What to Look for in the Best Scribing Tool for Your Business?

Scribing Tool

Scribers can be versatile tools, from offering the simplest of functionality to doing complex calculations and making the perfect scribe line. Moreover, you have plenty of scribing tools to choose from! There are some with diamond tips, some that offer a non-slip start, and others that specialize in unique scribing methods. Now, shopping for a scribing tool can be challenging, but it is essential to understand that not any scribing tool is ideal for your needs.

There might be some features you don’t generally use or require in a scriber. Or you merely require a simple woodworking scriber for your once-in-a-while garage projects.

Not every scribing tool is the best scribing tool that meets your specifications. So, before you start worrying about which scriber brand will last longer in your hands, consider your business needs.

What Do You Need from a Scribing Tool?

Scribing Tool

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Although built with one main purpose, a scribing tool comes in various types suited to the demanding needs of various industries. There is an ideal scriber for a lab technician, one meant just for researchers, some for scientists, and others for regular household projects.

Depending on your requirement, a scribing tool can offer pinpoint precision and accurate sample creation services.

A few industries have a prerequisite to have scribing tools that ensure no damage or contamination during the process. 

A few others involve the use of innovative scribing techniques to make the most out of the expensive materials and resources.

Small businesses with the need for a scribing tool look to increase their productivity within a short period using simple-to-use but highly efficient scribers.

In short, it always helps to understand your business needs and keep plans in mind before investing in a high-grade scribing tool or settling for a regular scriber.

The Best Scribing Tools on the Market

Scribing Tool

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The main purpose of a scribing tool is to deliver precision by creating a weak point in a given substrate from where it gets cleaved to get the perfect break.

To achieve such delicate accuracy requires a tool that is worth years of research and upgrades. LatticeGear is a renowned name in the industry when it comes to designing superior quality and innovative scribing and cleaving solutions.

Every tool manufactured by LatticeGear offers streamlined services with in-built adaptability, a feat not many have managed to accomplish so far.

Here is a quick look at some of the market-dominating scribing tools from LatticeGear that reflect the various business needs and their respective specialties.

Laser Carbide Cutters

One of the many frontside scribers, the laser carbide cutter is specifically designed to scribe materials ranging from a hard to ultra-thin density. From quartz glass to silicon and III-V materials, the tungsten carbide wheels ensure a non-slip start and deep scoring for easier cleaving.

FlipScribe 100

Innovation knows no bounds when it comes to ensuring the perfect cleave from a perfect start to scribing. A few materials like bonded wafers, glass, and sapphire benefit from scribe lines made at the back rather than the front. The FlipScribe 100 is an ideal tool to achieve effective scribes for such front-side substrates.


As a hand scriber, the LatticeScriber employs a unique 8-point diamond tip to get that flawless scribe line that makes using a hand tool a convenient task.


Scribing Tool

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Tungsten carbide is a reliable scribing material compatible with almost every type of substrate, from delicate materials like sapphires, silicon wafers, III-V, and all types of tempered glass. The FlexScribe, with its efficient straight scribe lining capability, is a recent addition to LatticeGear and makes for a necessary addition to every laboratory or research facility.

Carbide Cutters

A crucial edge that tungsten carbide cutters have over diamond-edged cutters is the reduction in particle contamination. Carbide cutters are usually general-purpose, produce less damage and contamination, and work efficiently on crystalline materials in addition to silicon and glass as thin as 1.5 mm. 

Final Thoughts

Scribing tools were once bulky equipment purchased only at an industrial level. Today, with many R&D achievements, LatticeGear makes available precision-furnishing scribing tools at affordable prices fitting all budgets.

Avail of these easy-to-use products or reach out to the experts and satisfy your concerns by giving a call at 503-828-0040 today.