Shutters Vs Blinds: Which is the Best for Your Home?

shutters vs blinds

Humans are social animals. We were all freely wandering in the open space of the earth. Slowly we started to settle in a fixed place and started giving it so much importance. Now, the home has become a very important place as it provides, among other things, protection, autonomy, belonging, identity, values, hopes, and privacy. 

Humans have started to spend most of his life in his home. To attain the utmost comfort, there is remodeling and redesigning services to cater to the needs ranging from color, style, décor, and accessories. Interior decoration is no easy task. It demands attention to every intricate detail. 

In this article, we will discuss the Shutters Vs Blinds and analyze the suitability of them to our homes. So, we are going to know a lot more about both the shutters and blinds.

What are Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters are an elegant window covering consisting of two or more spaced fixed louvers frames. The louvers inside the frame are pushed by a rod which is connected to the louvers outside. With plantation shutters, homeowners can choose by angling the louvers how much light they want to let in, and in what direction. 



Traditionally, plantation homes originally used the exterior plantation shutters. They were put on the outside of homes to close over the windows as heat and sun protection. Today, the exterior plantation shutters are used as an interior window covering in homes around Melbourne, Australia. They are considered a more modern treatment for windows than conventional exterior plantation shutters. When comparing blinds vs shutters, shutters offer complete privacy when closed, and block the heat and sunlight.

Advantages of Plantation Shutters

  • Within external plantation shutters, tailor-made spokes improve insulation levels in your house. The reason this works is that when the inner window shutters are shut down when the slats are closed, this leaves a space of air between the shutters and the window that helps to create an isolating barrier to your home.
  • External plantation shutters help deliver an additional soundproofing shield from outside noise to your house. Outdoor aluminum plantation shutters provide ultimate soundproof.
  • The privacy rates in your home are improved when you install outdoor aluminum plantation shutters customized to your needs. This is because the plantation shutter slats can be adjusted to allow light to enter your home, yet no one can see inside your house.
  • Outdoor aluminum plantation shutters are much easier to clean as compared with window curtains because you only need to get a cloth and some polish and wipe them down.

Disadvantages of Blinds

  • One drawback of installing external plantation shutters is the cost. They can be very expensive, particularly if you want to install high-quality shutters.
  • Comparing plantation shutters vs blinds, shutters are much easier to clean compared to curtains, and a downside is that they need daily cleaning to remove the dust that builds up quickly.
  • The cost of plantation shutters vs blinds is also important to consider. Comparatively, Blinds are costlier.

What are Blinds?

An outdoor blinds Melbourne is a type of window cover. There are several different types of window blinds that use several device controls. A typical window blind consists of many long horizontal or vertical slats of different hard material types including wood, plastic, or metal that are held together by cords running through the blind slats. 



Advantages of Blinds

  • A common feature needed by most people is their ability of the outdoor blinds Melbourne to diffuse and/or block light. Quality outdoor blinds serve that purpose certainly.
  • Privacy is an integral part of every outdoor blind Melbourne. At any time, particularly while in the bathroom, you don’t want strangers peeking in. Blinds are suitable for this reason as a shade with the blackout alternative or liner.
  • Your windows complement your interior decoration. Quality outdoor blinds are available for nearly every window size, form, and shape.

Disadvantages of Blinds

  • Quite frequently, the blinds would have to be swept.
  • Comparing plantation shutters vs blinds, blinds are less effective at keeping up in the sun.

Difference Between Shutters and Blinds

On a broader note, comparing shutters vs blinds, shutters are usually solid coverings with slats that can be opened or closed to monitor the amount of light coming into the house. Blinds are simply window coverings that come with vanes or slats; they allow the owner to raise the window or lower the blind. 


When comparing plantation shutters vs blinds, Shutters are generally called stationary blind variants that come with a rope. The rod is placed on the shutter slats for rotation. 

Blinds can come in a wide variety of designs and shapes and what best separates them is their vertical and horizontal slats. Many blinds also come with sheer fabric that overlays their structure to raise the privacy level when it is open.

Energy Efficiency

Sometimes, the Window treatments such as shutters vs blinds are made from a material that is not well insulated. Most of the materials are brittle, leaving a void around the edge of the material that leaves the winter in cold weather. Planting shutters are the most energy-saving solution for windows you can find. 


Both shutters and blinds provide security. Plantation Shutters, combined with the classic design, give the protection of reinforced aircraft-grade aluminum. Such aluminum plantation shutters that are lockable and hinge-able remove the need for protective blinds or curtains.

Light Control and Privacy

Both the Plantation shutters vs blinds do this job properly. However, the shades in which they are installed influences the functionality of the blinds vs shutters.


When it comes to the cost of plantation shutters vs blinds, quality outdoor blinds are more expensive than the shutters as shutters are more durable than the Blinds. However, Blinds can last for 10 to 15 years, whereas shutters can be a lifetime.

On a final note, both Plantation shutters and blinds are excellent choices, and when installed in your home, each has different advantages. Both shutters vs blinds have fantastic features to bring your room to the fullest of the sun. Generally, blinds in smaller rooms can be more streamlined, and shutters can better be used in larger rooms. 

The cost of plantation shutters vs blinds is also worthy of the benefits it is going to provide us. But it’s up to you and your personal preference to determine to choose between blinds vs shutters and how to style your home.