we know that Samsung is well known for their electronics, but they also offer high-performance, super-slick smart refrigerators. 

Their super-sleek and advanced refrigerators are eye-catching and make your cooking experience easier! They’ll keep your food fresh, and they can dispense filtered water. 

Apart from this, most of the Samsung refrigerator models have built-in smart home hubs. This means you can manage your calendars, see who is at your front door and even you can shop right on the screen of your fridge. 

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Cafe Refrigerator

refrigerator brands to avoid


This brand is not as popular as the LG and Samsung, but it produces some of the most expensive refrigerators in the world. Yes, you’ve read it right! Not only in terms of functionality, but it also has stylish models that are completely unique from other brands.

Some of their fridges are Wi-Fi enabled, and you can easily control them via your smartphone. However, the most bizarre and interesting thing about this brand is that you can completely customize exteriors for your appliance! Yes, you can design and customize the exteriors to match the aesthetic of your home.

Magic Chef Refrigerator

refrigerator brands to avoid


Are you looking for a reliable and compact refrigerator? If yes, go with the Magic Chef brand. They offer high-quality basic and mini-refrigerators with a well-organized interior layout.

The shelves can accommodate more than enough, and its simple minimalist look will suit any home interior. It is a budget-friendly model but has great durability without any doubt.

Final Thoughts

Brands like KitchenAid, Frigidaire, Bosch, Maytag, and Vikings have many issues in their models, such as misaligned doors, lots of repairs, and leakage problems. 

Whenever you buy a refrigerator for your home, just focus on the specific fridge model, instead of worrying about which refrigerator brands you should avoid. Research a lot and cross-check everything. You can also read customer’s reviews on various sites before placing the order. When you know about the refrigerator brands to avoid, you can actually save a lot of time, money, and effort.

So this is all about which refrigerator brands to avoid and which refrigerator brands to buy. I hope you find this refrigerator buying guide useful and helpful. Share this blog with your friends or family and help them to buy the best refrigerator available in the market. 

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