Top 6 Perfect Small Bathroom Designs Ideas To Consider

small bathroom decor ideas

Having a big bathroom has limit to dreams nowadays. Because people prefer staying at apartments that are meant to be compact in size that bathrooms hardly get any extra space in particular. So no matter what we have to deal with small bathrooms but often our wrong choice of decor makes our bathroom look even smaller. Let’s see some small bathroom ideas.

Small bathroom design plays an important role in the size of the bathroom. As most of the time even big bathroom appears small but with the right interior. A small bathroom can look spacious which is a great thing for sure. When it comes to bathroom decor. There are already very few ideas to explore and the number already decreases with the decreasing size of the bathroom.

Fortunately, there are some ways such as addition as well as the elimination of some stuff can give your bathroom that much-need look. We all know how it feels to be in a nice bathroom that would be well decorate. If you already feel like your bathroom needs a renovation then you might also wonder about some of the best small bathroom interior ideas. Then here are some of the best small bathroom designs that you can check out and also try out in your bathroom:

A skylight for your bathroom:

Now this decor is possible only if there is no room above your bathroom and if your home is a single-story one then this would be best or you can even have it for your bathroom that is in the top floor of your house. Here the idea is to use the natural light of the nature as your bathroom decor and this hardly fails to impress people and this would be best if gazing through natural views calm you down then you would be in love with this decor.

Here you would have to cut the roof above your bathroom and attach a glass over there. So that the natural light can enter in and the one inside would also be able to view the nature outside. While enjoying a quick shower. Make sure to place your bathtub just below the skylight cut. So that you can relax there for a while and nature could be visible as well.

You can get the cut in different shapes and this would actually enhance the whole look of the bathroom. But that doesn’t mean you would not have lights as at night time lights would be your saviour.



Drawers as well as wall shelves:

We always desire to keep our bathroom essentials at bathroom. As no one ever wants to keep on taking things to bathroom and again take it bath in home as it feels very annoying at times. So people often get huge cabinets that they keep beneath mirror on the floor. These kinds of cabinet and drawer sets often prove out to be very bulky and so these things usually tend to eat up most of your space.

Drawers and Shelves


Here you can have wall shelves as well drawers and as these would be attach to walls. So it would not eat up much of your bathroom space. These additions would not only serve the purpose of your storage. But at the same time, it also makes the bathroom look big and beautiful at the same time.

Mono color decor:

If your bathroom would have too many colors all together then it would definitely look messy. At the same time it would not even look good which you may not want and this problem often happens with small-size bathrooms. Here to make your bathroom appear a bit bigger. You can get your entire bathroom in one single color as that creates an illusion of bigger space.

Mono color décor


If you would get a dark color then your bathroom may start appearing like a never-ending dark path. So it is always better to get your bathroom interiors in light colors. Such as white or any kind of pastel or mute color as that looks the best in small bathrooms. This is the best and very effective one among all the small bathroom ideas!

Small floating basin:

Gone are the days when people like huge basins rather. Nowadays people are more into compact things that would serve the purpose. But at the same time it should look good and the good thing about a floating basin is that it would, of course. Serve the purpose but at the same time it would not take up much of your bathroom space which is a great thing if your bathroom is already small.

Small floating basin


Here you would get it attach to the wall so there would be no basin stand so you can keep anything under the basic sink which is again a good thing.

Turn the cabinet door into a mirror:

You would be amaze to know that mirror creates an illusion of big space. So, if your bathroom is already small then mirror would help you. Moreover, mirror is a must thing in the bathroom which you would have to get so despite getting a normal mirror. You can get mirror cabinet where there would be a cabinet attach to the wall. The door of the cabinet would be turn into a mirror. This would make your bathroom look unique and beautiful at the same time.

Turn the cabinet door into a mirror


You can keep all your skincare and hair care essential in that cabinet. So that you can find things easily while standing in front of the mirror. These were some of the best small bathroom ideas. That you need to check out and also try them out for your bathroom and at Interiorcraze