11+ Stylish Sliding Screen Door for Inside & Outside of 2022

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Do you live in regions where the temperature sometimes is too hot? Whether it’s too hot or humid, you can tackle these weather situations by opening your door. However, opening the door also means an invitation to the rodents and insects. Are you facing the same issues? then sliding screen door is the best solution for you.

These doors are highly beneficial during summer as they help maintain the temperature of your home by reducing the heat inside your space. These screen doors are also practical and functional as they not only elevate the appearance of your home but also allow fresh air and natural light into your home.

Also, winter is almost here, so most people will keep their doors and windows closed. However, by installing front screen doors, you can enjoy your surroundings without getting any cold air inside your house. 

Screen doors are available in various types and styles. From sliding screen doors to traditional hinged doors and barn screens, there are many options available in the market. That’s why it’s important to know which screen door will work best for your home. 

Today in this blog, we’re going to tell you everything about screen doors and their types and benefits. We’ve also gathered up some of the trendy and best sliding screen doors of 2022. So keep on reading and pick the right screen door for your home. 

What Is A Screen Door?

A screen door is a type of exterior door which is made of metal mesh or glass. It is usually installed outside your main entry door.

Screen doors increase the level of security as they come with advanced locking mechanisms and systems. They also provide enough privacy to your house while allowing sufficient ventilation to enter your home. These doors are also useful in keeping insects or pests away from the house. 

Benefits of Screen Doors

You may have already seen screen doors in your neighbor’s homes. That’s because these types of sliding screen doors are pretty popular nowadays. You might be wondering what’s so special about them? What are the advantages of using screen doors? The reason behind their popularity is that they offer many benefits and also add a curb appeal to your house. 

Let’s know what the main advantages of using screen doors are: 

  • Screen doors allow fresh air and natural light to your home with the additional safety of an exterior door. This way, the temperature and atmosphere of your home will remain moderate and bright. This will ultimately result in low power consumption. 
  • A sliding screen door will only keep strangers and intruders away from home but also prevent bugs and insects from coming in. They also keep your pets and children safe. 
  • These doors also increase the value and add a style to your property. There are many designs, styles, and types available today.
  • Natural air keeps our mind, body, and soul fresh and peaceful. These doors will help to flow cool air throughout the space. 

If you’re planning to install new sliding screen doors or want to add a new one, it’s vital to know its various types. Now might be wondering whether it matters, and there is no big deal in picking the door. But that’s not true at all! 

Just by looking at the image or knowing just the name, you could buy the wrong screen door for your home and end up wasting your money! Let’s take a look at different types of cheap screen doors.

7 Types of Screen Doors for Home in 2022  

From various materials to stylish frames, screen doors are available in countless designs and patterns. However, the most important thing is to know the right type so that you can get the right screen door for your front door. Here are seven common types of screen doors that are widely used: 

  • Traditional Screen Doors
  • Sliding Screen Doors
  • Retractable Screen Doors
  • Pivoting Screen Doors
  • Barn Screen Doors
  • Decorative Screen Door
  • Nursery Screen Door

Let’s know each type of door in detail. 

1. Traditional Screen Doors

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Traditional screen doors are also known as ‘hinged doors.’ This style of the screen door is most commonly used in American homes. They’re designed to fit perfectly in the outer part of the door. They work just like a regular hinged door; the only difference is that they’re placed outside your main door’s home. 

Traditional screen doors are available in standard sizes and materials like wood and vinyl, and aluminum. The best thing is that they cost around the same as a typical screen door would. 

So those looking for classic farmhouse-style doors, these hinged screen doors are a perfect option for you. You can also stain and paint them to create a unique and fantastic look.  

2. Retractable Screen Doors

sliding screen door

Source: allseasonsca.com

Another widely recognized screen doors are retractable screen doors. You can use these doors for both modern and contemporary decor. The best thing about these types of doors is that they can be used for french doors, double doors, patios, and even for front entry doors. 

Retractable screen doors not only add a versatile factor to your space but also help you save space. Yes, as compared to other types of doors, they’re not permanently fixed to the door, and you can also store it in the spring-loaded casing. The benefit of it is that you can easily pull down or open it according to your requirements. 

They look so beautiful and disappear seamlessly into the hinge. You can enjoy the fresh air and breeze without worrying about bugs or insects. This is also best for families with small kids or pets. This door will provide appropriate security and keep them safe. 

Due to their large size, most people prefer retractable screen doors for their backyards and patio. This sliding screen door replacement is also pretty easy and affordable. You can enjoy the beauty of nature and your backyard while staying safe. 

