How to Choose a Quality Residential Safe?

Residential Safe

A security safe in the house is a must-have thing. It ensures the safety of your valuable items in the house. But are all safes right for providing security to your valuables? The selection makes the most difference for which, you have to be very careful while going through the multiple options of residential safe. With growing time, the types of safes, design, and most importantly, locking capacity are all changing. Keeping yourself updated with the new specifications and qualities is the basic necessity while selecting. 

The Right Locking Mechanism

Residential Safe


Is the safe that you have picked truly thief-proof? It largely depends on the locking mechanism of the safe. With the new safe models, you also get hi-tech locking systems that provide an excellent locking guard. The most used locking mechanisms are mechanical and electronic. Both have some unique features and reflect a tight safety assurance. But not all electronic or mechanic locks are equally secure for keeping your valuable essentials at home. 

Mechanical Lock:

Mechanical locks have been in use for a very long period. Even with those ancient house safes, a mechanical locking pattern was the only option. The types of mechanical locks have evolved through so many years, and now the security is even tighter. The new lockers contain a strong quality mechanical device set up inside the door of the safe. Multi-layer mechanical guards are the best for keeping in the house. They are so strong and hard to open that you always need to contact a locksmith Kennesaw, to open any accidentally locked safe! 

Electronic Lock:

Just like car locks, residential safes also have an electronic locking mechanism. These electronically activated safes have a carefully and high-quality design. Unlike mechanical options, electronic residential safes are not easy to open with physical force. Unless the burglar or thief trying to open it forcefully knows the tricks rightly, these safes are impossible to open. It offers a better security option to those using it. 

Fingerprint Lock:

The most recent locking mechanism has to be the fingerprint censored ones. No amount of mechanical force or electronic tampering can open the residential safe. Only with the right and matching fingerprint can you open the safe without any trouble. However, if you are deciding to buy one of these fingerprint-activated safes, ensure to keep the contact details of locksmith Norcross for managing accidental cases of safe lockouts. 

The Right Size

Residential Safe


When you have decided on the locking mechanisms, the next thing to consider is the size of the locker. The size purely depends on what you are deciding to keep inside it. First, identify the list of valuable essentials and the volume of the total unit. Read the dimensional specifications carefully, and it is always better to buy a little bigger one.

Small or Large:

A small residential safe is always easier to carry and move, but it does not always meet the needs. You should not stuff the valuable items inside the residential safe as it can cause damages to the items. On the other hand, large home safes are a more convenient option when it comes to keeping the essentials. Another reason why larger ones are better for selection is the price factor. Most branded home-safes have a lower market price for larger residential safes compared to the smaller ones. 

Portability Factor:

Think practically before you select the size of the home safe. If your residential safe gets locked for some unfortunate reason, but you cannot move it or take it to the locksmith, is there a point in buying a larger one? It only increases the portability hassles in such cases. If your neighborhood does not have any visiting service for a locksmith, buying a large home safe is a big no! However, leading companies like Top Atlanta Locksmith, LLC offers in-house visiting services for which buying a large one does not create any trouble. 

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Budget Is the Key

Lastly, consider the budget factor carefully and make the best buy. Go for a reliable brand so that you pay at par with the quality of the home-safe. But compromising on the budget factor may land you with a losing deal! 

Buy the One with Repairing Ease

Irrespective of the home-safe you buy, always keep the contact details of a reliable locksmith. You can easily connect to a professional to unlock any accidentally locked safe or damaged lock without hassles.