10 Ultimate Small Bedroom Interior Design Tips

small bedroom interior design

Don’t consider a small bedroom area as a curse in a designing viewpoint, take it as an opportunity to get creative and see how beautiful and warmth giving your small bedroom interior design can be!

Small bedrooms are a blessing to have a baby-like sleep time. You can’t deny that. You have been missing sleeping like a baby for a very long time. Now the question is, how can we say that with this confident? According to ASA (American Sleep Association), television, the internet, and work can disrupt your sleep. So the less space dedicated to those areas, the more it will be sleep-friendly. And sleeping patterns should be appropriately maintained. As good sleep will help you in maintaining health.

Now the problem is small bedrooms can feel claustrophobic if not appropriately designed. Always remember the utilization of every corner can save up as well create as much space you want. And for that, there are somethings that you will need to keep in mind before selecting or creating a small bedroom interior design

So to help you with the designing thing, we have noted down the points to keep in mind. You can take them as tips too! The tips that will help you in designing your dream room that also in small space available. 

Below are the tips for small room interior design:-

1. Color

When we talk about colors there is a simple rule about both lighter and darker shades. Lighter shades make space look brighter and livelier while darker shades tend to make it look dull and closed. So whenever you choose color always go for lighter and pastel hues. 

You can go single color for the entire or color blocking is also a good option. It will add more color as well as dimension to the room. You can do it however you want, with two colors or four different colors for each wall. The result is that it will give your room a contemporary feel.

Colour combination

Source: excelenteqt.com

2. Position and Size of Bed

When you have less space to use, you will have to go for smaller versions of the furniture. Position and size both matter when you have to manage, or you can say adjust. Avoid king or queen size bed, and if possible, place your bed at the corner this way, you will get the window view, as well as it will maximise your floor area. 

Position and Size of Bed

Source: realhomes.com

3. Minimalism

This is the era of minimalism. Wherever you will see, everyone is embracing minimalism then whether it is a small office or a huge villa. Try to add built-in storage spaces or furniture that are convertible. This way you will have more space and your room will look sleekly designed.

convertible furniture

Source: resourcefurniture.com

4. Mirrors

Mirrors are good at reflecting both the outer and inner appearance of a person. The mirror is a basic necessity for any room. A mirror reflects the light and makes your room filled with natural light. Along with that, it also creates an illusion of a bigger room with the help of reflection. And if you are looking for the mirror that can save your time and space will be getting ready for the office, get a full-length mirror. No one can compliment you better than yourself.


Source: coasterfurniture.com

5. Under-bed Storage

Our parents have used this way of storage in earlier times. This is the perfect way to create extra space for your stuff without using another area.

Under-bed Storage

Source: feelgoodecobeds.co.uk

6. Flexible Closet Space

Have a flexible closet area where you can keep your other stuff like bags, shoes, parcels, or anything. Dedicate one whole or half wall for creating your closet using nooks. DIY’s room decor are in trend for room decor for a long time. Use crates and trunks as storage. If you want to have a closed closet area, you can add curtains as a partition.

Flexible Closet Space

Source: californiaclosets.com

7. Wallpaper

Plain colored walls often give you boring feels. Make your room wilder and livelier by adding wallpaper. It will also appear as the focal point of your room. If you are adding a wallpaper, then your bed-sheets, pillow covers, throw pillows, etc. must be co-ordinating with the wallpaper.

Wallpaper for bedroom

Source: idealhome.co.uk

8. Verticality

You may have seen this type of sleeping area in movies. Now get it for you. It will save up the maximum space of your room. If the ceiling of your room is not that higher, then you should go with building a platform for your bed. Make sure this platform can be used as a storage area too. Though not everyone will like it, some people can really feel comfy.


Source: freshome.com

9. Alcove and Floating Shelves

Adding an alcove or floating shelves will allow you to have extra space for the necessity like books, headphones, or alarms. This area can also be utilized by adding decorative pieces to it. Plus they will make your room look more stylish and porch.

Alcove and Floating Shelves

Source: enigmadesign.ie

10. Hanging Accessories 

Storage issues are always going to be there for small bedrooms. But this is where you have to show your creativity and convert it into a plus point. With the pieces of accessory, you can decorate your wall. How? Hang your necklaces, anklets, cowboy hats, etc. on the wall with the help of hooks. Arrange them in such a way that it doesn’t look messy.

Hanging Accessories

Source: bucrestaurant.com

Yup! Here ends our article on small bedroom interior design tips. We hope now you are clear with the crafty ideas and half of the bedroom interior (imagination) is already floating in your mind. You can always contact the professional interior designer for a clear view. All the best with the designing! Browse through Interiorcraze for more amazing ideas.