The Restaurant Booths Cater to Any Hospitality Space

Restaurant Booths

Whether it’s a family night out, a special celebration, or an intimate date, the dining experience of sitting in a restaurant booth is incredible. Also known as a dining bench or banquet chair, this famous restaurant booth has a fascinating history of furniture design, leading to the enormous popularity you see today.

Inspired by the British, who preferred box seating for families and private parties at church and opera venues, the classic restaurant booth entered the restaurant scene in the late 18th century.

The use of booth seating in restaurants and diners provides the privacy of behind-the-scenes business of both cafeterias and establishments to families, groups of friends, or business partners. 

Restaurant booths seating became a massive success in the 1920s, and it was an essential feature of restaurants, contributing significantly to the retro design that is still popular today. As people feel more secure about privacy issues, restaurants have aggressively advertised booth seating, creating a lasting experience for the restaurant.

Pop culture has made booths an icon to some extent. 

Booth seating is one of the best choices for restaurant owners because of its value and how the guests love it. As a result, they are most in-demand in restaurants and cafes and are booked with eager to experience an intimate meal.

Reasons to Give Your Guests an Option of Restaurant Booths. 

Vinyl Restaurant Booths

Restaurant Booths


Nostalgic restaurants are famous for their sponge vinyl booths. And while the best place to enjoy burgers and fries while wearing a paper crown is on sturdy, glossy, shiny vinyl booths, mimicking the experience of relaxing your feet. 

What is Melamine? 

Restaurant Booths


Melamine is a ubiquitous plastic with numerous uses.

Melamine was discovered in the 1830s by a German chemist, considered the founder of organic chemistry. It is made from urea, a waste product mixed with formaldehyde to form a liquid resin that can be molded at high pressure to create almost any shape.

These are still popular and widely available. However, Melamine booths have gained popularity due to their durability.

Advantages of Melamine Restaurant Booths

When used in the furniture industry, melamine is usually applied as lamination to particleboard or sheet of plywood. Melamine resin is applied to make laminate on decorative paper, which has excellent physical properties compared to other materials. These are heat-resistant, waterproof, easy to clean, and more, meaning it has all the properties that plywood and particleboard lack. In addition to its low production costs, melamine is an excellent choice for commercial booths and office tables; It is also great for restaurant tables. 

These are resistant to moisture, erosion, and scratches. It prevents the growth of microorganisms and parasites on the surface. One of its advantages is it is very easy to maintain; it is stain-free and requires only soap and water to clean. 

Also, melamine is polymer, meaning, it has no pores which make it resistant to water and steam. However, you should not clean melamine furniture with water if the edges are not protected or covered.

Wood Restaurant Booths

Restaurant Booths


Wood provides us with a vintage, rustic, elegant look, depending on the style you want to give your restaurant. You can combine furniture made with melamine and add solid wood pieces to the walls and ceiling to complete the classic look. Although, remember that furniture made from melamine is best suited for classical and rustic spaces, while the wooden booth offers a natural and more and more rich look.

Melamine booths are available in a range of color and style options and even textures. But, the most common of them all is to look for a finish that mimics the color of the wood.

Depending on the Price

If you are on a budget then opt for the melamine booth. That’s because melamine furniture is way cheaper than other materials. However, the cost of the furniture may vary depending on the design and size. But, if you compare melamine with the wooden one, melamine will be a cost-effective option.

Customization of Restaurant Booths

Our wide range of custom booths, tables, barstools, and chairs is designed to suit your space and style needs. With a focus on durable, elegant design and quality, our booths are ideal for almost any hospitality or food service environment. Restaurant furniture plus booths are suitable for banqueting, restaurants, dining halls, lobbies, community centers, student lounges, waiting rooms, hospitals, and other public spaces.

Make a special area for everyone to get along and share meals or drinks by adding a wooden or vinyl restaurant booth to the decor. Adding a wooden or vinyl booth to your restaurant will create an inviting space where people can meet and enjoy each other’s company.

Our robust, professional wood restaurant booths are available in a dark mahogany and walnut finish. So, you have the option to choose between the two ready-made wooden booths that will compliment the tables in your restaurant or park. Our wooden booths come with black vinyl seating pads that increase durability and ease of cleaning. The versatility of wood and the strength of vinyl make these booths an excellent choice for you.

No matter how visually good it is, it can be comfortable and attractive only if it sits neatly on the booth table. Therefore, we offer different booth lengths for a perfect fit and finish.

The wooden booths provide a rustic and vintage look. We ensure that this look comes at an affordable price that allows even the most budget-conscious person to create the perfect environment without making a whole in your wallet.

Where to Buy the Best Restaurant Booths?

Restaurant Booths


We, Restaurant furniture plus, offer over 10,000 products from numerous manufacturers at the best prices guaranteed in the best catalogs. Our offer includes a wide range of these with different styles, materials, and price points, while it is easy to find everything you need in one place, with central invoices from multiple vendors. In addition, if you need these tailored to your exact specifications, we offer custom-built solutions. It is supported by a global team of project managers who are here to help you save time and money. Talk to our experts today!