Know All About Sheesham Wood

Sheesham wood Vs. Mango wood Vs. Teak wood

When you shop for furniture, you are most likely to encounter Sheesham wood; it is the Dalbergia sissoo tree’s wood, which originated from the north Indian Rosewood tree. These trees are tall, fast-growing trees indigenous to the Indian subcontinent. It grows in all parts of the world but is classified as an invasive species in Australia and some parts of the US. This article will discuss all about Sheesham wood, its various uses, and its benefits.

What Is Sheesham Wood?

sheesham wood furniture


Sheesham wood, also called Dalbergia Sisso, is a deciduous tree; in the Indian subcontinent, it is called Sheesham. It is widely grown across the breadth and length of the sub-Himalayan region, extending from Assam in the east to the Indus River. These forests extend across Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, West Bengal, and Assam. There it is categorized by various names such as Shishan, Sissoo, or Sisu. 

This tree usually grows with riverbanks below 900 meters but can reach up to 1,300m. The most appropriate temperature for these trees is between 10 to 40 degrees Celsius. It is strong enough to withstand an average yearly rainfall of a maximum of 2,000mm and droughts not exceeding 3-4 months. 

People plant this tree usually in urban areas for its shade and visual appeal. You are most likely to find sheesham wood furniture in indian trade; this tree has attained popularity over many years due to its attractive colors and grain.

What Are the Types of Sheesham Wood?

sheesham wood furniture


Sheesham wood is divided into of two types, such as heartwood which is golden to dark reddish-brown. And sapwood, which is white to straw-colored. In all trees, sapwood is the living part found under the bark. As the tree grows, it creates new sapwood, which covers the old sapwood cells. These cells then die and become heartwood.

Sheesham heartwood is heavier and darker than sapwood because the dead cells are filled with a resin responsible for the celebrated color and scent of rosewood. The sapwood has more moisture because you get it from the living part of the tree. Due to these characteristics, the heartwood is generally more stable and resistant to rot, insects, and fungus than sapwood.

You may not be able to select whether your hardwood table is made up of sapwood or heartwood. Still, it is worth noting that the different kinds of woods are suited for different environments and purposes for the beautiful and dramatic color variations that make Sheesham wood unique.

What Are the Features of the Sheesham Tree?

sheesham wood furniture


The appearance of this tree is weird as its name. The color of the wood ranges from being golden brown to a dark brown or chestnut color with a darker streak that is rich and lustrous in look. It is sturdy and tough enough with a straight grain, though many people find it interlocked. Its texture also ranges from medium to coarse with a natural luster, which makes it best to enhance the look of your room.


Sheesham wood Vs. Mango wood Vs. Teak wood


The workability of this wood is impressive because it goes well with almost everything such as glue, machinery, and finishing. For this reason, people prefer sheesham wood furniture. As the wood is dense and substantial, it is solid which showcases its excellent quality. For this reason, you will see most of the Indian furniture made from Sheesham wood.

Why Is Sheesham Wood Best for Home Furniture?

Sheesham wood Vs. Mango wood Vs. Teak wood


Sheesham wood is a popular choice for furniture for the following reasons.


Being decay-resistant, this wood is highly durable for furniture. It can withstand all weather and is preferred as one of the best choices for making home and office furniture.


Wood is resistant to dry termite attacks and is anti-bacterial, making it last longer. You can pass your Sheesham wood bed on to generation without any worry.

It Comes in Various Shades

Sheesham wood is accessible in various shades, which is an appealing look for furniture pieces made out of it. The sheesham wood furniture pieces would get a premium look from the natural grains in the wood, ranging from the pain withered finish to a dry redwood shade.

Best for Wood Carving

Sheesham wood is amongst the best woods for carving because it does not warp or bend, or split during the carving process. Moreover, the wood is hard with a medium-coarse texture, making it the best ingredient for carving and engraving designs. With this wood type, you can easily get the best designs for your furniture as it is highly versatile.


It also works out to be the most economical option because it does not need any special maintenance or care concerns, and you can clean it easily by wiping it with a dry cotton cloth.

What Are the Advantages of Sheesham Wood?

Sheesham wood Vs. Mango wood Vs. Teak wood


Amongst the most significant advantages of this wood is its carving, and you can easily get it carved into any desired shape and design that will stand out.

Sheesham wood is among the fast-growing trees; its texture is not as refined as slower-growing trees. Because of this, it is softer than many other hardwoods, such as teak. This wood is more forgiving on tools and easier to work with for amateur woodworkers. Sheesham wood is highly flexible; you can bend it without cracking it.

If your floor or table is made of solid Sheesham wood, it will sustain any damage and be easy to repair with some quick sanding and polish. As it is so sturdy, you can pass on your Sheesham wood bed as a family heirloom, or you can sell it as a valuable antique generation after it was built.

Each piece of Sheesham wood is unique as it is known for its beautiful color. It is straight grain and is easy to carve, glue, and turn. Also, it has a natural luster and smooth finish. It sometimes also spreads a slightly pleasant fragrance because of the resins trapped in the wood.

There are also ecological advantages of choosing wood for decorating and building over more artificial materials like concrete, steel, or glass. This wood is a renewable resource and needs less processing to reach its finished form than steel does.

Why Is Sheesham Wood Best for Furniture?

Because of its excellent grain texture, it will be easy for you to finish it, and after polishing, it will look fantastic. It has a beautiful dark color which makes it unique from other woods. If you want something different looking furniture then without a doubt this wood is perfect for you.

The best use for this type of wood is for furniture and decorative items. Like other kinds of rosewoods, Sheesham wood is best for cabinet making and other ornamental pieces due to the beautiful colors and grains coaxed out of the wood.

People also use this wood for marine and aircraft grade plywood, charcoal for heating and cooking, tool handles, ornamental turnery, and carving and engraving.

Sheesham Wood Vs. Mango Wood Vs. Teak Wood: Which Is Better?

We all know that wooden furniture lasts more, and it has a sense of belongingness to wood that keeps us intrigued. It is common amongst people to get confused whether which wood is better,  and keep on wondering a comparison between Sheesham wood vs. mango wood vs. teak wood. I have come with an easy read for you to learn the difference.

Sheesham Wood

It is also known as Indian rosewood and is one of the most broadly used hardwoods accessible in regions closest to river streams. It is available in Haryana and nearby places. There are multiple advantages of the Sheesham wood, such as:

  • It is free from fungus
  • It has a natural shine that adds elegance to the product
  • Sheesham wood is peat resistant

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Mango Wood

Mango is ubiquitous in India and believed to have originated in India. Its structure has a grainy structure, and you can use it without polish. However, polish adds smoothness and shine to the wood. There are several advantages of using this wood, such as:

  • You can combine this wood with other materials such as wrought iron that enhances its skills
  • You can cut and shape this wood with ease as it is the softest hardwood.

Teak Wood

Teak grows in the tropics; it was first documented as having been used since the 7th century when the rich people used it for building homes. Because it is resistant to rot, many people use it as boats and ships. Advantages of teak wood are:

  • It is naturally resistant to water and is best for outdoor use.
  • Teak wood properties make it resistant to pests and other harmful germs.
  • Teak is stiffer than various common woods, so it is usually used as a floor.


In-house, Sheesham wood is a great and popular choice for furniture, door and window frames, and flooring. If you want to create make a statement with the dining or coffee table, Sheesham wood is your ideal choice. Its rich, varied colors and unique grain mean each piece is uniquely beautiful and yours. 

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