Rug Size for Queen Bed: Tips and Ideas to Find the Right One

rug size for queen bed

A gorgeous rug is the perfect finishing touch to bedroom decor. The rug under the bed makes the space look organized and makes the bedroom feel more welcoming and cozy. But the main question that arises is about the rug size for queen bed. If your bedroom doesn’t feature a fully carpeted floor, a queen bed rug can be added for an extra pop of color and liveliness. With a selection of the right rug for queen size bed, your bedroom floor can be featured with extra comfort, warmth, texture, hues, and patterns. 

A rug under queen bed can prove to be a beneficial investment to enhance the decor of the bedroom. A plain bedroom doesn’t make the space inviting. It’s the accent elements and furniture that make a bedroom more stylish and comfortable.

Points for Perfect Rug Size for Queen Bed

A rug can enhance the design of the whole bedroom and can act as a bonus element to keep the room cozy and comforting. There are a few factors to be considered while opting for the best rug size for queen bed to elevate the aesthetics.

1. Size of the Room

What size rug under queen bed mainly depends on the dimensions of the room. The rug size and room size must complement each other for a cohesive design.

A small room cannot be furnished with an oversized rug and similarly, a spacious room won’t look good with a tiny rug. These two must go hand-in-hand to impart a holistic experience and make the room decor look interesting.

2. Furniture Layout

The next important factor influencing the queen bed rug is furniture placement in the room.

A rug under queen bed or at its foot is the most common way to furnish a room. However, there are many more creative layouts that can be adopted to tweak the typical bedroom look. Opting for the right rug size for queen bed as per layout can result in a unique appearance of the room. 

3. Placement for Rug

Another thing to be considered is the placement of rugs with respect to the bed. Rug size under queen bed can vary from the placement of rug against a wall. Thus, the planned location for the rug can play an important role in determining the size.

What Size Rug for Queen Bed for Enhanced Space?

The incorrect placement and rug size under queen bed can lower the visual appeal of the bedroom as it can be noticed very easily. It may make things seem out of place. Whereas, appropriate rug size for queen bed in the perfect spot can transform the space into a stylish and appealing one.

To accommodate a queen bed in a bedroom with ample circulation space, the bedroom should have minimum dimensions of 10’ x 10’. The rug size for queen bed will be guided by the size and orientation of the room.

Typically, rugs are features perpendicular to the beds and are generally placed a minimum of 6 inches away from the walls. What size rug for queen bed doesn’t have one answer as it varies as per the space and layout.

Here is a simple breakdown of the dimensions of rugs to guide you in the right direction.

1. 4’ x 6’


rug size for queen bed


4’ x 6’ rug size for queen bed is considered too small as compared to the bed. However, a combination of two rugs of this size can be laid on either side of the bed to make it look unique and interesting.

2. 5’ x 7’ or 5’ x 8’

rug size for queen bed


This rug size under queen bed works well. It is the minimum size that can be placed under a queen bed. However, it cannot accommodate the nightstands on it.

3. 6’ x 9’

rug size for queen bed


Six feet by nine feet works well for a typical-sized bedroom. If placed under a queen bed, it leaves about 14” of rug on either side of the bed.

4. 7’ x 10’

This is the largest rug size under queen bed for an average-sized room and offers about 20 inches of cushion beneath each side of the bed.

5. 8’ x 10’ or 9’ x 12’


For a large room, placing rugs of these sizes under the queen bed. Both sizes offer space to place nightstands and other furniture items like a room chair or bench on the rug.

6. Runners 

For very compact bedrooms, runners can be placed on both sides of the bed or as a rug under queen bed. These add an essence of warmth and increase the levels of coziness into the room without consuming too much space.

Tips for Placement of Queen Bed Rug

Once the appropriate rug size for the queen bed has been selected, the next major concern is the placement of the rug as per the furniture layout. A bed is the main attention-seeking element of a bedroom and enhancing it with a rug can offer a stylish look to the room.

Here are a few tips for placing a queen bed rug to level up the aesthetics scale of your bedroom.

  1. A small rug measuring 5’ x 7’ or 5’ x 8’ is an appropriate option for a rug under queen bed. It can be placed under 2/3rd of the bed which will leave a few inches of it exposed on the three edges of the bed.
  2. A medium 7’ x 10’ rug can have 2/3rd of the rug under bed or it can be placed nearer to the headboard. The latter option will offer the provision to place the nightstands on the rug.
  3. Larger rugs are spacious enough to hold the queen bed along with night stands easily. However, if you wish to put nightstands on the floor, this rug size for queen bed can be placed at three-quarters of the bed.
  4. For compact spaces, elements like sheepskins or runners are well-suited on the sides of the bed. These can also be put at foot but furniture shouldn’t be placed over these.

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5 Appealing Ideas for Queen Bed Rug

A suitable rug size and appropriate placement can make the room look gorgeous and relaxing. A rug has to be in sync with the decor and space. Here are 5 ideas to amplify the glam factor of your bedroom with rugs.

1. Queen Bed Rug at Foot- 8’ x 10’

rug size for queen bed


Opting for an 8’ x 10’ rug size for queen bed is the simplest way to make the bedroom appear designer. The rug can be placed towards the end of the bed and space for side tables should be left.

This layout leaves ample space to place an ottoman near the foot of the bed. The rug seems to frame the space around the bed with its border.

2. Rectangular Rug at the End- 4’ x 6’

rug size for queen bed


If you wish to place the rug at the foot of the bed, 4’ x 6’ is the well-suited size for this purpose. A rug in a monochromatic color palette and geometric pattern can impart a calm atmosphere to the bedroom.

This size and placement of the rug enhance the decor of any room with wooden flooring. Rugs ornamented with tassels can offer additional texture and impart a playful essence to the room.

3. Rug Beside Bed- 5’ x 7’

rug size for queen bed


Putting these small rugs on either side of the bed gives a unique look to the room. This style is ideal for bedroom layouts that don’t have the bed placed in the middle. Placing rugs beside the bed can make the layout seem balanced.

4. Full Coverage Rug Under Queen Bed

rug size for queen bed


8’ x 10’ rug size for queen bed can offer full coverage in the room except for space for side tables. This rug size under queen bed offers a luxurious look to the room.

5. Round Rug

rug size for queen bed


Contrasting to the typical rectangular rugs are round rugs. A 6’ round rug suits them best at the foot of the bed and makes a statement. It imparts a balance and if chosen in muted tones, it can offer a classic look. This style goes well with any interior decor.

Rug Under Bed for Reinforced Style

rug size for queen bed


While choosing the right rug size for queen bed, it’s important to assess the space and decor language of the room. The rug should blend with the space set up and make it look beautiful. 

A poor selection of the rug size for queen bed and random layout can lower the visual appeal of the room and make the entire layout seem out of place. The selection of the right rug is crucial because it can either make or break the aesthetics of the space.

Every room is different with a unique layout, so the rules can be broken to adopt the design that imparts maximum comfort and aesthetics.

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