3. Slider Screen Doors

sliding screen door

Source: bigcommerce.com

Don’t like a screen door with hinges for your home? Get sliding screen doors. They are popular among many homeowners because of this reason. Works perfectly with contemporary and modern home designs, these patio screen doors can be fitted & installed on the exterior track of the sliding patio security door. Another advantage of these doors is that you can add this screen door to your existing sliding door.

Available in many options, these slider screen doors can be used for patios and backyards. They look stylish and compatible with all types of sliding doors. One drawback that can be seen in these sliding screen doors is that they can’t be lockable hence providing less security as compared to the other screen doors. 

That’s why it’s advised that you don’t use a slider door for your front door. Instead, they’re more preferable for backyards as they offer easy access and a better view. All the pet owners can buy a sliding screen door with a dog door.

Most of the sliding screen doors are made of glass; thus, they’re also receptive to natural light. This is the best screen for sliding glass doors. And when fresh air with natural light comes to your space, you’ll feel less stressed, anxious. 

4. Pivoting Screen Doors

sliding screen door

Source: adsttc.com

For a modern look but with a twist, go with a pivoting screen door. This is one of the latest types of screen doors in the market. Specialized hardware is used to mount this door on a pivoting hinge.  

These stylish and exquisite screen doors will add a statement of class elegance to your house. This door has a strange opening mechanism as it rotates on a pivot box. Due to this, it has a unique opening and closing style. 

You can’t leave most of the pivoting doors open for airflow. However, this can be good as it also keeps away bugs, insects, rats, and other pests that can easily come into your home if there is an opening. The pivoting door will surely make your home stand out among other residences on the street. 

5. Barn Screen Doors

sliding screen door

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Are you looking for a screen door suitable for country-style decor? Don’t think much; the barn screen door will be the perfect choice for you. Though these doors are more suitable for wide door openings, you can get custom-made ones. You can ask a local carpenter, and even many companies also offer this service. All you need is to give them the right measurement of your front or backyard door, and they will build a customized door for you.

Unlike pivoting screen doors, you can leave these doors open and get sufficient breeze and natural light. This screen door is also a good option for those people who want to create farmhouse vibes. Whether you want a screen door with extra-large openings or a simple screen door, you can get your barn screen door to customize in whatever design as per your desire. 

6. Decorative Screen Door

sliding screen door

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Are you looking for a door that is both creative and beautiful? If yes, this time instead of going for a regular screen door, go with decorative ones. These decorative screen doors look extremely pretty and instantly elevate your front door entrance. These doors come in various styles and designs. 

You can even personalize the pattern or design according to your home exteriors and architecture. They look eye-catching and work with almost any type of exterior. From wood to metal, you can get these fancy decorative screen doors in many materials and styling, including french doors with screens. The laser-cut pattern and design give the illusion of a shadow playing on your door. For a bold and unique look, paint them in bright colors. 

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7. Nursery Screen Door

sliding screen door

Source: homenish.com

Do you have a newborn baby or young child in your family? If yes, we highly recommend installing a nursery screen door. With this door, you can easily monitor the activities of your baby without continuously opening and closing the door. You can peek through the door and see what you’re little is up to without disturbing them. This nursery screen door comes in a variety of designs and colors. Pick the design and color that will appeal to tour children. 
Here are some of the trendy screen door ideas and designs for you. You can take inspiration from them and create a unique screen door for your space.

sliding screen door

Source: signaturewindowsuk.com

sliding screen door

Source: windowmaninc.com

sliding screen door

Source: wikimedia.org

french doors with screens

Source: brennancorp.com

french doors with screens

Source: opticwindowsanddoors.com

french doors with screens

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french doors with screens

Source: carlson.ie

french doors with screens

Source: windowfits.com

The Bottom Line

So which type of screen door do you like the most for your space? Is it a hinged screen door or a sliding screen door? Each door has different features, and each offers different aesthetics. Apart from the screen door types, many other types are also available such as aluminum screen doors, magnetic screen doors, wooden screen doors, and many more.

Before finalizing the design, you should always measure your existing door so that you can get the perfect measurements. You can also pick the screen door according to your requirements. For example, if you want to keep your baby’s room safe, go with a nursery screen door, and if you want to uplift your entryway, the decorative sliding screen door will be best.

So, this is all about the sliding screen doors. I hope this blog has helped you to find the right screen door for your home. Now you can easily upgrade your front door, backyard, or patio door with these stylish screen doors. Don’t forget to share this post with your family and friends and help them to spice up their spaces. 

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