What Is the Safest Part of Miami to Live In?

Safest Part of Miami to Live In

Over 6.1 million people live in the greater Miami area, making it the eighth-largest metropolitan area in the US. Let’s see the safest part of Miami to live in.

Like all big cities, some Miami neighborhoods have a reputation for being very safe. Other neighborhoods, not so much.

If you’re hoping to make a move to the Sunshine State, it’s vital to understand the safest parts of Miami to live in. Even if you’re just planning a visit, you want to make sure your hotel or Airbnb is in a safe, secure neighborhood.

We’re here to ease your concerns and help you make an informed decision. Keep reading for our in-depth Miami guide, including the safest part of Miami to live or stay in.

The Safest Parts of Miami to Live

Whether you’re moving to Miami for a job opportunity, to raise your family, or to enjoy your retirement, you have no shortage of amazing neighborhoods to choose from.

Do you want a condo that overlooks the ocean? A large, secluded home on a quiet golf course? Or a downtown apartment right in the heart of Miami’s amazing nightlife?

Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it on our list. Let’s start by counting down the safest Miami neighborhoods to live in.

1. Pinecrest

With some of the lowest crime rates in the greater Miami area, Pinecrest is arguably the safest part of Miami. In terms of statistics, it ranks safer than 58% of US cities.

Safety aside, what makes Pinecrest a great place to call home? For starters, you can’t beat its location just south of Coral Gables and east of Kendall. You’re just a stone’s throw from Biscayne Bay and a short drive away from Coconut Grove and the University of Miami.

Although it’s near the heart of Miami, residents will tell you that Pinecrest has the feel of an old-world European village. You’ll find plenty of wholesome, family-friendly events happening yea-round, right inside the community. Think farmer’s markets, neighborhood picnics, and arts and crafts events for the kids.

If you’re looking for a safe, tight-knit community to raise a family or settle into retirement, Pinecrest could be your calling card.

Safest Part of Miami to Live In

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2. Aventura

As you can see here, Aventura frequently makes the list of the safest parts of Miami. In fact, it’s considered safer than 20% of the cities in the US.

Like many Florida neighborhoods, it’s a planned community that features all the amenities you could possibly want. You’ll find Aventura in North Miami, not far from Golden Beach and Sunny Isles Beach. The name “Aventura” comes from the Spanish word for adventure, and there’s no shortage of that in the area.

Aventura features award-winning golf courses, world-class beaches, and some of the best shopping and dining options in South Florida. The Aventura Mall, for example, is one of the largest and most luxurious shopping centers in the US. Best of all, you get all these conveniences just half an hour outside of downtown Miami.

If you’re a shopaholic or you just love the idea of being within walking distance of a million different amenities, Aventura is the place for you.

3. Sunny Isles Beach

Does your idea of Florida living include a high-rise apartment over the ocean? If so, look for your new home in Sunny Isles Beach. (Because let’s face it: How can a place with the words “sunny,” “isles,” and “beach” be anything but amazing?)

Since we’re talking about safety first, let’s start with neighborhood stats. The crime rate in Sunny Isles Beach is 31% lower than the national average. In fact, it’s one of few areas in the country that’s seeing a decrease in crime rates!

At the same time, it’s considered safer than 54% of other cities nationwide. You can’t really ask for more than that — but you’re about to get it anyway.

You’ll find this luxurious address just across the Intracoastal Waterway from neighboring Aventura. The neighborhood features opulent high-rises, private yacht clubs, and five-star restaurants, all built on natural barrier islands. Of course, the beaches are also second-to-none.

Despite its exclusive feel, Sunny Isles Beach is very much in the heart of the action. Drive a few miles north and you’ll land in Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale. A few miles south takes you into South Beach, while the campus of Florida International University is right in your backyard.

4. Coral Way

Sandwiched between downtown Miami and Coconut Grove, you’ll find a collection of quaint neighborhoods known as Coral Way. Crime rates have actually dipped 9% in recent years, making this area safer than 65% of other cities in Florida.

If you’re looking for a truly eclectic place to call home, Coral Way is it. It’s a seamless blend of old Florida, traditional Cuban, and ultra-modern, all coexisting side by side. It’s home to college students, retirees, young families, and entrepreneurs, meaning you’ll never get bored with your neighbors!

Coral Way is filled with charming boutiques, health spas, new-age shops, and quaint cafes. You’ll find plenty of people exercising outside or relaxing beneath the palm and Poinciana trees. You’re also a short drive away from Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, a cultural icon you’ll enjoy visiting again and again.

If you’re ready to pick up the pace, head a few blocks south to Coconut Grove for some of the country’s best nightlife options. The University of Miami is within easy walking or biking distance, while the airport is just a few miles to the north.

In terms of a central location, it doesn’t get any more central than this!

Safest Part of Miami to Live In

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5. Brickell

What Manhattan is to New York City, Brickell is to Miami. The area is the city’s financial district and is in many ways similar to the feel of NYC (hence its nickname, the “Manhattan of the South”). In fact, Brickell is home to the largest concentration of international banks anywhere in the US!

You’d think that its location right smack in the middle of Miami would be riddled with crime, but the opposite is true. It’s not only one of the safest parts of Miami, but it’s one of the safest neighborhoods in the entire state of Florida. The overall crime rate has dropped 9% recently and now sits 25% lower than the national average.

Even if you’re not a finance guru, there are a lot of reasons you’ll love calling Brickell home. It’s stunning, for one thing. Its highrises make up the majority of the famous Miami skyline you see in travel photos. And the views over Biscayne Bay and South Beach aren’t bad either.

Convenience is the biggest feature of the area, though. Roll out of bed, go downstairs, and you’re literally steps away from any restaurant, shop, or business you need. You’re also a short drive from great shopping and entertainment complexes like Bayside Marketplace, as well as the busy Port of Miami.

6. Key Biscayne

Imagine a small community sandwiched between two state parks, a beautiful bay, and the Atlantic Ocean. Throw in some palm trees, mangroves, and miles of unspoiled beaches, and you’ve arrived at Key Biscayne.

Fun fact: The islands in southern Florida are called “Keys” from the Spanish word “cayo.” Key Biscayne is the closest one to downtown Miami — it’s a large barrier island that sits just across the Rickenbacker Causeway.

Its secluded location equals boast-worthy low crime rates. It’s 38% lower than the national average, making it a full 76% safer than other US cities. If you want to sleep easy at night, a home on Key Biscayne should provide the peace of mind you’re looking for.

Another reason people love living here is its quaint, small-town feel. Wandering through its quiet streets and parks, you’d never guess that the hustle and bustle of downtown Miami were just a few miles away. Residents also love the easy access to great beaches, sandbars, and the iconic 200-year-old Cape Florida Lighthouse.

In terms of livability, you won’t find a better south Florida option than Key Biscayne.

7. Bal Harbour

If you can afford it, nothing says Miami affluence like a Bal Harbour mailing address. Located at the northern tip of North Beach (the top of Miami Beach), this “village” will make you think you’re living in a luxury resort.

It ranks pretty high on the “safe neighborhoods” list, coming in at 48% safer than other cities in the nation. This is partially due to the area’s high-security high-rise buildings.

What about amenities? Don’t worry — everything you want is right outside your door. There are luxury shopping centers, marinas and yacht clubs, as well as an array of private residents-only beaches. The local housing market is more stable than you might expect, too.

And with the ocean to your east and the Bal Harbor islands to your west, your hardest decision will be whether you enjoy the sunrise or the sunset views more.

8. Kendall

Are you more interested in family-friendly suburbs than fancy penthouse apartments? If so, take your house hunt southwest to the popular neighborhood of Kendall.

How safe is Kendall? You’ll find crime rates 40% lower than the US average, making it safer than 52% of other American cities. It’s filled with young families and child-friendly activities, making it the ideal place for dropping roots and raising your kids.

The posh community of Pinecrest lies just east of Kendall, but Kendall itself has a decidedly laid-back, low-key vibe. You’ll find plenty of middle-class families making the commute to the city for work or school. In Kendall itself, you’re spoiled for shopping options at the enormous Dadeland Mall or The Falls.

Further south, you’ll find lots of great family-friendly activities like the Miami Zoo, Coral Castle, and Monkey Jungle. It’s no wonder this neighborhood gets “A” ratings for families, schools, and overall diversity.

9. Coconut Grove

Locals just call it “The Grove,” because everyone (even out-of-towners) has heard of Coconut Grove. It’s actually the oldest continually inhabited part of Miami, first settled back in 1825. It’s also home to many iconic Miami landmarks such as the Botanical Gardens and Vizcaya Museum.

The northeast and southwest sections of Coconut Grove are considered the safest areas, with 24/7 police surveillance.

The neighborhood itself is absolutely gorgeous, with lush tropical trees and long shady sidewalks. You’ll find a good mix of townhomes, condos, and waterfront gated communities, meaning there’s something for everyone here.

For entertainment, you’re just a few minutes away from Coco Walk, Grove Isle, and Dinner Key. And if you have kids, you’ll be happy to hear that this area boasts some of the best schools in all of Miami.

10. Coral Gables

Right next door to Coconut Grove, you’ll find the last item on our list of the safest parts of Miami: Coral Gables. It’s considered 11% safer than other US cities, which isn’t bad considering its proximity to everything you need.

Coral Gables sits just south of Miami International Airport and southwest of the greater downtown area. In fact, it was one of the first planned communities in the southeastern US. It’s home to the University of Miami, the Miracle Mile, and the beautiful Venetian Pool.

Although only a portion of Coral Gables sits on the waterfront, the area is full of canals and inlets. This makes it an ideal choice for boating enthusiasts, as you won’t have trouble finding a place to store your boat. These are the safest part of Miami to live in.

Now You Know the Safest Part of Miami

If you’re moving to the Sunshine State, you need to know more than just the safest parts of Florida. You also need to know the safest part of Miami so you can narrow your search for your new home.

As you continue your research, bookmark this list and refer back to it often. That way, you’re sure to find a home in a safe, secure, and beautiful neighborhood!

Once you find your Miami home, you’ll need to furnish and decorate it. Keep browsing our site for all the design inspiration you need, as well as other great articles like this one.